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What standard should cosmetic tube have in respect of oxygen resistance


Cosmetic tube as a container of cosmetics, do not react with the products is the most important function of tube, cosmetic ingredients are easy to cause the reproduction and growth of bacteria, in addition to its own factors, there is a part of the influencing factors because of the impact of oxygen and water; It can be seen that, the most important factor of cosmetic deterioration is oxygen, all cosmetic tube needs to have very good oxygen resistance and gas resistance (prevent the fragrance molecules in the cosmetics and the effective molecules of cosmetics overflow).

So what is the standard of oxygen resistance of cosmetics???

According to the national standard, the oxygen transmission capacity of multi-layer tube should not exceed 10cm3/(m2•24h• 0.1mpa).It can be seen that this standard only provides for the detection of oxygen permeability of the tube, and there is no clear stipulation on the oxygen permeability of the tube after the tube is made. So is there no need to test? The answer is no. Because the overall sealing performance of cosmetic packaging and the amount of oxygen through the tube directly affect the storage life of cosmetics and the change of the original nature, which are the indicators that the tube packaging enterprises must pay attention to and control. 

The quality of cosmetics tube directly affects the health of human skin. In order to ensure the quality of cosmetics and the shelf life of the products, the detection of oxygen permeability is essential, which not only guarantees the quality of the tube, but also guarantees the customers. 

Guangzhou Lisson plastic co., ltd. Controls the quality by strict a national standards, not only to our own guarantee, but also to the commitment of customers.

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