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5 characteristics of best wholesale cosmetic tubes


You most probably know about the 4 P's of business. They are called Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. We like to think there is another P that is just as important, Packaging. When you have a product with good packaging, it is more likely that people will buy it. 

Custom cosmetic tubes have a significant influence on sales through delicate processing and elaborate design at cosmetic tube factory. When it comes to marketing a particular product, the cosmetic tube packaging is paramount. The allure of excellence and attractive eco friendly cosmetic packaging wholesale plays an essential role in the product’s sale. The wholesale cosmetic tubes from cosmetic tube manufacturer represent what you are selling or offering.

The Purpose of Packaging

The purpose of custom cosmetic tubes packaging is to protect the contents of a product, it takes cosmetic tube factory days and nights to design, develop, and refine to achieve airtight effect. The wholesale cosmetic tube packaging also needs to attract the consumer's interest and convey information about ingredients, quality, or price. Good cosmetic packaging wholesale has three basic requirements: protection, communication and convenience.

When people are intrigued by the custom cosmetic tube design on the outside, they will be more interested in buying the product that is inside. Putting your company’s name on your wholesale cosmetic tubes can also help give recognition, therefore making you stand out from other companies who offer the same kind of product as you. 

Characteristics of best wholesale cosmetic tubes:


A sturdy yet eco friendly cosmetic packaging wholesale must protect the contents inside from external forces such as water, oxygen, dirt/dust, impact shock damage during distribution and storage. Not only does eco-friendly cosmetic tube protect items inside but also the environment. Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is growing as consumers’ awareness to protect the environment is increasing.


Communication is the basis of branding, marketing and packaging. While designing your custom cosmetic tubes, make sure that you have stated clear instructions on how to use them. If the product is semi-solid, gels or powders with a consistency that requires some form of containment to prevent spills and loss of contents, communication may be necessary. So that users can determine properties such as volume, weight and texture and if necessary, find out how to use them.

They can also be used as a weapon of marketing if branded smartly. One way to do this is to make sure that your custom cosmetic tubes are pointing out both physical and emotional benefits. No matter how brilliantly you design your custom cosmetic tubes, if the consumer can’t understand how is that product is going to change their lives for the better, your wholesale cosmetic tubes are worth nothing. Slogans like it make you feel better, or that it lasts for a long time, or that it's easy to put on are essential for your custom cosmetic tubes. That will help people decide why they should buy your cosmetics product.


Custom cosmetic tubes must provide easy access to the product inside without exposing the consumer to breakage hazards or hygiene hazards. A package must be easy for the user to open and should be recycled at least once before it is discarded. In this way, eco friendly cosmetic packaging wholesale for your cosmetic brand will be a reality.


If you ask cosmetic tube manufacturer to put something in fancy cosmetic tube packaging, people will be psychologically compelled to pay more price than it is worth. The influence of wholesale cosmetic tubes packaging is almost exponentially increased when the product is being sold in a physical store.

It’s unlikely that someone would choose a dull-looking product if they were placed right beside an expensive-looking cosmetic tube container. That is because we have been conditioned to believe that something which comes in attractive and lavish will be better than something which does not(which is true in most cases).

Consumer attention  

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging wholesale is one of the essential marketing tools you will use to promote your custom cosmetic tubes. It's what creates the first impression on your audience and what will encourage them to buy it. It must be designed for your target audience, capture the consumer’s attention, draw attention to your brand and product names, and point out the product’s benefits.


 Also, you need to consider ecological factors when deciding your material for wholesale cosmetic tubes, more and more traditional plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers have added up eco-friendly cosmetic packaging production lines for green cosmetic packaging manufacturing, such as PCR cosmetic tube, sugarcane cosmetic tube, aluminum cosmetic tube etc . Because every little step counts in terms of caring for our planet Earth. And also, consumers are demanding that brands should pay their fair share in saving the environment. 

Some studies have shown that consumers are even ready to pay a little extra to manufacturers that are providing ecological solutions. That is primarily achieved by only using eco friendly cosmetic packaging wholesale whenever possible. Additionally, all cosmetic tube packaging materials should be recyclable and reusable. Finally, you need to make sure that the cosmetic tube packaging can be disposed of easily and provide instructions for proper disposal. If all this is done, your cosmetic tube will reach its maximum potential in terms of marketing efforts!

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