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An introduction to airless cosmetic tubes, the latest buzz in the packaging industry


Airless cosmetic tubes have been on a rapid rise in the wholesale cosmetic packaging industry in recent times, and rightfully so!. Consumers are more aware of the benefits and convenience airless tube packaging provides, especially as it can preserve product life up to ten times longer than traditional cosmetic tubes. This is because these cutting-edge airless tube packaging valves eliminate all pressurized chambers within a container, which means there's no risk whatsoever from contamination or cross-contamination.

Airlessness is becoming increasingly popular among beauty companies because it can better preserve products than traditional squeeze bottles. Without tubes that allow oxygen from outside sources like water or air into a package. This feature is extremely helpful if you are packaging sensitive chemicals.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that airless cosmetic tubes are the evolution of traditional cosmetic tubes. The benefits airless tubes provide are off the chart. The biggest benefit of all is the product control it offers. If you are using products like lotions that are concentration-sensitive, airless tube packaging is the best option for you. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available on the web about airless cosmetic tubes. We have seen many cosmetic brands struggling to wrap their heads around these extraordinary packaging solutions. We have been cosmetic tube suppliers for quite some time and decided to create a goto article explaining everything related to airless tube packaging. So if you have any further questions, you can always ask us in the comments!

What are airless cosmetic tubes?

The airless cosmetic tube pump is the newest technology in wholesale cosmetic packaging, and it has taken the packaging world by storm. Airless tube packaging manufactured by cosmetic tube suppliers uses an innovative vacuum mechanism to extract the product. It consists of three parts, base, plate and pump. The base contains a tiny hole that creates the vacuum effect, which enables air intake for use in pumping out your skincare product. 

Plate is the component of airless cosmetic tubes which contains the cosmetic product. And pump as you might know is responsible for suction.

There are many advantages to this type of packaging over tubes or straws, namely that you can dispense just about any liquid cosmetic without making a mess with clogs or spills when you’re done using them. In terms of material, you can use anything from durable materials like Aluminum to sensitive materials like glass in airless tube packaging. However, the suction system used here is mostly plastic.

Advantages of cosmetic airless tube packaging:

Airless cosmetic tubes are considered a real breakthrough in wholesale cosmetic packaging innovation. Airless cosmetic tube containers prevent air exposure, which helps protect and conceal the skincare creams serums or foundations that they house within its vessel. This is all thanks to an innovative technology called diaphragm pumps, where it decreases or even eliminates any kind of interaction between the product and the environment. It has helped increase shelf life drastically even after the seal is broken.

Airless cosmetic tubes from cosmetic tube suppliers are the perfect way to transport your favourite beauty products. They have outstanding advantages that include being leak-proof, which means they can't spill or rupture during transportation. Moreover, it's easier for you as a cosmetic brand because there is no need for extra packaging. The transparent, plastic wall of the airless tube packaging has a useful function and serves as an extra layer to protect your product from any outside elements. The double-wall also helps give customers more confidence in their purchase because they know that nothing can get through this tough exterior.

Airless cosmetic tubes could be made out of durable materials like polystyrene or aluminum+metal foil lining, which provides ease of customization too! Airless cosmetic tubes are also perfect for fragile products, such as natural skincare creams and serums. The dosage of the product extracted is exact every time. So customers won’t have to face any inconvenience related to the quantity or quality of the product.

How do I fill airless cosmetic tubes?

Follow these easy steps carefully so you can seamlessly get your product in the airless tube packaging.

First, fill the sterile airless cosmetic tube with your desired skincare product over a table. It is essential not only for hygiene reasons but also because this will help avoid any unnecessary addition to your product. 

Next, grab onto an end and mount the pump on it tightly to prevent leaks or spills during shipping or usage. After that, all that is left is to put closures or caps(if there are any).

Just keep in mind that the above-mentioned method should only be used if you are starting your brand at a small level. At a professional level, there are specific filling machines that will take care of the filling and you won’t have to move a muscle. 

Types of airless cosmetic packaging

When it comes to airless tube packaging, the sky is the limit, and there are global cosmetic tube suppliers you can choose. Airless pump bottles and Dual-Airless Bottle systems offer an all-in-one solution for extended product life that also helps avoid sourcing multiple components. In contrast, Glass bottles with this system offer no all-in-one solution and you will have to source every component separately. 

A great alternative to glass containers is choosing an aluminum canister with an attached valve, which saves you from reducing production costs by not having to use traditional pumps or machines. 

For many skincare products that require airless packaging, tubes are the preferred option. However, some cosmetic tube suppliers say they get more requests for jars because of their lower cost while still providing full functionality.

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For many new cosmetic brands, airless tube packaging is a completely strange domain. There are also high chances that you are searching the web for these magical packaging for quite some time and all you got was promotional content. But this ends now! We have provided you with a pretty thorough article, but if you still have any questions, you can get one-to-one assistance. Just shoot us an email or give us a call, we will help you get rid of all the confusion!

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