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Customized high-value cosmetic tube


With the enhancement of consumers' environmental awareness, the improvement of aesthetic ability and cultural level, the requirements for the quality of customized cosmetic tubes, cosmetics and the use of packaging materials are also getting higher and higher. In order to double the sales of cosmetics, in addition to the need to inject fresh blood into the cosmetic tube design, the following 7 standards should also be paid attention to when customizing.

Beautiful: Whether the customized packaging is beautiful or not, whether it meets the aesthetic standards of the consumer group.

Eye-catching: In the eyes of consumers, your packaging can be clearly recognized from 20 meters away.

System: The main image connects all the packaging with the brand as the core text pattern.

Complete: Each package is an advertisement, and whether the cosmetic tube fully expresses the brand and product.

Simplicity: Avoid complexity and simplify, highly concise.

Practical: to meet the needs of transportation and storage, and meet the needs of efficient production.

Story: Behind the cosmetics is a profound traditional culture. Exploring product cultural stories to form a dominant cosmetic packaging selling point.

Under the premise of the same quality, the quality of cosmetic tubes will definitely have a significant impact on the sales of cosmetics.

Custom cosmetic tube manufacturers need good pattern design. Good patterns not only show creative expression and artistic thinking, but also bring pleasing visual enjoyment to people. The combination of cosmetic tube and products shows the characteristics of the product and the company. Culture. Excellent creative cosmetic tube design is accompanied by instant buying behavior.

Creative gift cosmetic tube customization is inseparable from excellent pattern design. The ingenious design of pictures, text, symbols, and colors on the cosmetic tube requires a professional packaging design worker to properly combine and match each element. An excellent gift cosmetic packaging packaging is more convincing than direct marketing. Consumers with too obvious and direct advertising will dislike and dislike it.

So, in packaging design, what points should be paid attention to in the control of patterns? Hanyun Culture helps everyone summarize the following points:

The form can be fancy and bold

But you can't avoid the content and talk about creativity, and it has no relationship with the product in the package, and it is different. Also try not to show this "connection" as ambiguous. Consumers probably know what products they are selling, but they can't recognize what brand they are in the first place. Creative packaging design should be closely related to the attributes of the brand itself, so that people can know what you are selling and who you are at a glance.

Full display of goods

It can reduce consumers' speculation and doubts, and directly grasp the hearts of consumers. Two methods can be adopted: one is to use fully transparent packaging or open skylight packaging, etc., to directly show the product itself; the other is to use vivid product photos, the most common such as food packaging, through realistic pictures Salivating.

The combination of pictures and texts is also a very important topic

The cosmetic tube pattern must have detailed text descriptions, specific introductions about the product’s raw materials, formulations, effects, use and maintenance, with careful copywriting, allowing consumers to further deepen their understanding of the pattern through text Impression of the product. The copywriting style may be humorous or solemn, depending on the characteristics of the product and the style of the packaging design. You can try more individual language styles.

Pay attention to the use of vivid colors in packaging colors

This is to reflect the image tone of a broad category of commodities, and is a representative color of a certain commodity accumulated in the minds of consumers over a long period of time, which can enable consumers to produce similar signals and reflect the same cognitive reflections. For example, the deep red of Wong Lo Kat for beverages, the dark yellow of Red Bull, and the frosty green of Sprite, let people know the contents of the package at a glance. Each brand's product should give itself an image tone, and the packaging design extends on the basis of the main tone, but it cannot be violated.

Of course, a good custom-made cosmetic tube manufacturer in Guangzhou needs not only a good pattern design, but also a functional design. Such as protection function, convenience function, reuse function, sales promotion function and so on. If your pattern design attracts purchases, then the function function is an important factor in determining consumer loyalty. Only by combining design and practicality can we truly meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Introduction of uv process of cosmetic tube custom manufacturer

The cosmetic tube manufacturer tells you, what is the UV process? For example, UV is to put a layer of oil on a pattern you want, mainly to increase the brightness of the product and protect the surface of the product. Its hardness is high, corrosion resistance is resistant to friction, and scratches are not easy to appear. Some laminated products Now it is changed to UV, which can meet environmental protection requirements, but UV products are not easy to bond, and some can only be solved by partial UV or polishing.

The UV generally referred to in the traditional printing industry is the printing effect process, which is to coat a layer of varnish (with bright, matte, inlaid crystals, glitter powder, etc.) on a pattern you want, mainly to increase Product brightness and artistic effect, protect the surface of the product, its high hardness, corrosion resistance and friction, not easy to scratch, etc. At this stage, some laminated products are now UV, which can meet environmental protection requirements, but UV products are not easy to bond, and some are only It can be solved by local UV or sanding.

The UV effect in real life is mainly reflected in paper packaging products. Generally, it feels very smooth when touched by hand, which is completely different from the feel of paper packaging products. If you look carefully, you can see that it actually has a little bump effect. It will be one level higher than the paper, if the figure in this article.

Many of our product packaging uses UV technology, so the UV technology of custom cosmetic tube manufacturers is indispensable. If you want to design and produce a beautiful "fit" package, this is indispensable in our product cosmetics Add a layer of shiny, convex shape to the tube, this is the "UV" process.

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