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Cosmetic packaging & bottle news


Empty cosmetics bottles become a risk of counterfeiting

Recently, it has been successively exposed that 80% of online cosmetics are fake products. The counterfeit way is very similar to that of wine bottles. Both of them recycle empty cosmetics bottles and then clean and fill them, making it almost difficult for consumers to distinguish the authenticity. This way has infringed on the interests of consumers, but also greatly disturbed the order of the cosmetics market. The disposal of empty cosmetic bottles should be a matter of concern. First of all, cosmetics bottle manufacturers should improve the bottle's anti-counterfeiting ability and information tracking ability. Some of the more advanced anti-counterfeiting capabilities of other bottles, such as bottles, will be transferred to the body of cosmetics bottles. When a cosmetic bottle is opened, for example, the system can track it and invalidate the information. Secondly, manufacturers or relevant departments should make more efforts in the recycling channel of cosmetics bottles, only in the recycling field of discarded cosmetics bottles for intercepting the flow in order to make these bottles as far as possible not to be used by counterfeiting sellers. Again, of course, is the consumer itself, so many cosmetics bottles into the hands of counterfeiters, its source is ordinary consumers, and they have become the ultimate victims. It is also important for consumers not to sell empty cosmetics bottles for high prices.


Cosmetics Tube printing skills

Multifunctional Cosmetics Tube is an innovative and fun way to make your products more sustainable. In addition, a variety of different ways can be chosen to make packaging more versatile. For example, the cosmetic gift box is designed into a handicraft and storage box, so that customers can use the cosmetics after the use of the cosmetics, the cosmetics packaging box can also be repeated by customers. The acquisition and use of sustainable materials is an important factor in the invention of sustainable products. This may include using materials from domestic sources. When companies buy products and materials at home, emissions from transportation can be cut. In addition, the use of durable cosmetic packaging materials is an effective way to invent more environmentally friendly products. Choosing an eco-friendly packaging plan for cosmetics not only benefits the environment, but also gives a positive image to customers. If your brand wants to start your next packaging design, you can also refer to the above methods to make your cosmetics packaging boxes more environmentally friendly. Its products are mainly used in the packaging of liquid, paste and other articles, and widely used in cosmetics, medicine, food, detergent and other industries.

Compatibility test of cosmetic tube material

The miscibility of a package is broadly defined as the predisposition of a cosmetic tube to its contents, including chemical, physical, and biological miscibility.

1, chemical insolubility chemical insolubility is simply that the chemical components in the packaging material and some components in the content of the chemical reaction, performance for packaging material or content appearance, smell changes, etc..

2. Physical insolubility refers to the physical changes caused by the interaction between the cosmetics tube and its contents, such as cracking, dissolution, adsorption, penetration, etc.

3. Biological incompatibility Biological incompatibility refers to the migration of some substances in cosmetic plastic packaging to the metallizer. For this judgment, it is directly based on the dissolution amount of harmful substances. And this is in the chemical Ru product hygiene standards have strict provisions inside. The solubility test method for cosmetic packaging products is that the corresponding contents are usually put into a cosmetic tube and placed in a constant temperature and humidity box at 40℃ and 75%RH for 4 weeks. The products shall not be discolored (including the printing content), or the ink/hot stamping layer/electroplating layer/spraying layer shall fall off or melt. Special tests will be arranged under special circumstances.

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