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How sustainable cosmetic packaging can make you live an eco-friendly life


What is sustainable cosmetic packaging?

Do you know what consumers are more interested in today? It's the use of sustainably manufactured products in their everyday cosmetic products.

Cosmetic sustainable packaging is a lot better and healthier than conventional plastic packaging.

Many cosmetic companies are adopting a more natural and environmentally friendly way of manufacturing cosmetic tubes. The use of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging in today's world has become a must as it provides all the benefits green beauty benefits keeping in mind the use of all-natural products.

Eco-friendly cosmetic skincare packaging suppliers are continuously trying new ventures, using different types of sustainable materials, most commonly known PE (plastic extruded) packaging, sugarcane packaging, and metal or glass tube packaging. All these kinds of best sustainable cosmetic packaging promote a more eco-friendly life. 

How are green products related to sustainability?

The word green itself has a very positive meaning to itself. Green relates to all-natural things such as trees, plants, and other living things that benefit us. Cosmetic sustainable packaging is all about green products. When someone in the market comes across green cosmetics, they immediately think of eco-friendly skincare packaging.

All green products are sustainably healthy and organic products that come from renewable resources. The products of green cosmetics have a wide range that by FTC (Federal Trade Commission) the USA has been recognized as the most environmentally friendly products with great packaging methods that are safe and friendly for all. 

The most commonly used ingredient for green or sustainable products is biobased chemical ingredients rather than petrochemical ingredients. A biobased chemical is derived solely from a renewable resource.

The green movement was started to make this place a safer and healthier place to reside in. All sustainable packaging is a part of this green movement started by world-leading organizations. 

How does sustainable packaging promote an eco-friendly lifestyle?


Sustainable packaging strategies are not just beneficial for one person but a whole nation. Cosmetic companies are spending their precious time in creating the strategy for improved sustainable cosmetic packaging. Let's now take a look at all the wonderful innovations and strategies produced by sustainable wholesale suppliers.

Shared disposal

It is essential to tell all the customers and consumers not to throw away the packaging material. Since eco-friendly sustainable material can be easily recycled and re-used; Usually, it's written on the packaging which material is recyclable and not. The good practice you can do is by keeping separate bins for recycled stuff and waste products. 


Always use recycled packaging material

When an item is shipped across the country or inter-country, try to ask your mailers to pack your cosmetic products in recycled packaging as it's a great way of living environmentally friendly. Some packaging material is also made from already used material, and that kind of recycled packaging is the best to pack any products for shipping.

Material made up of recycled plastic is best for just one-time use bags and bottles. These are also great for packaging as they can be put in recycling circulation again for use.

light weight

Ship in smaller packaging

What's the point of having huge boxes just for a single lotion squeeze tube? Isn't this the most significant contribution to waste pollution? Shipping in smaller packaging means reducing your ecological footprint, again a great way to promote an eco-friendly environment.

Shipping in small packages or boxes has many benefits, such as reducing shipping costs and making more sustainable cosmetic packaging. The easiest way to promote eco-friendly packaging is by using less filler material and adjusting your cosmetic products in the smallest box you can by repositioning again and again. An eco-friendly life will not only benefit you, but it will benefit every person around you.


Biodegradable plastic packaging

The only way of lessening the plastic pollution caused by plastic dumping for over so many years is to re-use it in a positive way for eco-friendly packaging. Although plastic is non-biodegradable, it can be made biodegradable by following a few simple steps. There are compostable units set up commercially that can use recycle plastic again and again.

It doesn't take much longer to compost a bulk of plastic material, typically around 90 days, depending on the type and material of plastic.


Renewable resource packaging

We all know that fossil fuels will deplete one day. We will be left with nothing, so the best way to make sustainable cosmetic packaging is by using renewable resources that can be grown abundantly without any issue. The best example of this is sugarcane packaging. This kind of sustainable cosmetic packaging is not only eco-friendly but easy to manufacture.

It uses polyethylene through an extruded process. It's biodegradable and won't cause any toxic substances in the soil. This kind of packaging is also known as green packaging and is 100% recyclable.

metal material

Metal packaging

Metal such as aluminum is another excellent thing that uses for sustainable cosmetic packaging. It's appealing as well as provides complete protection to any cosmetic product. Although metal is non-biodegradable, it is 100% recyclable, and this aspect works best in promoting an eco-friendly way of living. The more we are conscious about packaging, the more we'll learn sustainable practices. Aluminium holds a special value in all metals, so imagine how many benefits it holds being used in eco-friendly packaging.


Sustainable cosmetic packaging manufacturing partners

All cosmetic brands should prioritize working with manufacturers who produce sustainable cosmetic packaging because that is very important. Always do complete research before signing an agreement with a wholesale supplier whether they use sustainable material or not. If they use sustainable material, what kind of material is it. Is it worth investing in? Since eco-friendly packaging is a bit expensive, one must be aware of every detail.Be intelligent enough to read people and try working with educated manufacturing companies.

zero waste

Stop over-packing

Stop packaging everything in bundles until and unless they are fragile ones. There is no point in packing already packed cosmetic products. We all know how durable material is used for cosmetic product packaging, so there should be minimal packaging so less waste is produced.

A road to making eco-friendly way of life better

When you start a movement, everything should work out slow and steadily. There are no immediate effects. When this eco-friendly cosmetic packaging movement started and people started realizing how harmful plastic is, it took a while for a significant chunk of people to grasp the concept of not using plastic.

 For years and years, there has been improvement in this sector. Nothing is fully improved; there is always room for some improvement. Here we will see some ways through which we can improve the eco-friendly packaging.

  • 1. Don't make or order bulk volumes

  • When you decide to make a sustainable packaging product, first do your complete research; after you are done with the research, order only a small batch of material to test. Never order bulk material of the sustainable product at the first time. You never know if the packaging will even give a positive response, or will you be able to cover the price range, or will it promote an eco-friendly way of life. Think smartly and then start manufacturing.

  • 2.Take it slow

  • Do one thing at a time, don't change everything instantly. These things cannot be done in a hurry; they require a slow and steady pace. Try one sustainable material at a time, test it, see its consequences, and then introduce it to the world when you are finally sure about it. You can't just discard all plastic at once. It will do more harm than good to your brand.

  • If you try to change everything at once, you will overwhelm your entire team, and it may just cause a panicky situation for all. If you want to go green, start by changing your products and educating people about them.

  • 3. Test different samples

  • If your company is new to this eco-friendly life, you should first order samples from other companies selling these eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. Ordering samples will save you from heavy investments. Ordering samples will also help you see your compatibility with products, whether that sustainable packaging suits your cosmetic product or not. It will also let you know if it's easier to pack and unpack.

  • Usually, cosmetic brands provide free samples to try out. A sample can tell you the durability of sustainable material, you might be thinking that one material is durable, but it might not be when you try the sample.

  • You will also understand how you should use it; according to the size, weight, and design, even an inch more can add to the shipping costs.

  • Summary:

  • Sustainable cosmetic packaging is all we should now use because it will benefit our upcoming generations after a couple of years. Cleaner air to breathe in is a big blessing that can only be achieved if we follow this eco-friendly way of life.

  • Hopefully, this article will help promote sustainable cosmetic packaging in all types of cosmetic brands. Be safe and green!

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