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Why sealing the cap of cosmetic squeeze tubes is important


If you've ever bought lipstick or mascara and been frustrated by the cap turning from purple to blue, you know how important it is to use a sealer on cosmetic tubes. If your product leaks or spills, it can ruin your makeup bag or even stain your clothes. But the problem isn't just in the cosmetics aisle, it's also common for other products like toothpaste, vitamins and even prescription drugs. The good news is that many household goods come with caps that are designed to be unsealed. However, some products need special steps taken before they can be opened safely.

Here is why cosmetic tube manufacturers need to put extra focus on sealing the cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale.

Safety seals prevent tampering:

Seals prevent tampering, which can lead to contamination of the product and waste. Safety seals also help prevent theft and reduce the risk of product loss. The right safety seal can save your business money by reducing labor costs and preventing theft. Safety seals are designed to be tamper-evident, which means that the product cannot be opened or used without breaking or removing one of the safety seals. 

This can take place by pulling off a tab, peeling back a label or cutting through the adhesive tape. Once this seal is broken, tampering can no longer be concealed and it becomes impossible for someone to claim that they didn’t know what was going on. The most common way to tamper with products is by adding water or other chemicals, which can make the product more potent and dangerous.

Tampering also increases the likelihood of cross-contamination in a facility, which can lead to foodborne illness outbreaks. In addition to preventing tampering, safety seals also protect from contamination. Contaminants like dust, dirt and smudges can be a problem if they enter your cosmetic squeeze tube.

Seals keep out dirt and bacteria:

Seals keep out dirt and bacteria. If you seal your cosmetic squeeze tubes, it will prevent the product from drying out and going bad. It also prevents contamination of your product by other people in a tube or container that has already been opened. If you seal up the tube, it will prevent the product from drying out and going bad. It also prevents contamination of your product by other people in a tube or container that has already been opened. 

Using a seal on your tube or container also reduces the risk of cross-contamination. If you’re transporting cosmetics, it can help ensure that no other products are mixed in with yours. 

Seals help preserve the product's properties:

Seals help preserve the product's properties. Seals protect the cosmetic squeeze tubes from moisture, UV light, oxygen and bacteria. The first thing a seal should do is prevent moisture from entering your tube. If you have ever put your cosmetics in your bathroom shelf in their original packaging, then you know how easily they can become damaged from water exposure. This can also happen when you leave them out on display for too long as well!

The second thing seals should do is keep oxygen out of your cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale so that nothing goes bad or spoils prematurely, even if it does come into contact with air (which isn’t good either).

Sealed caps protect the product and your skin:

It's important to note that a sealed cap is the most important part of any cosmetic squeeze tube when it comes to wholesaling from cosmetic tube manufacturers. It protects your product from contamination, oxidation, evaporation and other unwanted elements.

If the cap is not sealed properly or becomes damaged during shipping or storage in a warehouse environment, it can lead to product contamination which will affect its quality and safety for use by you or others who may come into contact with it later on down the line.

If you've got a cosmetic product, we hope you'll take this opportunity to make sure it stays fresh and safe. The best way is to use a good-quality gel sealant. They're easy to apply, long-lasting and will keep your cosmetics from drying out or breaking down over time (which can happen if you leave them unsealed). You'll also find that these sealants are very cost effective, and they come in a wide variety of styles so there's something for everyone!

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