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several aspects of quality composite tube


With the improvement of people's living standard, the requirements for packaging are getting higher and higher. Composite Tube is becoming more and more popular due to its unique advantages. The production process of the composite tube is as follows: the extrusion compound method is adopted, the adhesive resin is used to compound the polyethylene film and the barrier material into sheet material, and then the tube is rolled by welding, and the tube body and the tube shoulder are welded together to form the composite tube. In addition, processes such as sealing, tail sealing and cap mounting can also be carried out according to the needs.

Types and characteristics of composite tubes from cosmetic tube manufacturer

The composite tube is mainly divided into aluminum-plastic composite tube and plastic-plastic composite tube. Their characteristics are as follows.

1. Features of plastic composite tube

(1) good aroma retention, moisture resistance and gas barrier.

(2) can be used for transparent packaging, in order to facilitate the observation of the content.

(3) Printing patterns are clear and beautiful.

(4) after incineration treatment, no residue.

(5) In the production process, metal detectors can be used for foreign body inspection.

2. Features of wholesale aluminum-plastic composite tube

(1) good aroma retention, moisture resistance and gas barrier.

(2) Soft, folding resistance, no pinhole and crack.

(3) High strength.

(4) Excellent chemical resistance.

(5) There is no need to fold the tube body, all contents can be extruded for use.

(6) Printing patterns are clear and beautiful.

Structure of bulk composite tubes

The basic structure of the composite tube is: top film/adhesive layer/barrier layer/adhesive layer/inner film.

The surface film is mainly used as a substrate, welding layer, can provide a milky white substrate or covering effect according to requirements.

The function of the adhesive layer is to bond the surface film or inner film with the barrier layer, so that the composite tube has a certain composite strength.

The inner film is in direct contact with the contents for welding.

The barrier layer of the aluminum composite tube is aluminum foil, which can be 9μm, 12μm, 16μm, 20μm, 30μm, 40μm and so on. The barrier of aluminum plastic composite tube depends on the number of pinholes per square meter of aluminum foil.

The barrier layer of plastic composite tube can be EVOH, PETSIOX, PETAL2O3 and other materials. The barrier of plastic composite tube depends on the type of material, thickness, etc. For example, the barrier of EVOH depends on its grade and thickness. Due to the need for welding, the top film and the inner film are generally used the same type of material, currently the main use of polyethylene. Application of composite tube

At present, composite tubes have been widely used in the following aspects.

(1) Food packaging: such as condensed milk, chocolate sauce, chili sauce, mustard, etc.

(2) Drug packaging: such as burn ointment, dermatitis ointment for external use, etc.

(3) Cosmetics packaging: such as toothpaste, facial cleanser, facial mask cream, hair dye cream, etc.

Selection of composite tube The selection of composite tube should be based on the characteristics of the packaged product. The following points should be noted in the selection process.

1. Sanitary composite tubes must be controlled based on their use. The main control indicators are: evaporation residue, heavy metal content, potassium permanganate consumption, etc. In the case of the tube package of the drug, there is also the need to control the microbial population. In order to meet the above requirements, in addition to the raw materials involved to meet the corresponding indicators, the production process and production environment also need to meet certain requirements.

2. Mechanical Strength One of the purposes of packaging is to protect the product during circulation and facilitate storage and transportation, so the composite tube must also have a certain mechanical strength. The main index to test the mechanical strength of the composite tube is the blasting strength. The tube should be able to meet the requirement that no rupture occurs under the condition of 0.2MP for 30 seconds.

3. Barrier property Here, tube packaging of cosmetics is taken as an example to introduce the barrier property it should have.

(1) oxygen resistance. Most cosmetics contain oil components, unsaturated bond in the oil is easy to oxidation and deterioration, this oxidation is called rancidity, oxygen is the main cause of cosmetics rancidity. The oxidation of unsaturated oils is a kind of chain reaction (free radical). As long as a small part of the oil begins to oxidize, it will cause complete rancidity of the oil. Oxides generated by oxidation reaction, such as acids and aldehydes, are irritant to the skin and can cause dermatitis, and also cause product discoloration and rancidity odor, so as to reduce the quality of products. Therefore, in the production, storage and use of cosmetics, we should try our best to avoid the occurrence of oil rancidity.

(2) light resistance. Although visible light does not cause oxidation directly, some wavelengths of light can promote oxidation.

(3) water resistance. Water resistance is mainly reflected in two aspects. On the one hand, water should be kept out. Watery fats may harbor molds and yeasts, leading to the production of lipases and oxidases. Lipase will hydrolyze fat, while oxidase will oxidize fatty acids and glycerides. Therefore, if the water content in oil is increased, on the one hand, the hydrolysis of oil will be caused, on the other hand, the automatic oxidation reaction will be accelerated, providing a living environment for microorganisms and reducing the activity of some antioxidants such as polyphenolamines. And some powdery products should prevent absorption of moisture and cause caking, hardening metamorphism. The other thing is to keep the water from escaping. The moisture content of some water-containing products is too low to be able to affect use, must make its maintain certain moisture content inside certain period so.

(4) fragrance retention. Prevent scent loss and/or dissipation. In general, according to the characteristics of the product, the type and thickness of the barrier material can be selected to achieve the purpose of quality preservation in the most economic way. The barrier of EVOH to oxygen is generally proportional to the thickness of EVOH. The barrier of 15μm EVOH is about 0.3 ~ 0.4cc/m2·24hr (measured by Mocon method), although this value also depends on the level of EVOH. The oxygen barrier of PET with oxide coating is generally 0.2 ~ 1.0cc/m2·24hr (detected by Mocon method). In addition, the fit between the shoulder of the composite tube and the cap of the tube should also be tight, or the sealing film should be adopted for sealing.

4. Printing is suitable for the purpose of printing is to look beautiful, to clarify the purpose and use of the product, and to promote sales. The composite tube can be printed in a variety of ways, such as: gravure printing, flexographic printing, etc., the selection of product quantity, color, product pattern design and other factors should be considered, and try to consult professional manufacturers, in order to get the best cost-effective choice.

5. Heat Sealing Performance Composite Tubes must be made of materials that are easy to weld to reduce losses and improve productivity.

6. Adaptability of the contents of many packaging contents have a certain degree of erosion, such as hair dye two ingredients, one is acidic, the other is alkaline, so in the shelf life of packaging materials must be able to maintain a certain degree of physical and mechanical properties, to ensure product safety; In addition, tests must be done before a material can be selected.

The composite tube should have certain stiffness and proper surface friction coefficient, so as to improve the production efficiency of the filling machine. When selecting a composite tube, it should also be noted whether the product is filled by mouth or tail, so as to request the manufacturer to provide the appropriate form of tube. Economy 8.

The choice of any kind of packaging material must follow the principle of moderation, according to the characteristics of the product to make a reasonable choice, not excessive packaging, to avoid waste. This is also in line with the principle of environmental reduction. 9. Specifications for the commonly used composite tube are as follows. Pipe diameter: 12.7, 16, 19, 22, 25, 27, 28, 30, 32, 35, 38, 40, 50mm pipe length: 55 ~ 200mm

Users can design the length and diameter of the product according to their own needs. For the cap, the standard cone cap, flip cap provided by Cosmetic Tube, or a personalized cap can be designed.

Combined with the above factors and the services of professional plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers, users can definitely choose the composite tube suitable for their products, so that the product image will take on a new look and reach a new level. __________________ standard work is a time consuming work, but it is the basic work for the healthy development of the industry, the development of new products, standard product quality, orderly competition, market quality supervision, all depend on the standard of science, pragmatic, advanced.

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