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How To Deal With Cosmetic Tube Manufacturers


Trends come and go in the field of cosmetic packaging, but one that has become a new tradition is the concept of "inclusive beauty." Inclusive beauty goes beyond the conventional concept of beauty and shows beauty products in a series of more culturally diverse ways. A cosmetic packaging line's attention is no longer on the small market of the young, a supposedly rich beauty queen with a flawless body shape. Rather, “real” people are being looked after and accepted under the current standard of inclusive elegance.


Skin care tube

As a result, beauty brands are clamoring to incorporate all skin tones in their makeup or lip gloss hue collections.

For SKU-heavy lines, squeeze tube packaging is the ideal solution.

However, what does inclusive beauty imply for cosmetics packaging, especially tube packaging? Cosmetics manufacturers and retailers have taken note and recognize that they may need to adjust to more diverse collections ranging from 10 to 30 colors across various brands. Cosmetic tube packaging suppliers would also need to fit low tube MOQs for new entrant colors, as well as be adaptable when it comes to retired shades. New or established labels may use the advantage of tube packaging to respond more rapidly to consumer pressures and patterns.

  • Cosmetic tubes provide a strong visual presence on the shelf.

  • The artistic presentation of tube packaging must follow the current innovative expectations, ensuring that each hue is realistically portrayed. The inclusive beauty revolution recognizes that every skin is handled equally, and high-quality cosmetic graphics should reflect this. Since tube decoration is so important, a high-resolution digital print tube is frequently suggested. Digital printing allows for infinite graphic design space on the tube and eliminates the need for costly pre-production costs including panels or plates.

  • Cosmetic tubes may also have the most up-to-date finishes, such as a light touch or a metallic finish. There are also a variety of tip solutions for plastic tubes to ensure a precise, ergonomic implementation of the product formula.

  • Plastic Tube Packaging's Dependability

  • Plastic tubes are dependable, and their prevalence is increasing. Consumers' appetite for more flexibility, portability, and eco-friendly materials in their cosmetic tube packaging and the brand tale is driving this rise. Squeeze tubes are simple to use and allow the consumer to extract nearly every last drop of product, resulting in a higher value. Cosmetic tubes are also simple to recycle, making them a great option for environmentally friendly customers. In reality, cosmetic companies are aggressively finding supply chain partners with whom they can incorporate sustainability into their products and production processes.

Type ZTA-100 aluminum tube crimper

The ZTA-100 collapsible tube crimping system is used to crimp already filled aluminum tubes and stamp dates and/or batch numbers on them.


The below are the main components of the aluminum tube closer:

Ø Camozzi and Metal Work pneumatic components

Ø PLC Unitronics controller

Ø Closed tube counter

Ø Laser pointers that assist the user in tube positioning

The cosmetic aluminum tube crimper's main characteristics are as follows:

Ø Electronic sealing parameters and process monitoring with a save option

Ø The crimper for aluminum tubes is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Ø Optional single-sided coding with font package included

Ø Double fold closure

Ø Compatible with all aluminum tubes

Ø Output up to 500 tubes per hour

Ø Quick changeover of production runs

Ø Compact and lightweight 

  • The lightweight cosmetic aluminum tube closing system has a high degree of automation.

  • One user operates the aluminum tube sealing mechanism, which inserts filled tubes into tube holders and places them using laser pointers. The tubes are capped right away.The date or batch number may be stamped if desired. The user removes the date-labeled closed tubing.

  • The table top aluminum tube crimping system could be used for the following purposes:

  • The ZTA-100 table top aluminum tube crimper is designed for small to medium batch sizes, manufacturing lots, and workers. This small aluminum tube closing machine is commonly used in laboratories and labs for routine processing, sample production, and research.

  • How To Deal With Cosmetic Tube Manufacturers

  • Cosmetic tube manufacturers are facing an increasing challenge from beauty brands' movement toward smaller run sizes and SKU abundance. In recent years, wholesale cosmetic tubes have become more common as a stock packaging option.

  • Cosmetic Tubes in Stock

  • Many packaging suppliers still deliver in-stock tubes by the event, with no minimum order requirement. These are plain, white, or natural-colored plastic squeeze tubes that are commonly available in mono-layer or multi-layer COEX versions with flip-top caps or flat screw-on caps. Independent cosmetics brands have never had a simple or affordable way to launch new products, but tube decoration has always been a challenge.

  • Self-adhesive stickers or silk-screen printing have been the only choices for stock tube package decoration until now. When it comes to introducing new makeup brands, both their drawbacks. Self-adhesive stickers don't look as professional as surface printed tubes. The label is often creased or broken during the tube sealing process. Wrap-around stickers leave an unsightly seam on the cosmetic hose, and logos don't stretch all the way to the tube cover.

  • Photo-realistic graphics, as well as complex color gradients, tones, and fade effects, are not permitted in silkscreen printing. Furthermore, each special color in the tube artwork necessitates the purchase of expensive custom displays, resulting in a high cost per tube for limited orders.

  • Cosmetic Tube Decoration in the Future

  • Finally, there's a better way to dress up a lightweight tube! New digital printing innovations are about to change the tube packaging industry, which includes but is not limited to personal care tubes, pharmaceutical tubes, and cosmetic tubes. The combination of digital print and in-stock plastic tubing allows for smaller order sizes, quicker time to production, and almost limitless graphic design freedom. It is now possible to create personalized packaging with high-resolution photorealistic graphics and a professional no-label appearance.

  • Custom cosmetic tubes

  • Products firms are moving closer to a world where niche beauty cosmetics bundled in customized packages will grab market share from younger generations. Digitally printed tubing, we agree, would be a game-changer for small companies looking to branch out from cosmetic bottles and cans.

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