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What does a good cosmetic tube look like


Cosmetic tube is a comprehensive reflection of brand concept, product characteristics and consumer psychology, which directly affects consumers' desire to buy. We firmly believe that cosmetic tube is a powerful means to establish the affinity between products and consumers. Today's economic globalization, cosmetics tube and commodities have been integrated. Cosmetic tube as a means to achieve the value of goods and use value, in the production, circulation, sales and consumption field, play an extremely important role, cosmetic tube manufacturers, design have to pay attention to the important topic. The function of cosmetic tube is to protect goods, convey goods information, facilitate use, convenient transportation, promote sales, and improve the added value of products. As a comprehensive subject, the cosmetic tube has the dual nature of combining commodity and art.

What does a good cosmetic tube design look like?

All products used for circulation sales need cosmetic tube design, more cosmetic tube manufacturers also realize the importance of cosmetic tube design for a product, walk in the supermarket of independent choice of goods, have a good cosmetic tube is equal to have a will sell their own goods. So how to let the product sell itself, what is a good cosmetic tube design? Cosmetics tube design company pole standard design after years of design practice that good cosmetic tube design to meet the following five points:

1. To achieve the function of package protection products

The cosmetic tube was originally developed to protect the product, and its purpose was to make the product last longer. This is also the most basic function of cosmetic tube, when your design has no way to protect the product, even if it is beautiful and unique, also should give up decisively, because this is a cosmetic tube should have the most basic characteristics.

Two: describe the product correctly

When consumers see the product cosmetic tube, let people know what is inside, so that consumers know whether they need the product or not. This is also the most basic cosmetic tube design, but there are always one or two products in the market, you get the hands, look through the whole cosmetic tube, do not know what is inside, and finally have to put on the shelf. Cosmetics tube design company extremely standard design that the best cosmetic tube design must let consumers intuitively understand what this product is, what is the benefit to consumers?

Three: convey the brand

Many enterprises because their brand is not well-known, they choose not to reflect on the cosmetic tube. Looking at the cosmetic tube design seems irrelevant, but in fact, what you lose is the most valuable thing. If your product is of exceptional quality, it's likely to motivate customers to buy it again. If you happen to change the design of your cosmetic tube, they won't find it. If your brand is prominently displayed on the cosmetic tube, consumers will have a good impression of the brand because of the quality of the product, which will lead to further confidence in all products and ultimately lead to sales.

Four: unique appearance

Products on the shelf are full of beautiful things in eyes, similar products are placed together, in order to let consumers see your goods, the appearance must be different from other similar products. Extreme standard design thinks can make a difference from the cosmetics tube unique brand image, unique cosmetics tube design creative elements, unique color, material, cosmetics tube specifications, the purpose is to let consumers quickly see and deep memory.

Five: exquisite workmanship

If you have a unique cosmetic tube design look, you can successfully attract consumers. In addition to the price, there is another factor that promotes sales -- workmanship, and the fineness of workmanship can easily become the standard to measure product quality (because consumers can't see the product inside, they can only be measured by the appearance of the cosmetic tube design).

Many people think that a good cosmetic tube design as long as personality, good-looking can, in fact, the real situation is not. The cosmetic tube should have its own rules and characteristics, and some rules should even be meticulously implemented, such as the following design introduction.

One, for skin care products, brand and product physical properties is not very important, and even less important, brand logo sometimes may not need to appear positive position in the tube cosmetics box, but stressed that the name of the product, as well as the specific purpose, is very necessary, so for this kind of product, reduce the cosmetics tube positive content, It is important to avoid giving consumers a sense of confusion.

Two, through the transparent design of the cosmetic tube front to show the internal form of the product, is also a better way to use, there are a lot of design company cosmetic tube designers are doing this, because the visual impact is the most intuitive.

Three, patterns and different colors are also the focus of stimulating consumers' desire to buy. It is better to integrate some elements that can reflect product characteristics into the patterns used above the cosmetic tube.

Four, cosmetics tube design not only to bright color, but also to do eye-catching patterns, to put these two perfect integration together is not a simple thing, it takes a lot of time to complete the work.

Therefore, in order to do a good job in cosmetics tube design, cosmetic tube manufacturers extremely standard design that must comply with the above cosmetic tube design rules, so as to design a good work, to bring some help to enterprise sales.

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