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How to design different cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesales of the same brands


Many cosmetic brands create multiple product lines, giving consumers a more comprehensive range of products to choose from. Consumers can find the right one for them by searching through different companies' offerings and learning about which ingredients work best with your skin type or other needs you may have, such as certain allergies. 

A successful cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale design for these products walks the fine line of creating a similar enough package that conveys a cohesive brand image but differentiates each product. In this article, we have discussed how brands can effectively differentiate several SKUs within their family below. As cosmetics tube manufacturer, we have seen several brands struggling to figure out that specific vibe that can differentiate yet similarize their products at the same time.

So here are our two cents on how to easily achieve this seemingly impossible task with few easy tips. However, it is best that you have an efficient product designer by your side. If you don’t have want to go down that route, you can contact us or any other cosmetics tube manufacturer out there. Most of us have a team of designers that you can exploit!

Consistency in the design

When creating multiple SKUs within a brand family, although you want to differentiate them as much as possible for customers' sake, it is also important that these products are perceived as the part of the same family. In other words, brands should not aim at making their custom cosmetic tubes designs too different from one another. They all should be the part of the same big picture. Keeping your product line cohesive is important for many reasons, including maintaining the same structural design of each package and keeping the size identical.  

Keeping logo placement identical will also help create consistency across all products in that particular line. Using unboxing experiences with similar themes can also contribute to this ideal. 

Brands need to differentiate their products,cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale as this will help avoid confusion. But what will actually differentiate the products? The answer is your text! You can manipulate the font or the color of the text on your custom cosmetic tubes in order to differentiate your SKUs from each other. You can also try changing the background color of your cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale according to the flavors and tones of your products.

For example of you are offering a lip gloss with a mint touch, you can choose the green color for your lipgloss custom cosmetic tubes.

Small changes

Many similarities can be included in different cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale designs. Still, it is essential to make small yet impactful changes like using colors differently or adding texture on top of anything else. Hence, customers know exactly what they're buying without having too much difficulty determining its differences from other products.

A successful brand has no problem showcasing the difference between itself and others by making these subtle adjustments, even though doing so may seem trivial at first glance. To better serve customers, you need to choose different colors for your custom cosmetic tubes and emphasize exactly the points that differentiates your custom cosmetic tubes. The buyer's sight should never become overwhelmed with the unrelated information present on the skincare tube. Otherwise, there will be less consideration when deciding which product/service might suit their needs specifically. It’s crucial always to keep this in mind during the design stages of your cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale.

One other way to differentiate your SKUs is through imagery printed onto the custom cosmetic tube. Your imagery or design can be simple and small icons that indicate certain products within your line brands, such as skincare brands. For example, you might opt to use an icon of a soap bar for facial wash versus water droplets representing moisturizer.

These changes are small enough to disturb the design scheme of your product lineup but make the skincare tube products seem different. 

Branding guidelines

When differentiating your products, it’s important to stay true and make sure those differences fit your brand’s guidelines. If you want colors or imagery on your cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale that is distinguishable from other competitors, just make sure that it is cohesive with what makes up you as a brand. In simple word, make sure to not put anything on your custom cosmetic tubes that doesn’t sit well with your overall brand image. 

Only use a certain images or designs if they don't disrupt the user experience in any way. Sometimes this means choosing colors that does't overwhelm customers with choice, instead provide them with what they need at first glance.

You may be surprised to learn that a dark green color can make your brand seem less feminine. It is possible that this turns customers off! That doesn't mean you should never use an understated shade of greenery on skincare tube. Just consider what colors are typically appealing in this demographic before going with something unexpected or heavy-handed like black instead. 

If you're trying to reach a younger audience, using dark green on one of your cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale might not be the best idea. It can give off an unauthentic and confusing message about its brand or product for people who like bright colors and fun designs. If this were somehow intentional by design, then there could potentially even turn off potential customers. In simpler word, any difference that you make in your custom cosmetic tubes should always be logical! You should never undermine the overall brand guidelines just for the sake of making your custom cosmetic tubes look different.

Final tip:

Creative cosmetic tube packaging is a trend that's here to stay. Cosmetic tube packaging suppliers have been using innovative techniques and technology in the production process of their products. Contact us if you're interested in creating the best cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale for your whole product lineup! We aren’t one of those cosmetic tube packaging suppliers who will force our ideas on your own. When you work with us, you are the boss! We'll work with your ideas to bring them to fruition together. So don’t wait any longer!

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