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advantages of wholesale plastic cosmetic tubes


In terms of branding and visual impact, cosmetic plastic tubes provide a vibrant platform for creative packaging solutions. Whether through direct printing or advanced techniques like gravure and flexographic printing, they elevate product presentation and attractiveness in competitive retail environments. As brands strive for consumer engagement and differentiation, cosmetic plastic tube packaging remains pivotal in driving innovation and meeting evolving market demands. The advantages of wholesale cosmetic plastic squeeze tubes are numerous, let's take a look:

wholesale plastic squeeze tubes for cosmetics

1. Cost and Risk Reduction: Customer demand for faster delivery times drives plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers to increase production efficiency, reducing the need for stockpiling finished squeeze tubes which can be costly. Plastic cosmetic tube packaging has shorter supply cycles, requiring inventory only of empty tubes, thus reducing the risk of stockouts.

2. High Strength and Flexibility Requirements: Plastic cosmetic tubes require materials with excellent resistance to folding and creasing throughout their entire surface. The flexibility of plastic squeeze tube materials ensures a smooth appearance and touch after filling and sealing.

3. Wide Application Range, Weather Resistance, and Substance Resistance: Cosmetic tubes must withstand rigorous practical challenges in various applications. For example, tubes used for sunscreen products undergo strict tests for sun resistance, high temperatures, and high humidity.

In recent years, traditional metal and glass cosmetic containers in the cosmetics industry have gradually been replaced by lightweight cosmetic plastic tube packaging. The advantages of cosmetic plastic tubes include:

A: Convenient and easy to clean application

B: Bright and glossy surface colors, making them suitable for packaging cream cosmetics such as facial cleansers, conditioners, hair dyes, toothpaste, as well as pharmaceutical creams and ointments.

Cosmetic plastic tube packaging is economical, convenient to carry, and can withstand high-intensity folding while maintaining its original shape and outstanding appearance. Data shows that 60% to 70% of tube applications are in the cosmetics industry, 10% to 15% in the pharmaceutical industry, and around 5% in the food industry. Therefore, enhancing the decorative function of cosmetic tube packaging and aligning it with brand aesthetics to quickly attract consumer attention has become a crucial consideration for end-users.

Product Structure of Cosmetic Plastic Tube Packaging

The main components of cosmetic plastic tubes include the tube shoulder, tube body (cylinder), and tube tail. The tube body is often decorated through direct printing or cosmetic tube packaging to carry text or pattern information, enhancing the packaging value of the product.

Currently, cosmtic squeeze tube decoration is primarily achieved through direct printing and cosmetic tube packaging methods. Direct printing includes screen printing and offset printing methods. In comparison, the advantages of cosmetic tube packaging over traditional extruded cosmetic tubes include:

Printing diversity and stability: Traditional extruded tubes typically involve tube production followed by printing using offset and screen printing methods. Cosmetic tube packaging can utilize a combination of printing technologies such as gravure printing, flexographic printing, offset printing, screen printing, and hot stamping, ensuring stable and superior color representation even with complex designs.

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