Xiang Lin reveal beauty makeup industry brand incubator for you

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
What is the secret beauty makeup industry brand incubator? Below xiang small make up the heart: in the incubator and the logic of the accelerator, after all, the logic of capitalism, it gambling is a small probability. For some big beauty makeup brand, if it's not an incubator or accelerator, it is not ready to have a good business. Because the industry's giants have led the agitation, l 'oreal FoundersFactory project, Target and BeachHouseGroup cooperation projects, sephora accelerator, p&g's Connect + Develop successively introduced, such as they gradually grasp the beauty makeup the emerging markets, the rest of the brand, I'm afraid it is difficult to playing CARDS. Was about five, six years later the concept of incubator, accelerator, as born in the technology industry. Early, its form is just some real estate developers or investors out of idle land office to emerging enterprises, and development to the present, incubator, accelerator has been changed to a more in-depth cooperation mode - — Startups can not only get the help of office space, personnel configuration, can also develop their own channels, and capital resources. Nowadays, beauty makeup industry incubators and accelerator also USES a more in-depth cooperation way. They are very has the tacit understanding to appear in the architecture of major cosmetics company, related to the rapid changes in the market environment. In the past, such as estee lauder international brand if you want to extend its brand portfolio, mostly adopt the way of acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions to receive small brands, but this path is always takes a long time, after all, small brands such as growth to a certain size to see its value.
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