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Common sense of cosmetic tube printing


Flexible Cosmetic Tube Printing is a method of printing on metal Cosmetic Tube, laminated Cosmetic Tube, plastic Cosmetic Tube, etc. Metal Cosmetic Tube printing is completed by using the principle of indirect rubber roller roll transfer to print text and text. At present, the toothpaste used in China is made by assembly line, and the raw materials of tin and lead are imported into eight sections, and then the packaging is finished by washing the Cosmetic tube, the thread of the car, making the background color, printing the pictures and pictures, drying, locking the cover and sealing the filling material. The plates used for printing by Cosmetic Tube are usually copperplates because copperplates have a higher resistance to printing and are made in the same way as a common copper-zinc plate. The machine is composed of a plate drum, a rubber drum, an imprint drum covering the Cosmetic tube, a conveying mechanism, an ink bucket, etc. Since the substrate is non-ferrous metal, the Cosmetic Tube must be covered with a white ink or other ink with a background color before the image is printed) before the image can be formally printed and the ink needs to dry quickly after the background color is printed. In order to print after a few colors, so printing color by infrared drying device to dry and print text and text. The overprinting of the text and text is not done on the traditional paper of the imprint, but on the three plates of the drum, simultaneously overprinting on the rubber tube (because the imprinting is on the ground so the overprinting does not overlap), and then the three-color ink is transferred to the Cosmetic Tube on the imprint roller once.


The imprint roller on the imprint cylinder plate is covered with a cosmetic tube, but it will not rotate itself. Only after contact with the rubber roller, can it rotate with the same line speed as the rubber cylinder. The diameter of the imprint cylinder plate is the same as the diameter of the rubber cylinder, but the operation is different. Complete the printing of a piece of Cosmetic Tube. After the rotation of the Cosmetic Tube, leaving the rubber drum, the overprinting of the Cosmetic Tube was completed and then infra-red light was applied to dry the mark quickly and to increase the brightness of the mark. Toothpaste, cosmetic tube, shoe polish and medical ointment, cosmetic tube, etc. are printed in this way. Metal Cosmetic Tube printing ink shall meet the above conditions in addition to being heat and light resistant, as the tube is subject to compression and torsion, and water and moisture are frequently encountered when used.

The ink must also be able to resist the corrosion of the tube, which is covered by different substances. Laminated Cosmetic Tube is the respective advantage of the two kinds of substances. The laminated Cosmetic Tube has the advantages of both of them. If the laminated Cosmetic Tube is made of aluminum foil and plastic film, it has the advantages of moisture resistance and weather resistance. In this way, plastic printing can be carried out by means of photogravure printing. After lamination and molding, it will become laminated Cosmetic Tube. Plastic Cosmetic Tube printing requires surface treatment before printing due to poor adhesion of the plastic ink. Now the foreign use of hot press transfer printing method, the text and text printed on the transfer paper (that is, coated with the coating of kraft paper), color order is the opposite color order of color printing, and then on the printing surface coated with a layer of heat treatment can produce adhesion material, and then print the text and text of the transfer paper and surface contact, transfer under hot pressure.

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