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How do small and medium-sized enterprises develop product of cosmetics.


1. Don’t make too many products. There are more and more small and medium-sized cosmetic manufacturers. Their products almost cover all kinds of cosmetics. You can see that there are many products, but in fact, they have many disadvantages. The first one is that the sales volume is not necessarily high. The 80/20 law states that 80% of the benefits of any entity come from 20% of the products, that is, 80% of the products can only contribute 20% of the benefits, which is not economic. The second one is that too many product lines are relatively backward in management, and their own strength is insufficient, enterprises can’t grasp the dynamics of consumers' hearts, so there are a lot of products which are not need by consumers. Third, most companies focus on speculation and bargain hunting. Too many product lines limit the development of an enterprise. It is difficult for consumers to form an understanding of the enterprise without a major product. And it is impossible to find the market position without the characteristics of the enterprise. So only to concentrate on the development of one of the products and the main advantage, then there is a way out.

2. The design of cosmetic products should have clear consumption objects. Only through understanding what your consumers think can we design products that are suitable for consumers. Moreover, low-end cosmetics are too dependent on dealers. Their opinions may not play a role in increasing sales of this kind of cosmetics, but they cannot be ignored. There are two main factors in product design: The first is price. Consumers often divide the cosmetics into several levels according to their psychological consumption level to look for corresponding cosmetics, different grade cosmetics for different cosmetics brand, and each consumer psychology price is not the same. About the price for cosmetics, there is a good positioning method, and the appropriate price is also an important condition to improve product sales. The second is packaging design, the most important is to be targeted for your cosmetics. The consumption object of middle-low grade cosmetics is the group with low income, or the group of students which are just out of society and just graduated students, these people generally won't choose the brand of cosmetics in the early stage, only look at the price, what they emphasize is value for money and won't buy at random. These people usually buy in wholesale stores, roadside stores, and do not buy for a long time .Therefore, the packaging of such cosmetics should be intuitive, simple and easy to understand. The color need to be conspicuous, but need not pay attention to color collocation too much. It's cheaper and it feels like "it's the real thing".

For high-end cosmetics, a good packaging design, beautiful color matching, personalized packaging containers, high prices, which are the characteristics of these high-end cosmetics.

The use feeling of high-grade cosmetic is very different. Such as pump container cosmetics, some people will find that the pump is not easy to pump out the products which is actually the inside of the spring has been damaged.

If we choose products with better quality, more people will experience different advantages. More and more people have seen that the better effect of high-grade products in use.

I believe that when you choose to use these products, you will have different experience. The grade represents the quality advantage of the brand.

So what are the key points to pay attention to when processing of high-end products? When we learned about the processing of cosmetics, we found that brand enterprises have high requirements on materials. The inside of each part and each process requirements are very high. We can carefully look at the professional user's product evaluation.

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