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Analysis of cosmetic tube design


In the social and economic development, people's consumption concept, culture, literacy also follow a great change, cosmetics tube has a renewed demand for cosmetics. The better the cosmetic tube is designed, the more it tends to promote the need for people to buy, which in turn promotes consumption. However, how a product's cosmetic tube is designed will become much better, which means that cosmetic tube manufacturers have to constantly analyze their products in accordance with aesthetic principles.

As they say, clothes make the man. We tend to prefer products with fancy cosmetic tubes. This is especially true in the highly competitive cosmetics market.

The cosmetic tube directly affects consumers' desire to buy. With the development of economic globalization, cosmetics tube and commodities have formed a whole, play a role of protecting commodities, convey commodity information, convenient use, convenient transportation, promote sales, improve the added value of products. Cosmetic tube industry, in the cosmetic cosmetic tube design, should be an important part of its image and quality, to meet the appearance and practicality of goods. With the development of society and the improvement of people's quality of life, the majority of consumers have paid more and more attention to cosmetics. Whether from the point of use or aesthetic point of view, cosmetic tube is becoming more and more important in cosmetics. Many cosmetics production, distributors are in the exhaustion of methods to make their products cosmetics tube looks more excellent, to meet the practicality of the aesthetic function at the same time, outstanding competitiveness. But the current cosmetic tube industry, cosmetic tube design is still relatively backward, which affects the income of cosmetic trade to a certain extent. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to improve the design of cosmetic tube.


1. Current situation of cosmetic tube industry

Cosmetic tube industry most cosmetic tube lack the necessary cosmetic tube design and logo, many products choose plastic bags or cartons, etc., still stay in the basic functions of cosmetic tube protection, rolling and transportation, did not improve to the level of design, just stay to meet the functional needs. The cosmetic tube wholesale industry in the United States and other developed countries is more mature, and there are very complete design specifications for the cosmetic tube design. Their cosmetics tube design in the cosmetics of intellectual property rights, technology is more mature than the cosmetics tube industry. Like other cosmetics tubes, cosmetics tubes in developed countries are carefully designed, and are very high in practicality, aesthetics or cost performance. Cosmetics cosmetics cosmetics tubes tube industry design is still in its infancy, although there has been a part of the experts and scholars have begun to initiative tubes tube cosmetics wholesale, cosmetics manufacturers and consumers of cosmetics cosmetics tubes caused take seriously, but in the face of the current situation of Chinese cosmetics tubes, requires hard work and had a greater improvement.

2 cosmetics tube is not fine, lack of sense of design and brand building

At present, many cosmetics tube industry cosmetics production is still in a small workshop type of operation mode, many general cosmetics cosmetics tube only stop at a simple and practical low level, many production has not formed a large scale, so there is no cosmetic tube design. Of material choose go up, perhaps use traditional carton, perhaps use plastic cosmetic tube easily, do not have brand, do not have product mark, also did not use explanation and product introduction. These small enterprises engaged in cosmetic tube design are unable to spend a lot of money to invite professional cosmetic tube designers to undertake cosmetic tube design, and the level of the existing design staff has no qualitative improvement. There is no way to adapt to the need of market economy for cosmetics. Cosmetic tube design in the appearance of cosmetics has not reached the level of appreciation of consumers now, also rarely considered or even ignored the cosmetic tube design can play an important role in sales. Lead to most cosmetics tube in the impression of consumers is backward, monotonous, cosmetics tube design and printing simple.

3. Improve the design of cosmetic tube

As a product, the first thing that attracts consumers is its cosmetic tube design. Cosmetics are the basic source of many means of production and consumption, so the market share is very high. But the aesthetic function of its cosmetic tube is often overlooked. At present, the cosmetic tube has shifted from the original function of use to the function of information transmission. When supermarkets appeared, the previous sales model was changed. A cosmetic tube with aesthetic design, not only has practical function, more important is to attract consumers, make consumers more inclined to the product. An excellent product cosmetic tube design, to fully consider the practicality of goods and the perfect combination of artistry, but also around the material, color, pattern, text and other design elements, make the cosmetic tube has a strong appeal. For cosmetics, we should pay attention to the use of graphics, logo and other aspects, so that its brand, series, cosmetics tube manufacturers emphasize its extraordinary characteristics, in order to distinguish other similar products. In the design of cosmetic tube, the local characteristics of culture should be integrated into it. The use of traditional ethnic elements is also of high value for establishing the brand culture of the product. At the same time to strengthen the humanities cosmetics tube design concept of significance.

4. Thinking of cosmetic tube design in cosmetic tube industry

Cosmetics tube cosmetics need to protect the introduction of new intellectual property rights, technology and products, the need for a number of professionals, cosmetics tube manufacturers, to create a number of strength, advanced equipment, fine technology, cosmetics processing enterprises to reach the international advanced level. In recent years, more and more cosmetic processing enterprises, specializing in the development of cosmetic enterprises are very few. To expand the cosmetic cosmetic tube technology, use the power of science and technology to improve the cosmetic cosmetic tube technology, change the cosmetic tube away from the backward situation, to create more income for farmers. And education is also an important link, to speed up the pace of cosmetic tube design forward, it is necessary to cultivate a group of professional knowledge rich cosmetic tube talent, in colleges and universities or vocational and technical schools should open relevant courses and training, to provide high-quality talents for cosmetic tube design. Only in this way can we push the cosmetic tube industry to a new level.


5. conclusion

With the concept of innovative development of cosmetic tube design, cosmetic tube should not only play a role in the circulation of goods to protect products, but also a means of advertising to help enterprises create excellent brands. If the personality image of cosmetic tube design is the weapon in the market competition, then the cosmetic tube design under the brand concept occupies a more important position. Cosmetic tube should be designed under the guidance of the brand strategy of the enterprise, so that the brand image of the enterprise can be established and improved with the help of its unified and diversified products.

Aesthetics and practicality cannot be simply combined. Through the integration of form and function, it can actively adjust the relationship between practicality and aesthetics, and the combination of design does not necessarily produce beauty, which will bring harm to people's psychology and physiology. Beauty, as an expression of internal and external consistency, should make designed products achieve aesthetic value. To sum up, in order to achieve practical, aesthetic, conforms to the developing trend of cosmetic tube design, demand for cosmetic tube design, tube cosmetics manufacturers should be reasonably in the design, but also meet the requirements of consumers' aesthetic, to adapt to the demand of the consumer market, promote the realization of economic and social benefits. To practical, aesthetic consistent principle to design production, so as to meet the requirements of consumers.

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