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Cosmetic packaging: the soul comes from innovation


The soul of the cosmetics industry is innovation. Total cosmetic packaging manufacturers must absolutely avoid designing and producing the existing packaging on the market. Women's cosmetics are often carried with them, not only at home, but also in cars or trains. Cosmetic container manufacturers have patiently communicated with many women to understand their real needs. " After investing a lot of energy, cosmetic packaging company has developed a series of unique packaging products. Slim make-up box is one example, it can be 180 ° Open in all directions, transparent and concise, the products inside are clear at a glance. At the hinge of the box, you can place an eyelash brush or pencil, and a Slim designed with a lipstick, a pencil and two kinds of lip gloss. Cosmetic packaging presents a new cosmetic box that combines transparency with a new letter structure. The manufacturer chose to display the four letters of the product name "sexy" in the transparent cosmetic box, and put different colors of lip gloss in each letter. The design is very ingenious.

Cosmetic tube manufacturer introduces a new concept of tube, which meets the requirements of consumers for portability and convenience. Cosmetic tube covers are suitable for products such as sunscreen or liquid foundation, and there are second covers for sealing other products, such as lipstick or disguised cosmetics. Cosmetic tube manufacturer and supplier seeks continuous innovation“ Quality is very important, price is also very important. This is a big pressure for cosmetic tube suppliers to try their best to reduce costs while innovating. "


Key point 1: timely application of advanced technology

Looking for more effective distributed systems is really one of the main ways to make your products different. When the cap of the cosmetic tube is opened, the product will flow out only when the container is squeezed. Originally, squeeze tube was designed for beverage products, but now it is widely accepted in cosmetics and other fields. Teraxyl toothpaste products also use this cap, which can be used with one hand without making a mess.

Cosmetic tube factory has achieved great success in the foam dispersing system. Children like to use these products in the bath, but the current decentralized system is not suitable for the bathroom environment, so we have developed a new type of moisture pump. " "We hope that this kind of products will be more popular and widely used in bath and skin care products," cosmotic tube supplier added

Key 2: the rise of cosmetic tube vacuum packaging

As a product closely related to the beauty industry, the packaging of cosmetics needs to be protective, functional and decorative. It can make multi layers of different kinds of plastics compound together, forming containers of any color and shape at one time. On the one hand, it can enhance the light and air insulation performance of the packaging; On the other hand, by mixing different kinds of materials, we can get wonderful visual effect and unique feel in appearance.

The vacuum packaging of cosmetic tube is rising quietly. Vacuum packaging can protect skin care products containing fat, rosin oil and vitamins. It has the advantages of strong protection and high elasticity recovery. Another important development direction of vacuum packaging is to highlight the functionality, which is very important for less complex containers.

Focus 3: cosmotic packaging style diversification

At present, there is a new trend in perfume packaging, that is, the use of colored cosmetic bottles, such as YSL 7 perfume bottles and Calvin Klein violet bottles. Cosmotic bottle shape design still pursues simplicity, but more and more designers like to use color bottle. Eric Vaxelaire, vice president of Valois, said that in perfume packaging, the design of pumps is becoming more and more sophisticated, especially for low profile pumps. Valvois's compact series pumps are currently the lowest in the industry. In the cosmetic packaging industry, the brake must be smooth and soft. Revlon's age defying series of products have abandoned the past glass cosmetic bottles with caps and switched to plastic cosmetic bottles and evolution pumps.

Focus 4: application of new material of cosmetic tube

Transparency is a major trend of cosmetic packaging today. The transparency of cosmetic tube manufacturer plastic resin is higher and higher, so it can be injected into bottles and jars close to glass appearance. These resin not only improve the transparency, but also have stronger wear resistance. PET plastic bottle for cosmetics, which adopts pet injection processing technology, is the first plastic cosmetic bottle with a wall thickness of 3mm in the industry. Thick wall plastic cosmetic bottles are very popular and keep a long-term growth rate. Abbiati &  Fabbri SRL. Launched the bell series cosmetic packaging box at the exhibition with a transparent window on the cover. These make-up boxes are processed by coextrusion process together with the transparent window on the front, saving cost and production time“ The big transparent window can not only attract the attention of consumers, but also display their products well.

Traditional ceramic cosmetic containers and glass cosmetic containers have the advantages of non-toxic, good sealing and smooth surface, which have played an important role in the packaging industry. However, due to its fragile and inconvenient handling, it was replaced by some metal packaging. In recent years, Western Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have added nano particles into ceramics or + 9 glass to obtain ceramic or glass materials with high toughness. For example, in the UK, high toughness ceramic materials have been obtained by mixing nano alumina with zirconia in the laboratory. For another example, the addition of alumina nanoparticles to ordinary glass in Japan significantly changed the brittleness of glass.

Highlight 5: green cosmetic packaging

"Green packaging" refers to the packaging that can be recycled and will not pollute the environment. Its connotation is the recycling of resources and the protection of ecological environment. It means a new technological revolution in the packaging industry - the treatment of packaging material waste and the development of degradable plastics. There are some popular eco-friendly cosmetic tubes, such as pcr cosmetic tube, aluminium cosmetic tubes, sugarcane cosmetic tubes.


Diversification of cosmetic packaging design

There are many kinds of cosmetics, especially women's cosmetics. With the increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics market, the cosmetics business to expand the sales share of their products, but also to spare no effort in the packaging of cosmetics, publicity efforts. The functions and functions of cosmetics are more and more detailed, and there are more and more cosmetics with comprehensive functions. The grade difference is very obvious, and the packaging form is dazzling; At the same time, in order to better publicize their products, various businesses have carried out their own classification and packaging of cosmetics, which are suitable for their own characteristics.

The names of cosmetics are various and functional, but for their external form and packaging adaptability, there are mainly several kinds of cosmetics: solid cosmetics, solid granular (powdery) cosmetics, liquid and emulsion cosmetics, paste cosmetics, etc.

1. Packaging of solid cosmetics. There are relatively few kinds of solid cosmetics, such as eyebrow pencil, powder cake, lipstick and so on. The packaging of this kind of cosmetics is relatively simple.

2. Packaging of solid granular (powder) cosmetics. This kind of cosmetics mainly consists of powder, powder and other granular products. The main packaging methods are cartons, composite cartons (mostly cylindrical boxes), glass cosmetic bottles (wide and small), metal boxes, plastic boxes, plastic cosmetic  bottles (wide mouthpiece, small size), composite film bags, etc. In general, packaging containers should be decorated and printed exquisitely. At the same time, when plastic and metal containers are used for packaging, exquisitely printed cartons are often used to match them.

3, liquid, emulsion cosmetics and paste cosmetics packaging. Among all kinds of cosmetics, this kind of cosmetics has the largest variety and quantity, with a wide range of packaging forms, mainly including: plastic bottles of various shapes and specifications (usually after exquisite decoration and printing); The composite film bag of plastic bag (commonly used in the economic bag of cosmetics or the packaging of lower grade cosmetics); Glass cosmetic bottles, including jars and narrow mouthpieces, are commonly used in cosmetics, such as nail polish, hair coloring, perfume, toner, etc. For the above packaging form, sometimes it is combined with the color printing carton to form the sales package of cosmetics, so as to improve the grade of cosmetics.

4, cosmetics spray packaging. Spray packaging has the advantages of accuracy, efficiency, simplicity, hygiene and quantitative demand. It is commonly used in the packaging of high-grade cosmetics and cosmetics that require directional and quantitative use. Cosmetics such as hair mousse and hair spray glue are used in this packaging form. Commonly used cosmetics spray packaging containers are mainly metal cosmetic spray cans, cosmetic glass spray cans and plastic cosmetic spray cans.

Based on the above situation and the development trend of cosmetics and its packaging, the packaging of modern cosmetics has the following characteristics in the selection of packaging materials and containers, the structural design of packaging containers and the decoration design of packaging containers

1. The application of plastic materials and composite materials in cosmetic packaging is more and more extensive, and the design of cosmetic packaging containers, especially plastic cosmetic  bottles, tends to be diversified.

2. The use of cosmetic glass bottles is restricted. Because of the inherent disadvantages of cosmetic glass bottles (such as big and fragile), for ordinary cosmetics, plastic containers or composite containers are often used for packaging if plastic or composite materials are used instead of glass containers. For high-grade cosmetics or volatile cosmetics, such as perfume, etc. Generally, glass cosmetic  bottles are used for packaging.

3. Diversification of cosmetic packaging container specifications to meet different consumption levels. Due to the intensified competition in the cosmetic market, the manufacturers are investing more and more in cosmetic packaging. For the middle and low-grade cosmetics, in order to meet different needs, the size of the packaging container is diversified to facilitate the choice of consumers; For high-end products, small capacity packaging is adopted to meet the needs of low-income people, especially young girls' consumption psychology due to curiosity.

4. Serialization of cosmetic packaging design. The so-called series packaging design refers to the packaging design of the same category of goods based on the premise of unified trademark pattern and text font, with different colors, water patterns or different modeling structures as the keynote. It requires the same in different, the same in different, both diversified and holistic. In the practical application of cosmetic packaging, there are generally two cases: one is that cosmetics of the same brand and different functions are packaged in series to facilitate the purchase of consumers, while making the overall price lower than the total price of individual purchase. For example, a series of cosmetics of a certain brand should maintain the overall design style, and then use larger containers to package all kinds of cosmetics and sell them as a sales unit; The second is: a series of cosmetics of the same brand, the same main function, but different auxiliary functions, or a series of cosmetics of the same brand, the same function, but different formulas, in the packaging design. For example, the main function of a variety of moisturizers of a certain brand is skin care, but the auxiliary function is different. Another example is a variety of cleansers of a certain brand, whose functions are cleansing, but the formula is different. For this kind of series cosmetics, the packaging design should conform to the characteristics of series packaging design, not only to achieve the function of series packaging, but also to help consumers choose.

5. The packaging of cosmetics should meet the needs of personalized development. The packaging of cosmetics must correctly convey the characteristics of cosmetics required by different consumer needs, and show the aesthetic taste of different groups of people, in order to successfully realize the sales of cosmetics.

The 6. part of cosmetics, such as mousse and perfume, adopts spray packaging and other packaging forms to facilitate the use of consumers. The packaging of cosmetics pays more and more attention to the structural design of containers and accessories, which makes it easy for consumers to hold, take and use in various environments

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