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Special treatment of cosmetic plastic tube by cosmetic tube factory


Nowadays, compared with cosmetic metal tubes, many people choose metal ones, such as aluminum cosmetic tubes from cosmetic tube supplier. There must be a reason for choosing this one. This product is divided into two layers with special treatment inside and outside, and the outer layer is the same. There are uv protection is good. Nonetheless, plastic cosmetic tube is also popular when it comes to wholesle cosmetic tubes. Cosmetic plastic tube can be divided into many colors, mainly this advantage, its advantages are high corrosion resistance and high temperature, wear resistance is also said to be good, as well as excellent performance and water resistance. If the tensile strength of this cosmetic plastic tube is increased, it is not easy to break or deform. The product is beautiful and compact, and can be easily completed from various angles and shapes. Cosmetic plastic tube has high durability and softness from cosmetic tube manufacturers.

The development of an industry in the market is very important, such as the development of cosmetic plastic tube market, esp for custometics & cosmetic tube manufacturers, in order to expand domestic demand, consumption of cosmetic plastic tube industry become a new bright spot, the future development prospect is also very good, in the wholesale cosmetics tube the broad market, there are some good policy for industry development has brought new vitality, The social benefits are also huge. As can be seen from some wholesale cosmetic tube industry, the market will definitely become an important target and direction of their development, and the strong demand of customers for cosmetic plastic tube products is also the best opportunity to develop full determination.

The plastic cover of cosmetic plastic tube is usually made of plastic injection molding, and the high-quality plastic cover should have no obvious shrinkage lines and draperies, the mold line should be smooth, the size should be accurate, and it should cooperate with the tube head smoothly, so as not to cause structural damage such as brittle crack and crack during normal use. For example, in the cover opening force in the range, the cover should be resistant to more than 300 times, and no fracture phenomenon.

Now some cosmetic plastic tube manufacturers in production methods, and their technology have improved, such as cosmetics plastic tube factory, summer is the rainy season, the relevant provisions are not able to work in the rain adhesive, more can't construction in the water, this is the best design requirements to ensure a standard, if because of work requirements, to construction in rainy day, In order to this situation, when it rains, it should be operated under a sunshade. After some things are processed, in order to prevent moisture attached to them, the heat of a hair dryer should be blown again in the wind, so as to ensure that things are clean and dry, and then the fast bonding is completed.

Cosmetic plastic tubes work in cosmetic tube manufacturers

1. Compared with the other two kinds of tube materials, cosmetic plastic tube is lighter in weight, less dense and more convenient to carry, which not only effectively reduces the transportation cost, but also reduces the burden of construction workers.

2. Cosmetic plastic tube has strong corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance, it is not easy to react with corrosive items during use, and can be used to transport corrosive gases and liquids, with strong practical performance.

3. Cosmetic plastic tube has strong flow performance. Compared with other tube materials, the liquid produced by it has smaller flow resistance, faster flow speed and higher use efficiency.

4. Cosmetic plastic tube costs less, and is one of the cheaper tube materials. And as it is easy to produce and process, cosmetic tube manufacturer can effectively reduce processing costs.

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