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Sustainable development-sugarcane cosmetic tube packaging


Sugarcane pulp is the waste residue after the sugar cane is squeezed out. It used to be burned as a waste material to cause air pollution. Now the cosmetic tube manufacturer is using sugarcane to make cosmetic packaging, which not only reduces waste but also increases the value of sugarcane and revenue. The manufacture of sugarcane cosmetic packaging is a process of effective use of resources. Raw materials-after the product is formed, trim the edges to beautify the product. These trimmings are not thrown away, but these auxiliary materials are beaten again and finally made into products.


Sugarcane cosmetic packaging degradation process by cosmetic tube manufacturer


The degradation level of sugarcane cosmetic tube is the same, and it can be decomposed by microorganisms in natural environment. According to the humidity and temperature of the environment, sugarcane cosmetic packaging can be degraded naturally within 60-90 days, and the decomposition speed will be faster if the degradation machine is used.

The production of environmentally friendly cosmetics packaging uses renewable and sustainable plant fibers such as bagasse, PCR, etc. as raw materials to manufacture our products. The use of waste not only makes our products 100% natural degradation, but also natural environmental protection, economical and affordable, in line with international health standards, Through FDA and SGS related certifications, environmental protection standards comply with European OK COMPOST/EN13432 and American BPI certification standards.

Sugarcane cosmetic packaging manufacturer can tailor-design new molds and packaging methods according to customer requirements to meet customer and market needs. Cosmetic tube supplier independently develops and produces molds, and can develop different new products according to customer needs, and meet customers' cosmetic packaging requirements. Compared with the traditional plastic cosmetic, sugarcane cosmetic tube is natural, environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, beautiful, and strong; 

Cooperating with eco-friendly cosmetic tube manufacturer, it can reduce product packaging consumables, reduce product packaging waste, and make cosmetic packaging easier to recycle, process, and degrade after use, thereby improving our living environment and quality of life. Environmentally-friendly cosmetic packaging is the must-go way for global environmental protection.

Now the cosmetic environmentally friendly packaging design of bagasse provides humans with some environmental sanitation conditions. When designing their solutions, these cosmetic tube packaging design manufacturers have carefully considered how to extend the service life of these packaging and the recycling of these outer packaging. In order to increase the use value of these environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging as much as possible, especially when they design these environmentally diversified functions can play a certain role in our environmental protection and hygiene, so this cosmetic bagasse tube packaging design also brings certain benefits to people.

If we want to make these environmentally friendly packaging products have a certain effect on environmental protection and hygiene, we must correctly choose the environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers that produce these sugarcane cosmetic tube packaging designs. We must choose some professional, innovative, and design products. These environmentally friendly products have a certain degree of multi-functionality, not only are they not hygienic, but also have a certain recovery rate. Such cosmetic tube manufacturers are still helpful to our hygiene problem.


The cosmetic sugarcane tube does bring certain benefits to people. It not only creates a good hygienic environment for people, but also plays a certain role in people's health.

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