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Cosmetic packaging: a long-term battle between glass and plastic


Cosmetic market demands more and more on the appearance of packaging. Plastic cosmetics bottles and cosmetics tubes are widely used because of their durability. Glass cosmetics bottles give a noble appearance sense, so they are also the main materials in cosmetic packaging. The dazzling glass is very suitable for packaging of perfume bottles, and plastic cosmetic bottles and cosmetics tubes won the competition of cosmetic packaging materials with reasonable price and lighter quality.

Cosmetic packaging manufacturers try their best to find new and attractive cosmetic packaging, which highlights the inherent quality of products and the appeal on the shelf. Retailers have so many products on their shelves that force manufacturers to try to make their products look different from each other in cosmetic packaging. To make the product different, we must work hard in the design of packaging, the cap and the shape of the bottle body. Plastic cosmetics bottles and tubes packaging give cosmetic manufacturers many opportunities in this respect, and can produce many exquisite and innovative products at reasonable cost.

The strength, light weight and non-fragility of plastic cosmetics bottles and cosmetics tubes make them invincible in the competition. Moreover, a wide range of plastic packaging design can be realized and implemented in production in a short time. On the other hand, the competition in the cosmetics market is very fierce. The final decision of packaging design is usually decided in the last second of the product is about to be promoted, thus ensuring that the products are in line with the trend of market development and the taste demand of consumers.


This is the case that plastic cosmotic Bottle & tube manufacturers hold that makes it difficult for manufacturers to have no final design and finalization. Cosmet packaging manufacturers together produce skin care products of the bottle body and bottle cap, "in fact, the packaging of cosmetics does not reflect the latest taste and trend. Producers are trying to do this, but this requirement adds a burden on the technology and style of their products“ The company insists that the quality of packaging is essential and that the characteristics of the content products must be correctly communicated to consumers. The plastic materials available today are rich and colorful, which makes plastic cosmetic tube and bottle packaging manufacturers market high transparency and attractive packaging products.

According to cosmetic container, glass and plastics play a very important role in today's rapidly developing perfume, skincare and cosmetics packaging industries. PET bottles and containers have grown particularly rapidly in these product areas, including bath lotions, skin care products, cosmetics, and glass still occupies a place“ Consumers tend to look gorgeous and beautiful cosmetic packaging, so glass is the absolute first choice. However, the market is developing too fast, the development of a new glass bottle packaging cycle is relatively long, and the time and cost are too high. Wholesale contemporary containers supplier has seen a sharp rise in demand for spare glass bottles that can be designed to be any popular style. Cosmet bottle has taken the lead in the team, looking for various forms of spare glass bottles and has signed sales agreements with some big companies.

Glass cosmetics bottles are the main role of cosmetics packaging, PET cosmetic bottles and cans are also absolutely not behind. Their main application range is concentrated in skin care products, bath lotion and cosmetics. "PET cosmetics bottles are the best packaging materials for some products," cosmotic bottle manufacturers said. Plastic is easy to handle, can be designed into many fashionable, transparent classic products“ In addition, PETcosmetics bottle has soft touch and can be decorated on its surface, which is the only packaging material. "Today, pet plastics are being used more and more widely, and we are confident that their future in cosmetic packaging will be broader," Mr. Hurrell continued

In the packaging industry, the importance of packaging design is not lost in the choice of packaging materials. Nowadays, popular products tend to adopt traditional packaging design. Some cosmetic suppliers have been packing cosmetics with glass and plastic a few years ago. The company believes that the cosmetics suitable for both men and women can be packaged in glass, which is concise and quick, which is very in line with the aesthetic requirements of young consumers. According to the company, glass materials are attractive because of its transparent and pure characteristics, can be independent of graphics, in line with environmental requirements. "Consumers are very concerned about environmental issues, and the choice of packaging materials and whether they can be recycled will affect the final decision to buy," a company spokesman said

Cosmetic bottle suppliers believes that with the steady development of traditional industries, glass cosmetic bottles will remain the main material for packaging products such as luxury, perfume and spices. Cosmetic packaging manufacturers recently developed packaging for truefitt and Hill products, which just proves the important role of glass in highlighting the brand effect of products. "The quality of printing in plastic cosmetic packaging can be very high, and some luxury goods must be interpreted with this material," a spokesman for cosmetic packaging manufacturers continued According to the company, many cosmetics require non glass packaging materials, which is not related to practicality or formula. Many skin care products use plastic packaging effect is the best, easy to carry in bathroom or travel. However, the company also expressed concern about the compatibility of plastic cosmetic cosmetics containers and content products, and some products may react with the intrinsic components of plastic. The company has a series of moulds for plastic containers, which are used to replace glass bottles. The company believes that the method can be further promoted in the UK.

A new technology has announced that plastic can be produced to mimic the appearance of glass, and cosmetic packaging companies have developed two new specifications to match the size of the nozzle. 30 ml bottle with 13 mm nozzle, 100 ml with 20 mm nozzle. The bottle is processed by injection molding, and the nozzle mouth is bent by standard. The wall of the bottle is thick and hard. The company is considering using some reasonably cost frosted glass, which can be added with some color to bring unexpected effects to the product. Plastic containers are very convenient to use on the way to travel. Cosmetic packaging company has added a 10 ml oval container to its small volume packaging container, which is made of polypropylene, which is very suitable for travel, sports and vacation. It is reported that it is the smallest of the same packaging containers, and can be used for skin care products, sunscreen and deodorant. The company is trying to expand its packaging container application, with a view to having greater flexibility to meet the needs of the market. Cosmetic packaging companies are optimistic about the development of glass containers, and even think glass is an irreplaceable material in this field of packaging. The cosmetic packaging factory summarizes the advantages of glass as: "glass is cheap and environmentally friendly. No matter high-grade or low-grade cosmetics can be used, it will not fade or deform."


The 10 ml oval bottle produced by the cosmetic packaging factory is obvious. Glass and plastic have their respective functions in the cosmetic packaging market. Glass is used for more expensive products and plastic is suitable for daily cosmetics. What consumers need is thoughtful packaging, which has the advantages of light plastic and advanced technology of treating plastic containers more like glass. Competition continues.

Cosmetic market has higher and higher requirements on packaging appearance. Plastic is widely used because of its strong and durable. Glass gives a noble appearance, so it is also the main choice of cosmetic packaging materials. The dazzling glass is very suitable for packaging of perfume bottles, and plastics won the competition of cosmetic packaging materials with reasonable price and lighter quality.

Cosmet bottle manufacturers try their best to find new and attractive packaging to highlight the inherent quality of the products and the appeal on the shelf. Retailers have so many products on the shelves that force manufacturers to try to make their products look different in packaging. To make the product different, we must work hard in the design of packaging, the cap and the shape of the bottle body. According to RPC, plastic packaging gives cosmetic manufacturers a lot of opportunities in this area, and can produce a large number of products with exquisite packaging and unique craftsmanship at an economical and reasonable cost.

New trend of cosmetic packaging materials


Cosmetics as a fashion consumer goods, it needs high-quality packaging materials to enhance its value. Glass, plastic and metal are the main cosmetic packaging containers. At present, the development of cosmetics packaging containers in the world focuses on the development of new materials and new processing technology, and the pursuit of new modeling, thus highlighting the novelty and elegance of commodities. With the gradual application of packaging technology and digital, the future development trend of cosmetic packaging is mainly shown in: 1. The packaging industry of multi-layer plastic composite technology has been committed to developing a product which can effectively protect the quality of cosmetics and meet the needs of luxury and novel appearance. Nowadays, the emergence of multi-layer plastic composite technology can meet the above two requirements at the same time, it makes multi-layer different kinds of plastic composite together, forming out at one time. With the multi-layer composite technology, plastic packaging can completely isolate light and air on one hand, and avoid skin care products oxidation; On the other hand, by blending different kinds of materials, we can get wonderful visual effect and unique hand feeling in appearance. The multi-layer composite technology improves the tortuosity of the cosmetics tube. *** The cosmetics tube was only a packaging for low and medium-sized products 15 years ago, and even the most famous brands are now in use. Cosmetics tube packaging is economical and convenient, easy to carry, suitable for accommodating emulsion and gum.

2. vacuum packaging is upgraded to protect skin care products containing fat, rosin oil and vitamins, and vacuum packaging stands out. Although the cost is high and limited to limited use of several brands, this packaging has many unique advantages. For example, it has strong protection, high strength recovery, convenient use of high viscosity skin care milk, and improves product grade with its high-tech advantages. The current popular vacuum packaging is made up of a cylinder or a round container and a piston placed in it. The disadvantage of piston or vacuum packaging is to increase the volume of packaging, which is very unfavorable in the highly competitive skin care products packaging market, because each brand wants to shape its unique image through appearance and decoration. The cosmetic tube system is emerging because it can be used in various kinds of containers. The cosmetic tube vacuum system is made of aluminum, it has a push-button, which has a strong air tightness. This kind of packaging has been successfully applied to famous brands. Another important development direction of vacuum packaging is to highlight the function, which is more important for those less complex containers. Now, it is common to install distribution pump and compression cap. Because of its convenience, distribution pump system is popular with consumers, and it won the market favor soon.

3. capsule packaging is convenient for users to use cosmetic capsules, which means cosmetics that seal the contents in various granular soft capsules. The capsule is soft and has various shapes, such as spherical, olive, heart, crescent, etc. it has crystal clear and colorful pearls. The appearance is very popular. The content of the capsule is mostly between 0.2g and 0.3 G. In addition to skin care capsule products, there are also bath, hair and other kinds of cosmetics capsules. Cosmetic capsule breaks through the traditional cosmetic packaging form of bottle, box, bag and tube directly containing contents, so it has some special advantages. Cosmetic capsule has the following characteristics: novel appearance, attractive to consumers and novelty. In addition, different shapes can also express different themes, can become a gift to relatives and friends. Cosmetic capsule is packed in exquisite and content is designed as a single dosage. Consumers can use one capsule at a time, thus avoiding secondary pollution and ensuring that the products used by consumers are clean every time. Cosmetic capsule has no secondary pollution and no preservative is added in the product, which greatly improves the safety of the product. It is safe to carry and easy to use. It is also suitable for traveling and field work while consumers are using at home. It is convenient to cut the capsule head with your fingers.

4. green packaging entering the agenda fresh-keeping packaging is a trend of fashion packaging developed in recent years, which refers to the small packaging used once. In order to prevent rich nutrients from spoilage rapidly due to the two pollutions, they are filled in tiny containers and run out at a time, just like small bottles or essence containers like royal jelly. Because of its high price, this cosmetics will not become the mainstream product in the market, but it is a symbol of the future fashion and luxury lifestyle, so it will have a stable consumer group. At present, the choice of cosmetic packaging materials in foreign countries attaches great importance to environmental protection, and cosmetics produced by domestic enterprises are also developing in this direction. Packaging designers will consider not only the publicity and protection of packaging materials, but also whether the materials are simple and can be recycled to the maximum extent. For example, if a bottle of emulsion bottle is made up of two materials, plastic and aluminum, it should be separated by simple operation for recycling. After the solid powder content is used up, a simple powder core can be purchased for replacement so that the box can be used continuously. Although the packaging cartons covered with plastic film are clean and elegant, the manufacturers who use the materials are not responsible for the living environment of human beings because they cannot be recycled.

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