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by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Hulun buir city, bath dew packaging is recycled plastic factory in guangzhou decryption plastic production and processing for you! 9, general order in 50000 or so for the economic order quantity, but free template. Injection molding process: among them, the atmospheric pollution equipment field, including key r&d PM2. 5 and ozone precursors joint removal, mainly processing trend and forward-looking technology and equipment. Water pollution and equipment areas, including black smelly water body restoration, rural sewage treatment, urban and industrial park sewage treatment plant DiBiao transformation, as well as industrial, and livestock farming, garbage leachate treatment in areas such as high concentration of refractory wastewater treatment to demonstrate the application. Experts also brings countless new technology of dyeing and printing water, no pollution and zero emission clean production was achieved by carbon dioxide. Furthermore, this technique can not only water, and can not pollute the air, also found new USES for carbon dioxide, contribution not is unlikely. Environmental protection, environmental protection supervision tour, from another perspective, is also a strong driving force of the textile industry to speed up the implementation of green production. Zoomlion is working with cities and counties in the western region of China actively promote county governance PPP, all of them, and through one complete set of zoomlion sanitation equipment for western cities and counties to make. 'Area' in western development opportunity to speed up the environmental protection industry layout with the 'area' strategy, the implementation of the measures of environmental protection industry in China also have big development opportunity of 'going out'. Began to favor domestic valve according to introducing, at present, 50% of the world's valve parts from procurement, in fact, due to reasons such as branded, more valve products are in the purchase. Global oil equipment procurement is speeding up drive valve equipment to the overseas market. Has been used in the operation of nuclear power units now most of the products are made. 5, round bottle with one color printed according to the color meter, oblate or elliptic number according to the seal surface on the surface of the printing color of and for calculating basis. PET blow molding bottles can be divided into two kinds, one kind is pressure bottles, such as filling carbonated drinks containing gas bottle; Another kind of bottle without pressure, such as filling water, tea, edible oil bottle, etc. This article mainly discussed the cold bottle beverage bottle pressure molding process. 2, the production profiles: according to the department, and the first joint ( Set) Major technical equipment compensation policy, the equipment will be corresponding subsidy. Under the impetus of the policy, China's environmental protection industry itself is in constant transformation and upgrading. Fu Tao thinks, at present, the environmental protection industry in our country has entered into 3 to create value for the customer. The era. ', not only includes the basic rural sewage and garbage in the blank area to coordinate processing, 'by the province as a whole, the province of rural sewage and garbage disposal facilities construction, promote residents equal basic public services. 'Also includes agricultural non-point source pollution, repair, black smelly water, etc. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Discharge permit system reform is an important reform of the system, is a strategic measure for filling a short board,. Expert proposal, should will discharge permit system with clear procedures and requirements as soon as possible into the law, make the discharge permit system fixed with legal procedures. We speculate that if atmospheric conditions good this year, next year may continue for peak production measures such as; If atmospheric conditions without apparent this year, next year's limit production measures will be more strictly, could be extended to a wider, contains more cities, into more industries, violations, excess capacity will be more strict control. Close, nanjing soil research institute researcher at xinhua peng team found dry-wet alternate significantly the ability of the combination of rare earth oxide and soil particles, the recovery rate is close to 100% after wet-screened, coupled with rare earth oxides influence on microbial activity is weak, oxide particles is small, easy measurement etc. , puts forward the rare earth element tag aggregate, namely each graded aggregate with a kind of rare earth element tag, and then assembled into the soil. PETG products with high, good toughness, suitable for forming of thick wall products, PETG processing forming performance, can be designed according to the intention of the designers, can be used in extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and plastic absorption, molding, can be widely used in markets such as plate, high-performance shrinkage film, bottle, at the same time, the second time processing performance, can carry on processing and reformation of conventional. 1, AS: hardness is not high, brittle, When knock is ringing voice) Color, color, and the blue can directly with the cosmetics, food, in the ordinary course of lotion bottle, vacuum flask, generally is the material of the bottle, cream bottle of small capacity. In the situation.
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