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What kind of cosmetic tube design will increase product sales


How to increase the sales of products through the cosmetic tube? Cosmetic tube design not only to attract specific consumer groups from the visual, but also from the psychological capture of consumer excitement and desire to buy.

The manufacturer of a good cosmetic tube must be a savvy psychologist. The design idea of cosmetic tube should be consumer-centered. Cosmetic tube manufacturers try every means to stimulate and meet the psychological needs of consumers.

When consumers buy goods, the cognition process of goods includes 7 stages, such as attention, interest, association, desire, comparison, dependence and action.

1. Attention stage: consumers' first impression of the product upon entering the store. The design is bright, the text is outstanding, the color is marked, the cosmetic tube that has very strong visual impact ability attracts the eye of consumer in short time.

2. Interest stage: different consumers have different styles, for different style preferences of consumers, from the color, shape, text, pattern and other aspects of the idea, design to meet different consumers or literary or retro or wild and other styles of goods cosmetics tube.

3. Association stage: the cosmetic tube with a sense of novelty, characteristics and beauty is easy to induce rich association of consumers.

4. Desire stage: attract consumers through sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and other means, with excellent quality, reasonable price, easy to use, beautiful shape and other characteristics, impress consumers' hearts, stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

5. Comparison stage: the cosmetic tube manufacturer shows the shape, color, taste, performance and use method of the product to consumers for comparison and selection. After consumer passes this phase commonly, decide to buy again.

6. Dependence stage: the product cosmetic tube strives to make consumers have a sense of dependence on the product. The image of old brand, famous brand goods, high-quality product logo, quality certification logo, practical and realistic instructions can enhance consumers' sense of dependence on goods.

7. Action stage: after the above stages, consumers decide to purchase goods, so as to realize the purchase of consumption and complete the consumption process.


Convenient cosmetic tube is more in line with the needs of customers with fast pace of contemporary life. Customers are seeking convenience when shopping. Soft cosmetic tube drinks are convenient to carry and so on.

2. The practical 

Whether it is a product or a cosmetic tube, it must be designed to meet the core needs of the consumer, that is, it must have real value.

3. The interesting

Fun cosmetic tubes aren't just for kids, grown-ups like fun too. Bright colors, special shapes, can be applied to the cosmetic tube.

4. Beautiful

Beautiful this needless to say, in this "look at the face" era, exquisite cosmetics tube can arouse consumers high-level social needs, cosmetic tube with artistic charm for buyers is a kind of enjoyment of the United States, is to promote into a long-term, habit type of consumer driving force.

5. New

Especially young people, like to be different, like to seek different, strange, new, trying to find opportunities to express themselves. To this kind of consumption as the target market products cosmetics tube can be bold use of taboo color, in the shape of the traditional breakthrough in order to guide the trend, create fashion.

Product sales cosmetics tube only to grasp the psychology of consumers, to meet the preferences of consumers, to meet the needs of consumers, stimulate and guide the emotions of consumers, to be able to stand out in the fierce business war, secure victory. To this end, how to design a good cosmetic tube is very important, a good cosmetic tube will be able to bring sales for enterprise products.

1. cosmetics tube to highlight the brand effect

As people living standard rise, people on brand products is more and more trust, beauty makeup cosmetics tube design, tube cosmetics manufacturers to targeted outstanding products brand, it has a decisive role for the product sales, can bring profit to enterprise, will make the enterprise in a competitive advantage, can let the product value to rise. So when the brand is recognized, the product wins.

2.cosmetics tube to highlight the characteristics of the product

People's life is fast-paced, many people buy products will be very concerned about the cosmetics tube, will focus on the information on the cosmetics tube, such as the nature of the product, function, use, use method and so on. Cosmetic tube design to show the most amazing place to consumers, can express product characteristics with the help of color. For example, the sunscreen cosmetic tube can be in a bright, sunny yellow, and the sun shape can be ctuben. The design of the cosmetic tube is consistent with the product itself, so that the beauty of the makeup can leave an impression on consumers. For a few advanced beauty makeup products, in order to highlight high-grade, high-grade, can work hard in cosmetics tube design, highlight the showily and elegant products, so can meet the needs of consumers.

3. cosmetics tube to grasp the psychology of consumers

Different consumer groups are suitable for different cosmetic products. Successful cosmetic tube manufacturers will be differentiated in the cosmetic tube design treatment, so that consumers through the product cosmetic tube feel that the product is specially designed for their own, in the design, to take into account the age of consumer groups, gender, and even occupation. For example, college students generally use youthful and beautiful images, while successful professional women generally use elegant and intellectual images.

4. cosmetics tube should conform to the trend of The Times

Now the beauty cosmetics tube is more and more anti-traditional, with a special design idea, the previous rigid model, cosmetic tube is very fashionable and gorgeous, such a cosmetic tube will be attractive, convey a strong fashion taste and trend breath.

5. The cosmetic tube is a manifestation of culture

Beauty makeup as a fashion consumer goods, in addition to a certain effect, but also a reflection of culture, cosmetics tube should let the function and spiritual culture combined, so as to meet the psychological needs of consumers for beauty. No matter shape or color, cosmetic tube manufacturers should design simple, clean, elegant and generous.

Now the social beauty brand is more and more popular, makeup is a woman's lifelong required course, in the design of beauty cosmetics tube must be paid attention to, in order to attract more female friends.

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