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What is the two in one tube and how to fill it in the rear? And the application of the product in skin care


Talking about the tube, the idea is simply to add a flip over the tube and turn it over. But in recent years, the innovation of tube has improved a lot, including sheet, lid, brush and electric. All kinds of innovation. Today's topic is the tube, which is not something new, but with the upgrading of the technology and equipment of the filling plant, the packaging may be renewed again.

What's the tube?

Unlike a single branch tube, the most intuitive tube is a tube in the tube, which looks like a single branch, but can fill two kinds of material at the same time, at the same time extruding. When the material is not used, the material body is separated, and when used, mingling and merging.

How is the rear tube filled?

The question is: how to make the filling? In the past, it was very difficult to fill through the orifice, which was not easy to handle and slow. It also restricts the application and development of the tube. And now? Since 2017, the filling equipment of the tube has been invested and improved. In the original general tail filling machine, a new design has been added to the feeding port. It can not only continue to be used on the single branch tube, but also to fill the tail of the tail of the tube.

Generally speaking, the two in one tube, two single partition, two systems.


1. In the process of squeezing, it is like squeezing a cake. The design is very beautiful and attracts eyeballs.

2, avoid research and development in pursuit of single branch effect, and ensure the stability of the system and add additional substances.

3, let the imagination of research and development enlarge, so that the effect is more convincing, selling enough.

4, the use of convenience, extrusion and convergence of consumers.


1. The filling equipment is not popularized at present.

2, consumer education still needs to be invested.

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