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New application for cosmetics tube packaging


As cosmetic products become more sophisticated in terms of their efficacy, the tubes that carry them are subject to a more sophisticated process of treatment; Meanwhile, personal-care companies are more likely to find tube packages that deliver precise doses. To this end, Lisson Makeup tube products, a new dose cap for tube packaging, can accurately deliver the required dosage through a silicone valve. The soft touch valve allows consumers to apply the product directly to very sensitive areas, even around the eyes, without the need to touch the product at all. The control valve performs a precise closing action as soon as the customer stops squeezing the tube. Made from polypropylene and originally designed to be 0.750 inches in diameter, the Lisson Tube now has a filling capacity of 10 to 22 ml.

The precision and softness of its Makeup Tube seals are ideal for use on the eyes and lips, as well as for acne and skin-related treatments, such as anti-aging products, according to Lisson's director of strategic innovation. For cosmetics companies, the easier-to-use tube, combined with the new cap, could provide even more differentiation for products in specific applications. Although she did not name the company involved, it is understood that a European company has placed its first order for Lisson and began rolling out new products with the cap earlier this year. Lisson has also had success with the development of the vacuum tube flowmeter, which is supported by Tuboplast Hispania and Linhardt. According to Lisson, Clarins has selected one of its 25mm Tube products, equipped with a metal flow valve, for use in a new skin care product.


Other companies, such as Ducray Laboratories, Sentiva and Victoria's Secret, use Lisson 35mm tubes with plastic flow valves for their latest skincare products. Remarkably, Lisson's tubes are built as part of the assembly line, eliminating the need for any adjustments made during production by the high-speed tube filling equipment.

Lisson also introduced a new type of tubular packaging with an oblique brush head. By squeezing the tube, the product slowly flows into the bristles of the brush and is then evenly applied. For companies that want to have a superior metallic tube, Lisson can also offer plastic tubes with a metallic coating. Moreover, the color of the tube is customizable and has an elegant wavy curve. Tube packaging, due to its ease of extrusion, versatility and ease of placement, has been the logical packaging option for a wide range of products, and in particular has long been the preferred packaging method in the personal care industry.

Today, consumers are also embracing the trendy skin care products available on Tubes. In response to the market's desire for a wider range of options, tube packaging suppliers have been working hard to broaden their product range and have focused on new patterns, expanded package sizes and other improvements to take the performance of the usual tube packaging to the next level. As Tube packaging continues to grow in sophistication, more personal care companies are beginning to see the benefits of switching from alternative packaging to Tube packaging. Mary Kay, a cosmetics distributor, thinks Tube packaging is a good option.

Lisson was looking for a 16mm Timewise Target-Action Anti-aging Activator -- originally designed to be packaged in a ballpoint pen style -- but when they sought help from other companies, they decided to go Tube. The tube is made up of seven components, including the body, the head and the bottle cap made of polypropylene, allowing Mary Kay's products to be instantly recognizable. "Due to the time to market, the cost of making the mold and the uniqueness of the product, Lisson decided to change the packaging.


Although Lisson has made great progress in tube packaging technology, there is still room for improvement, especially in the lead-to-lead area. A new Tube package allows customers to squeeze more valuable time out of production schedules and get finished products to market faster. Lisson has come to the aid of a personal-care product maker who was troubled by a 20-24 week supply cycle for a 2.25-ounce tube package with a continuous threaded lid. Lisson successfully outsourced tube packaging for five SKU units in different shapes, reducing the lead time to 12 weeks. According to Packaging Solutions' business development manager, it is a recyclable PE composite tube, and the customer's product performance is enhanced by the use of an injection-moulded movable cover.

As more and more personal care and beauty companies turn to the Tube, their suppliers are investing heavily in the performance and range expansion of their products, with the aim of further improving the functionality and image of the increasingly popular Tube package.

The latest addition to Lisson's Tube packaging range is a PE composite tube, which can be customized in five different diameters and lengths. The tube is a composite structure of PE and other resins, making it more resistant than LDPE tubes and fully recyclable. For additional barrier properties, EVOH copolymer can be added to the tube. Its exterior decoration options include four-color overprint, spot color printing and specular or matte coating. The tube uses advanced technology to minimize the visualization of tube seams, making it more attractive. With the increasing efficiency requirements of cosmetics, there is a need for more technologically advanced tube packaging to accommodate these products with more advanced formulations.

"Today's skin care products and cosmetics are becoming more sophisticated and sophisticated. Products with innovative formulations need tube packaging with innovative technology, "says Hayet of Lisson. In each case, Lisson is able to provide tube packaging that can accommodate two formulations without degrading the performance of either product. For example, Lisson offers a tube-in-tube product, which consists of a 22 mm inner lumen and a 30 mm outer lumen. The oval tube head contains two outlets for simultaneous extrusion from both lumens; It is also equipped with an oval cap for the necessary isolation of the two different formulations contained before use.

Lisson has also designed a composite tube that can hold two different formulations at once. According to the company, the package consists of a 25mm tube inside a 35mm tube and features a four-leaf clover-shaped opening that allows the same amount of product to be distributed according to customer requirements. Tube packaging suppliers are also developing new product specifications to help customers develop more marketing methods. In this regard, Lisson has added a 13mm plastic tube, with a slanting mouth that is more suitable for applying lip balm. It also has a circular tube cover that connects smoothly with the rest of the tube. According to the company, the tube can be manufactured with single, double and five-layer EVOH copolayers.

Lisson has focused on the operational side of the tube package, and the result is a new 40ml Tottle Tube in PP and PETG materials, with a patented stopper valve that can be activated by a slide button. The wide nozzle and closed bottom are designed for easy filling. When the filling is completed, the brush and the tube cover immediately clamp in place. The tube is equipped with a 17mm brush and flat scraper. In addition, Tube products are increasingly valued for their feel. Lisson has added a tactile decorative layer to its Tube line. The company currently uses letterpress printing to finish the surface, which enhances the tube's texture, feel and light reflection. According to a company spokesperson, these decorative effects take the product's ability to appeal to consumers to a higher level, while also providing more functionality, such as increased grip in wet conditions.

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