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If you want to know all about cosmetic tubes, read this article


What are cosmetic tubes?

Cosmetic products are being used for over a hundred years now. A cosmetic product is not necessarily a makeup item; it can be all the necessary products needed for everyday use, such as lotions, cleansers, face washes etc.

A cosmetic tube or cosmetic packaging is used as a cosmetic container for most cosmetic products. It is in direct contact with the product, and it also helps in protecting the cosmetic product.

A cosmetic tube usually gives a brief description of that specific cosmetic product in it. It has the label or name of the manufacturer, mode of use, and ingredients.

The discovery of a cosmetic tube has made everyone's life simple. The materials used in manufacturing a cosmetic tube are mostly environmentally friendly.

What products are stored in cosmetic tubes?

Ever since plastic is banned in many countries, most cosmetic brands have discarded plastic tubes and bottles for their cosmetic products and shifted to sustainable, eco-friendly cosmetic tubes as it's the best form of sustainable skincare packaging.

An excellent cosmetic tube will include a vast range of products. Here are a few products that use cosmetic tube packaging.

Body lotions


Face creams

Hair dyes

Shampoos and conditioners


Eye and facial creams

All kinds of medical ointments

  • Why do people prefer cosmetic tubes?

  • For over the longest time, beauty companies have been using plastic packaging for their cosmetic products until recently. When people are becoming more and more eco-conscious, the trend of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging for skincare and PCR cosmetic packaging has evolved. 

  • Many people now know how harmful it is if they don’s deal with cosmetic packaging or everyday products. There is some packaging that is a non-biodegradable product that accumulates in the oceans and the soil to pollute and produce toxins.

  • According to specific reports from the tube packaging market, the value of makeup tube packaging is expected to grow from $6.65 billion in 2016 to approximately $9.3 billion in 2021. The jump is relatively high because of the latest trend most people have been following in their daily life.

  • Cosmetic brands discard some packaging and spend a lot of money making these sustainable skincare tube packaging to satisfy consumers and save the earth from any harm. Cosmetic tube wholesale is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors in upcoming years. And new makeup packaging material that is friendly to the environment goes popular  in the market.

  • These eco-friendly cosmetic tubes are known to provide countless benefits for all of us and the environment. They can be recycled and reused, which is a cost-effective way for many cosmetic brands. An excellent cosmetic tube has a longer shelf-life as compared to another cosmetic packaging.

  • It's also more aesthetically pleasing to the consumers and allows consumers to use even the last drop of a cosmetic product that they are using. Cosmetic tubes are lightweight and easy to ship, which means reduced costs for all cosmetic brands. Moreover, cosmetic tubes come in all shapes and sizes, as compact as to fit in a tiny purse or as big as a 1000ml tube of shampoo. Varying sizes help people decide what they want, so they will eventually prefer a cosmetic tube instead of a plastic bottle. Most intelligent and intelligent people prefer cosmetic tubes rather than those traditional skincare packaging for all these reasons.

  • Types of cosmetic tubes for wholesale packaging

  • There are different types of materials used in cosmetic tubes. Mostly the materials are sustainable products that can be recycled and don't cause any harm to the environment. All these cosmetic tubes are eco-friendly and go through several processes to get their shape. Different kinds of cosmetic products are then filled in those cosmetic tubes. Let's see how many types of cosmetic tubes are there.

1.Metal or aluminium cosmetic tubes

 Aluminium tubes are one of the most popular cosmetic tubes now used in our beauty industry. These are also called collapsible squeeze tubes because of their malleable material. Aluminium is a tough metal, but it's also lightweight and easy to mould in all shapes and sizes. It's very environmentally friendly and helps in reducing carbon dioxide emission.

Aluminium tubes provide a stable and longer shelf life by protecting the product from oxidation. These are best for medical ointments and creams. The widespread trend of aluminium cosmetic tubes in major pharma and beauty companies is increasing day by day. Most manufacturers have opted for aluminium rather than other types of plastic tubes that are super harmful.

An aluminium tube consists of three parts. It has a main tube. It has a screened nozzle with a shoulder to one end, and an orifice is fitted. The cap is also moulded to shut the orifice. Hand operated, or mechanical machines fit the nozzle. Through folding and crimping, the end of the tube is sealed to provide extra protection.

  • Aluminium cosmetic tube manufacture is simple. It starts with a slug that is stretched by the process of impact extrusion. A protection barrier is sprayed on the inside of the aluminium cosmetic tube to isolate it from exactly touching the product. Aluminium is also a flexible material, so the paint coating on the exterior doesn't crack.

  • Once they lose their shape, aluminium cosmetic tubes never get back to their old shape, and this imperfection makes an aluminium cosmetic tube perfect. The metal texture also gives the product a good feel. A metal cosmetic tube will always have a more appealing look than any other cosmetic tube, attracting more customer base. It looks more eye-catching than other cosmetic tubes on the shelf, so that people will pick this one.

2.PCR cosmetic tubes

We, as human beings, have been so concerned about the health of ourselves and our environment. In recent years, world health organizations were very concerned about what to do with all this plastic waste dumped everywhere and polluting all oceans and streams. This ocean pollution and toxic soil will result in the depletion of many sea mammals like fish. It is just because we haven’t deal with them properly.

For these reasons, someone came up with the idea of PCR. PCR is known as post-consumer recycle. In this kind of recycling, all plastic packaging collected from household waste such as plastic juice, water and milk bottles passes through a recycling plant to produce 64% PCR material.

The material is then used in various cosmetic industries to make a sustainable cosmetic tube used by makeup brands. Recycled tubes and this recycled plastic material is combined to provide 64% PCR. These recycled tubes can be reused again and again.

There are many environmental benefits of using PCR cosmetic tubes for your makeup brand. The very first one is that it stops plastic waste from piling up. It also has an optimized 64% proportion of PCR material and more than 80% HDPE. Using recycled products, you are also reducing the consumption of new materials in return, lowing the costs of cosmetic tubes.

  • It also helps lower household waste which is of no use to anyone. These PCR tubes will reduce the effects of global warming as most plastic will be consumed. PCR cosmetic tubes are also known as green tubes as they have a green recycling label on them to promote awareness amongst people on how to use eco-friendly products. PCR tubes also have a thin tube cover. The PCR refillable airless tubes are the latest trend in most cosmetic brands.

  • The process of production starts from manual roughing. Then an automatic machine does sorting, and lastly, the cleaning and modified granulation process occur.

3.Sugarcane cosmetic tubes

Sugarcane cosmetic tubes are another very famous way of packaging cosmetic items or makeup products. These sugarcane tubes are made from a 100% renewable resource, bioplastic. The raw material is polyethene is derived from a sugarcane plant that grows abundantly. It is way better than using fossil fuels because if we keep using fossil fuels, they will finish one day harmful to the world.

A sugarcane cosmetic tube looks precisely the same as a traditional cosmetic tube, but it has way too many benefits for the earth. A sugarcane tube has a 50% less carbon footprint than an average plastic tube. Using sugarcane helps reduce carbon dioxide emission. It can also be 100% recycled, benefiting the environment.

A sustainable sugarcane tube follows through the same procedure of mechanical product, capping, printing and filling. Bioplastic is a bit expensive, but the best investment a cosmetic company can make for its brand.

  • How to fill a cosmetic tube?

  • Cosmetic tubes come in all shapes and sizes. They can hold a vast range of products such as liquids, gels and pastes. Filling a cosmetic tube depends on the kind of tube it is. The most common filling process requires an automated machine with a secure seal. The cosmetic tube is filled from the bottom with a piston, pushing the product's material upward. Then the rim is filled. Finally, the cosmetic tube is capped, and now it's good to be transported.

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