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Several important functions of hardcover cosmetic tube


For consumers, products are important, but among the same products, they are more willing to choose cosmetic tube packaging and cosmetic tube products with exquisite appearance. Cosmetic tube products are more popular, because when people don’t know the product very well, the customer is first Judging by what the eyes see, and confirming whether to buy after understanding, you can imagine how attractive the customers are to the novel colors. Not only is the design of the cosmetic tube packaging novel, but the cosmetic tube packaging itself has several important points. The function takes you to understand together.

1. The hardcover cosmetic tube can protect the product: the product has to go through the transition of time and space from being produced to entering the consumption stage. The cosmetic tube packaging design plays a role in protecting the product in this process. The cosmetic tube packaging adopts a reasonable container, which protects the items packaged by the cosmetic tube from both physical and chemical protection. Cosmetic tube packaging can prevent physical damage such as product vibration, squeezing, bumping and abrasion, as well as various chemical reactions and other forms of accidents. Reasonable cosmetic tube packaging has the functions of shock resistance, compression resistance, tensile resistance, anti-extrusion and abrasion resistance, and protects the packaging, storage and transportation of goods. Some can also solve the problems of sun protection, moisture proof, anticorrosion, leak proof, and flame proof of the goods to ensure that the goods are intact under any circumstances.

2. Hardcover cosmetic tubes should be easy to circulate and use: The packaging design of cosmetic tubes attaches great importance to human factors, emphasizing humanity and convenience. Various environments were considered during the design process, including storage, transportation and use. For example, in terms of use, the design follows the human-machine relationship in ergonomics, which makes people feel that all links are convenient.

3. The hardcover cosmetic tube needs to beautify the product and be easy for the public to accept: from conception to finished product, the container design of the cosmetic tube packaging relies on various natural or artificial materials to complete. The beauty of the cosmetic tube packaging container shape is transmitted to people's sensory system through the color and texture of the material and the shape image that has been consciously designed and processed.

If you want to tailor a personalized outer cosmetic tube packaging for your product, it is important to choose a professional hardcover cosmetic tube manufacturer. —Twelve years of professional paper cosmetic tube packaging manufacturer.

Good cosmetic tube design helps to enhance the brand image and promote the role of product sales. How to design a creative cosmetic tube? The cosmetics tube packaging manufacturers have summarized the following points for everyone, you can refer to when designing cosmetics cosmetic tubes.

First, consumer positioning: the appeal object of the cosmetic tube packaging screen is the product's identity group and influence group, and the final consumer of the company's products. Designers must know who the product is sold to when creatively designing. This is a positioning design based on the theme of a specific consumer group of the product. Consumer groups can be divided according to age, gender, country, culture, class, etc. Different products face different consumer groups. Therefore, design can only be directly confronted by thinking about the specific consumer groups the product faces. The effect of this closes the distance between the product and the consumer and creates a sense of affinity.

Second, outstanding characteristics: Different products have different characteristics. This characteristic is often the personality that distinguishes a company and its products from other companies and products, and reflects the difference between the product and other similar products. The attractiveness of a company's products to consumers often lies not in their commonalities, but in their individual characteristics. For example, McDonald's and KFC both have their own consumer groups. Their products have the same and different products, but consumers go to McDonald's more to eat hamburgers: Go to KFC more to eat chicken wings. Consumers eat their unique, not the cola drinks they all have.

Third, emphasize the brand: The cosmetics tube packaging manufacturers remind everyone that different products have different brands and product names, and a personalized brand image is a powerful weapon to occupy the market. New products often use creative new images to win the favor of consumers. Achieved the visual effect of emphasizing and highlighting the brand.

The cosmetic tube packaging design allows all the beautiful things to be presented on the hardcover cosmetic tube, so that every consumer will have a feeling of appreciating the artwork when they see the product cosmetic tube packaging. As a hardcover cosmetic tube cosmetic tube packaging manufacturer integrating cosmetic tube design, printing and production, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following four points when choosing a professional cosmetic tube packaging manufacturer, and you can design both Beauty and practical cosmetic tube.

First, pay attention to the combination of form, function and material: it has the functions of collection, boutique, collection, etc., so the three-dimensional shape of the cosmetic tube packaging design and the flat treatment of each display surface must be combined with functions and materials. The form should be adapted to the requirements of content protection and usability, and attention should be paid to the combination of form changes and the physical and chemical properties of the selected materials. It is necessary to prevent consciously falling into the blind game of form in the design, and form for the sake of form. Inappropriate use of form will weaken the power of form and even produce the opposite effect.

No matter the design company or the hardcover cosmetic tube cosmetic tube packaging manufacturer, when designing the cosmetic tube, it is necessary to clarify the customer's demand for the cost of the hardcover cosmetic tube. Different hardcover cosmetic tube packaging materials and the selection of various processes will affect the final quotation for customers. Cosmetic tube manufacturers need to determine all aspects of cosmetic tube design according to customer needs to meet customer needs At the same time, it can also attract consumers to the greatest extent.

Second, pay attention to distinguishing the display of internal products: When designing cosmetic tubes, consider the display of internal products of hardcover cosmetic tubes. The shape of the product will have different requirements for the display mode of the hardcover cosmetic tube. The manufacturer of the cosmetic tube needs to pay attention to the distinction when designing.

Third, the special cosmetic tube packaging requirements for off-site transportation: when designing hardcover cosmetic tube Or the impact of off-site transportation. After all, products cannot only be sold in the production area, and some need to be shipped to all parts of the country in batches. At this time, all aspects of the hardcover cosmetic tube should be considered during the transportation process. In addition, some customers have special requirements for cosmetic tube packaging of products, and cosmetic tube manufacturers should also meet them.

Fourth, pay attention to the delivery of product information: the filling process of the cosmetic tube packaging can be said to be an advertisement for the content. In the design, attention should be paid to the transmission function of the cosmetic tube packaging. The design content must clearly and accurately convey product-related information and product features. Once the cosmetic tube packaging misleads the audience to point out that no matter how beautiful and novel the decoration is, it is a failed design.

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