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The high value of the product is a customized cosmetic tube


A good cosmetic tube makes people want to take it home at first sight! Give users dozen of such things. When you don’t know a product but you really need it, it’s just to see which cosmetic tube’s "appearance" is more attractive to you. If you fall in love with it, you will miss it when you turn around, then it’s it. . The packaging is the continuation of the brand. Generally people are reluctant to throw away the exquisite cosmetic tube, especially the customized cosmetic tube.

Good packaging is the best advertisement for the product. You will know this brand when you see its cosmetic tube. For example, I have always used a black box with a white logo or a red logo. Even the selfie stick cosmetic tube is so minimal and advanced. And the details inside are very well done. For Huawei mobile phone packaging, the small card picking needles are very delicate and caring.

Humans are visual animals. Both men and women will be attracted by beautiful things. Nowadays, customized cosmetic tubes are getting higher and higher, such as the red color of Coca-Cola, and the curved packaging of Coca-Cola can be recognized by the appearance. Both have become the visual success of brand packaging. There are also some "Merve Walking" brands. Chanel No. 5 broke through the traditional packaging and became an eternal classic. It has always been one of the best-selling perfumes in the world.

People's aesthetics are improving, which is a good thing. But for cosmetic tubes and products, sometimes everyone seems to put the cart before the horse. The customization of cosmetic tubes is the icing on the cake. Don't ignore the product itself, the product is the life of the brand.

Manufacturers of cosmetic tubes want to make their product packaging more attractive, have a more lasting impact, and be understood and remembered. However, many cosmetic tube manufacturers take the wrong first step in customizing cosmetic tubes: the packaging ideas are not simple enough.

In actual marketing, we often complain that there are too many channels, competition of various similar brands is becoming more and more fierce, people's preferences are becoming more and more difficult to grasp, and sales are becoming more and more difficult. As a cosmetic tube manufacturer customized cosmetic tubes, the problem often faced is: Your packaging is very creative and invested a lot of budget, but in the end it failed to impress consumers, let alone a deal. Why do people always forget about packaging creativity and precise advertising?

How you want the cosmetic tube customization to succeed, the first step must be "simple": to find the most critical essence of the packaging. Of course, this simplicity is not a "less content" or simple pattern on the cosmetic tube. This means to find the core of the product, and to clearly communicate the product concept, and ultimately impress consumers. Just like when we usually read articles about cosmetics packaging, we first read the title and then the introduction. We will only read it when we are interested. The same is true for cosmetic tubes. Only when people are interested in packaging, go back to the next step or purchase transaction. The first step in the customization of cosmetic tubes is to "simple", find the key essence, and then express it in a refined point of view. This is definitely value for money and makes your product more attractive.

The customization of product cosmetic tubes is extremely important in user experience. It determines how we interact with users. If a product does not spend energy on packaging, then people will feel that things are cheap, it is cheap, and will Reflect the views of the brand and customers of the product. How do cosmetic tubes customized by others make people want to buy cedar and return beads? What color is the label? What kind of craft does it have? What material does it use? How does it feel to people?

With the improvement of women’s social status and fierce competition, the promotion of cosmetic tubes is often the same in terms of product level, the same price, and function. If you can’t establish a deeper emotional connection with people, you can’t guarantee that they will have enough next time. Brand stickiness. So brands began to discuss social missions and values.

In fact, the different definitions of beauty are essentially to create your needs. The essence of marketing and packaging is selling goods. Whether it is to teach you to be a strong cosmetics brand or to advocate a true personality of cosmetics, their essence is the same, but it is changed to a more mature marketing and packaging method that is more in line with contemporary issues. Whether it is the individual beauty emphasized by the cosmetic tube manufacturer or the personalized customization of the cosmetic tube, this is also a correctness that conforms to contemporary concepts.

Nowadays, while the values of cosmetic tubes are exploding, the function of cosmetics is still important. In terms of sales, it is difficult to say which is the more effective marketing method between the functionalities of cosmetics and the social issues. No mature brand can talk about sales without values and functions.

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