The main process of the development of cosmetics packaging materials

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
1 packaging project, determined by the company's Marketing Department or business department is responsible for communicate with customers and market research. Marketing Department will issue according to the requirements of the new packaging development order. Provide the development of related objects, with related samples or provide the appearance of the graph. 2 get such order, engineers need to preliminary review of the development order, this is very important, the early stage of the late carefully assess can prevent and avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, play a decisive role on new product development can go smoothly. Three evaluation to complete development plan and schedule control is required. Including design drawings, standard, mould making, test, repair mold, improvement, production standard book, book QC standards, to determine the production samples to follow up time from the start to the end of the specific time two chunk of 4 main product structure design, according to the requirement of 3 d modeling appearance, need to be standard appearance. After confirm the appearance, and then to the design of the internal structure. These two steps the order cannot be reversed. From the outside in. Packaging is required after the structure of the designed in review, because people with the ability of thinking, the limitation of designed product structure can not meet the requirements, so it's very important to brainstorm. 5 mould out before hand, on the one hand, to review the feasibility of the design, the other people on to the customer in advance experience products to reduce the risk of open mode, will have the mold cost but can small. 6 mould to follow up, by its is the first yi time test for review. Including: the single bottle, the cap, or individual parts inspection, is the defect of single main inspection process, such as product shrinkage, strain, lack of glue, glue, front, deformation, poor exhaust produced bright surface, and so on. 2 one qualified, after inspection, or presence of unhealthy phenomenon after multiple parts assembly together. Of the appearance of the cooperate meets the design requirements, internal mainly to see if difficult to assembly, or looseness, or screw cap, buckle, review, etc. 7 samples is also playing board is a process, this is different from standard, this is a customer to confirmed before trial production. Sample main effect is to check the product whether can meet the requirements of the guests, the other one is through the proofing process, whether can review the product trial production, the feasibility of. 8 trial-produce, release QC standards, production standards, the standard, the procurement of raw materials or fittings is larger companies will have internal product cloth. Quality department, production department, purchasing department of it is necessary to draw up their own department, a set of standard for this kind of this product.
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