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Analyze the service life of various plastic cosmetic tubes


Every artifact on earth has a predictable lifespan and needs to be repaired and replaced, and cosmetic tubes are no exception. In practice, cosmetic packaging cosmetic tubes are affected by a number of factors such as aggressive wastewater, gas, acid generation, operating conditions, pressure from nearby soil, pressure from topsoil and moving top loads. Thus, the maintainability of cosmetic tubes can be defined as the productive service life that will be provided under the expected load.


Over the years, most of the older cosmetic tubes have been replaced by higher quality cosmetic tubes. Improvements in technology have led to the development of better cosmetic tube materials with service lives ranging from 50 to 100 years. In theory, longer service life does not actually necessarily mean the same life.


As the city becomes overpopulated with improvements in the quality of life and the availability of resources provided by the city, the load on the cosmetic tubes increases not only due to increased flow, but also due to improvements in road-based initiatives that increase the load on the existing cosmetic tubes.


Commonly used cosmetic tube materials are high density polyethylene (HDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (plastic R). How is the service life of various materials, the article can be decomposed one by one.


1. HDPE cosmetic tube


HDPE cosmetic tubes are a popular alternative because of their light weight and ease of transportation compared to cast iron and ceramic clay cosmetic tubes. HDPE cosmetic tube is manufactured by extrusion technology on a single screw extruder. HDPE particles are melted and cast in molds. Air is introduced at a pressure of about 0.8 to 1 kg/sq through the star wheel of a circular mould. Until the mold reaches the required size and shape. Chilled water is used in the curing process.


Life expectancy - 50 to 100 years


2. PVC cosmetic tube


PVC cosmetic tubes are another popular choice for cosmetic packaging cosmetic tubes because of their flexibility and ease of transportation and installation. PVC cosmetic tube is made by mixing PVC resin with non-tamper, plasticizer, etc. in a mixer, and then feeding it from the cosmetic tube into a twin screw extruder fitted with a suitable size mold. Through the heating chamber, the desired shape is formed in the heating chamber. During sizing, the cosmetic tube leaving the extruder is cooled by pressure.


Life expectancy - 50 to 70 years


3. Plastic R cosmetic tube


Plastic R cosmetic tube as a new type of cosmetic soft tube, has a unique wind. It can be used as a cold or hot cosmetic tube. PR cosmetics tube interface adopts hot melt technology, which is fully integrated between cosmetics tube. As a result, once installed and pressure tested, there will be no aging phenomenon like long-time leakage of aluminum cosmetic tube. Advantages: moderate price, function is not disorderly, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall, safe and reliable, no seepage.


Life expectancy - 50 to 70 years


No matter how cosmetic tube material, cosmetic tube maintenance is to ensure the service life of the hub.


On the factors affecting the quality of plastic cosmetic tube is not only the production of plastic cosmetic tube raw materials, in addition to the production equipment and process conditions with the quality of plastic cosmetic tube also have more associated, a qualified plastic cosmetic tube, cosmetic tube manufacturers according to the performance to decide, How to maximize the performance of plastic cosmetic tube is the primary consideration of plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers as manufacturers. The following plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer will introduce to you, plastic cosmetic tube production equipment which links will affect the quality of products.



Plastic cosmetics tube production equipment mainly extrusion equipment, mould and sizing device, one of the plastic tube cosmetics extrusion equipment is generally USES the single screw extruder, the extruding machine work, because the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the plastic tube cosmetics itself is small, high molecular weight, so the speed of solution peristalsis is lower, melting time, the quantity of heat that use up, That directly leads to the melting of the extrusion power consumption is larger, this link of the extruder length-diameter ratio requirements are larger, in order to ensure that plastic cosmetic tube materials can be fully fused, cosmetic tube manufacturers need extruder length-diameter ratio is better than 30, but also need better plasticizing effect.


At the same time, it should also be noted that the plastic cosmetic tube is prone to fusion line when it is extruded, which is the performance of incomplete fusion. Plastic cosmetic tube viscosity is high, so that the full fusion of the solution is also required for the extruder, to facilitate the separation of the solution to avoid the fusion line.


Finally, the sizing and cooling device of plastic cosmetic tube should use vacuum sizing spray and other cooling devices. The use of this device is to prevent the rapid cooling of cosmetic soft tube and lead to the increase of internal stress of plastic cosmetic tube. Only uniform cooling can make the performance of plastic cosmetic tubes more stable, and cosmetic tube manufacturers also avoid plastic cosmetic tubes deformation. It is worth noting that plastic cosmetic tube in the cooling process of large heat dissipation, so the sizing box needs to have enough length to meet the production requirements of plastic cosmetic tube high-speed extrusion.

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