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Cosmetic tube and cosmetic bottle


Cosmetic bottle capacity storage "tricky" to regulate

Earlier, we talked about cosmetic bottles, and more about excessive packaging of cosmetic bottles. The material and appearance of cosmetics bottles are too luxurious, and the waste of cosmetics bottle packaging is the main aspect that people criticize. But there are other aspects of cosmetic bottles that deserve our attention and supervision. On the outer package of the cosmetics bottle, we can see the capacity of the cosmetics bottle.


But in fact, some cosmetics enterprises in order to improve their profits, in the cosmetics bottle capacity began to think. On the one hand, although the outer packaging marked the capacity, but the capacity of the cosmetics bottle is not up to the standard, such as the bottom of some cosmetics bottle is concave, although the appearance of the cosmetics bottle is very large. But the internal capacity is very limited. In addition, increasing the wall thickness of cosmetics bottles is an effective way to reduce the internal capacity. But it is difficult for the average consumer to tell the actual volume of a cosmetic bottle.

On the other hand, some cosmetics in the cosmetics bottle is not fully filled, often empty part of this part of the cosmetics spare amount is not strictly limited, which also makes some cosmetics enterprises move their brains. In view of this situation in cosmetics bottle packaging, we think it is still necessary to establish relevant norms and standards, in order to restrain cosmetics manufacturers.

Cosmetics tube

In fact, in the cosmetic industry, there may have been a lot of confusion about the choice of cosmetic tube material. Normally when you go to a tube manufacturer, the salesperson will first ask you what kind of product you make, because each product might require a different material, and that would be covered the difference between the five-layer tube manufacturer and the two-layer tube manufacturer.

So-called five layers, there are no more than five layers, outer layer, adhesive layer, isolation layer, adhesive layer, inner layer. The characteristic of the five-layer tube is its excellent gas barrier, which effectively prevents oxygen and odor infiltration, as well as the leakage of special fragrances and active ingredients. So the general product is BB cream, sunscreen and isolation cream will choose five layers of tube, the difference between it and two layers is that there is an adhesive film in the middle. However, two-layer tube is relatively cheaper than five-layer tube. If some customers want a lower price, they will choose two-layer PE plastic tube. After the product is put into the market, a series of problems will arise and complaints from customers will become more troublesome. Therefore, some products are more corrosive, customers do not care about the few cents, quality is the key ah. So, today's Cosmetics PE Plastic Tube: Here's the difference between five and two layers of tube. At the same time, welcome to order cosmetics tube from our company

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