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Cosmetic tube size Wikipedia


One of the products that we see everywhere in our daily life is cosmetics, and they are used by both men and women, young and old. Cosmetics are basically packaged in cosmetic tubes as the outer layer. So what is about the cosmetic tubes? In fact, the cosmetic tube is what we usually see face wash, some bb cream with the kind of soft plastic packaging squeeze type of packaging, so in fact, cosmetic tube in our daily life is often seen, after all, many times we can not leave the use of cosmetics face wash.

Cosmetic tube size has many kinds, the process is divided into round tube, oval tube, flat tube, super flat tube. Flat tube, super flat tube compared to other tube type process is more complex, and the price will be more expensive. Double tube is more commonly used in daily life, is a low-grade can also be used single-layer, tube caliber for 13 # -60 # a variety of caliber, when we choose a certain caliber of tube to different lengths to indicate different capacity characteristics, capacity 3ml-360ml can be adjusted at will, for the sake of beauty and coordination, 60ml below More commonly used is the following 35 # caliber, 100ml, 150ml with more 35 #-45 # caliber, 150ml capacity is required to use more than 45 # caliber.

Cosmetic tube size selection needs to consider the details

Cosmetics in the field of different types of cosmetics, the size of the outer packaging and design are different. So for manufacturers, in the choice of cosmetic tube size when you need to consider what details?

Soft tube capacity needs

Different capacity needs in the case of the appropriate choice of tube size is different. Therefore, when choosing can be based on the range of capacity to choose the size. At the same time in the choice of size to take into account the specific gravity, if the specific gravity of the case is relatively special, you can moderately increase or reduce the size.

Soft squeeze tube diameter requirements

The choice of size should also ensure that it meets the needs of the tube diameter. Different cosmetic packaging designs choose a specific tube diameter in order to enhance aesthetics. In this case, it is necessary to lengthen or shorten the size to meet the capacity and weight requirements. The capacity and weight requirements are different for different tube diameters. So make sure that while taking into account the aesthetics, you can choose the right size specifications to enhance the "charm" of the product.

The above is an inventory of the cosmetic tube size selection details to consider. To be able to take into account these aspects to choose the size, not only can guarantee to meet the needs of the capacity, but also to meet the design needs of the appearance, so that its cosmetic appearance "plus" to enhance the desire of consumers to buy.

Now whether it is high-end cosmetics, or mid-range cosmetics are using the tube, because the use of tube, the use of special convenience, coupled with the quality of the tube is now guaranteed to allow users to use more convenient. But in the choice of cosmetic tube, but also to understand in detail the advantages of this tube, and then by comparing the purchase of quality assurance tube.

The advantages of the cosmetic tube is mainly reflected in the relatively good, most of the tube is now polyethylene as a material, the price is relatively cheap, you can choose the user in terms of investment costs can be reduced. The convenience of use alone, as well as the ability to reduce investment costs, has attracted many cosmetic manufacturers are willing to use the tube.

Consumer users in the use of cosmetics, will also take into account its practicality, cosmetic tube because it is more convenient in use, carrying is also more convenient, this tube elasticity is also better, in the use of cosmetics can be all squeezed out, but also better protection of cosmetics, so this tube users more recognized.

At present, the production of cosmetic tube manufacturers are more, sales channels are also more, as cosmetics manufacturers in the choice of cosmetic extrusion tube, but also through more comparison, choose high quality, the use of more convenient tube so that users can use the tube you choose higher satisfaction, the next time they will be willing to buy your cosmetics.

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