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Cosmetic tube container to take a simple and high-end route


Excessive prosperity and luxury do not bring happiness to people. Cosmetic tube manufacturers should make the world more simple and simple through creative activities. In the future, simple beauty can be realized from the aspects of text, layout, graphics and color in the design of cosmetic tube container.


Simple cosmetic tube containers advocate readability, simplicity and economy of text design, while wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturers oppose excessive decoration. In fact, simple text design not only has a simple aesthetic feeling, and can improve the grade of the product. Hundreds of birds, for example, current herb artistically series cosmetics tubes container design, the "artistic conception" two characters with traditional Chinese calligraphy, writing simple and generous, readable, has a strong ethnic flavor, consumers like the base of color is natural green, without any modification, harmony with the whole design style, build healthy gentle feeling.

Simple beauty of format

Simple cosmetic tube container layout should not only bring strong visual aesthetic feeling and impact, but also achieve the purpose of saving printing cost. Cosmetic tube container designers should be concise, lively, orderly form in the limited capacity of the space to display the product information, not only to highlight the theme and focus of the brand, but also to attract the attention of consumers, so that they have the desire to buy. In addition, white space is a key element that must be considered in layout design, which can not only create an ethereal visual effect for goods, but also bring endless imagination space to consumers.

Circular contracted beauty

The simple design of cosmetic tube container graphics mostly adopts the form of induction, abstraction and so on. The wholesaler of cosmetic tube highlights the characteristics of cosmetics through metaphor, exaggeration and other expressive techniques. The wholesaler of cosmetic tube gives people a simple and lively visual experience. "Form" is simple and comprehensive, accurately conveys the commodity information, fully embodies the personalized cylinder contract design style.

The contracted beauty of colour

The simple design of cosmetics tube container color is based on the principle of "overall tone unity, local color contrast". The wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturer adopts the performance effect of single tone or the same color system according to the product attributes. Many brands of cosmetics, the pursuit of simple color is the design concept of cosmetic tube container, cosmetic tube container design is simple, single color, its proposition is not decorative, keep the original color and shape of goods, give people a simple but elegant beauty, can bring great psychological satisfaction to consumers. In addition, the simple color of the cosmetic tube container can avoid the printing process is too complicated due to excessive color, which can effectively save the printing cost.

When the homogenization of cosmetics market becomes more and more serious, the products become monotonous, and it is difficult for consumers to distinguish good from bad in essence. In this situation, many manufacturers began to shift the target, in cosmetics tube container efforts, in order to achieve product differentiation, trying to occupy a place in the market competition.

Therefore, how to make the cosmetic tube container convey more product information, and whether to attract consumers' attention with innovative and unique cosmetic tube container, is the key to stand out from many products. Breaking through the traditional decorative design concept, developers began to people-oriented, from the perspective of consumers, launched humanized products cosmetics tube container.

Cosmetics is not only a commodity, but also represents a culture. The design of cosmetic tube container is not only for a product of cosmetic tube container design, but also to convey the cultural connotation of the brand, as well as people's pursuit and ideological connotation, and get the recognition of consumers and potential consumers support this brand.

High-grade cosmetics in the international market pay great attention to the appearance design of cosmetic container cosmetic tube container, because the pros and cons of cosmetic tube container affects the sales performance of cosmetics to a large extent. Middle and high grade cosmetics have their clear brand positioning strategy, brand concept that makes consumers interested and cosmetic tube container features.



The trend of modern cosmetic tube container design has changed from focusing on functionality and rationality to focusing on emotional humanization. Cosmetic tube container is also carrying out structural design and decoration design innovation, pay more attention to the cosmetic tube container structure design, color use, graphic layout form and other visual communication elements and the affinity between consumers; Pay attention to the pursuit of artistry, make it natural and friendly to express the connotation of products, touch the emotion of consumers, make full use of the emotional psychology of consumers to enhance the brand value.


Three principles of cosmetic tube container design


1. Accurate


A successful cosmetic tube container must first convey accurate information about its contents. The so-called accurate, wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturers must make cosmetic tube container design simple, in place, bright. Accurately convey the product information request tube cosmetics container modelling, colour, design, etc. Can't fly in the face of consumer habits, so as not to cause misunderstanding, Dior perfume cosmetics tubes container vessel, concise and simple, 5 tube will be built in different shape and scent of perfume shown visually in the form of the pictures in the tube cosmetics container on the main facade, Accurately and clearly convey the contents of the cosmetic tube container information, while highlighting the brand LOGO, so as to arouse consumers' desire to buy.


2. Smart


Cosmetic tube container to promote the role, must be able to attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, novel and unique modeling, bright and eye-catching colors, beautiful and exquisite patterns, and different characteristics of the material can make the cosmetic tube container present a very striking effect, attract the attention of consumers and have a strong interest.


3. Good

Cosmetic tube container design must be vivid, clever design, personality and beauty. That is to say, the shape, color, pattern and material of the cosmetic tube container should be able to arouse consumers' favorite emotions, so as to stimulate their desire to buy. Good cosmetic tube container design itself will talk, can make the connotation of cosmetics come out, can reflect the characteristics of cosmetics itself to move consumers, and make consumers have a good impression.

Anyhow, for cosmetics tubes, wholesale cosmetics container vessel designer tube manufacturer not only should be familiar with the new technology, new technology, but also can make full use of the fruits of new technology for the modern cosmetics tube container services, by means of computer design, pursuing perfect and has a more sophisticated cultural connotation of cosmetic tube container design.

As far as the situation is concerned, plastic tube cosmetic tube containers have a significant advantage. It is light and inexpensive, and can be made into a variety of sizes, transparent, opaque. At the same time, plastic tube cosmetic tube container printing performance is very good, you can use heat transfer printing, ink jet printing and other methods to directly print the instruction, logo, bar code on the surface of the container. And in recent years, PET resin in the application of cosmetic containers in the rapid development of plastic to replace the cosmetic glass bottles. Plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the cosmetics tube container market, become the most important cosmetics tube container container.

Glass tube cosmetic tube containers account for less than 8% of cosmetic tube containers compared to the proportion of plastic. Nuosheng cosmetics processing said that glass still has irreplaceable advantages in this field, in the short term is still the preferred material for high-grade cosmetics, and the reasons for this situation are as follows.

First, the texture of cosmetic glass bottles and cosmetic tube containers is better than plastic tubes. Elegance is the charm of cosmetic glass bottles, it can be made into matte type can also be transparent, at the same time, the weight of cosmetic glass bottles can make consumers double the sense of trust, improve the grade of cosmetics, which is plastic cosmetic tube container can not do. At present, most perfume cosmetic tube containers or use cosmetic glass bottles. For example, Italy's BVLGARI women's perfume, the design of its cosmetic tube container is in line with the tradition of exquisite excellence. The streamlined glass bottle with sanded cosmetics highlights its simple lines. The tube, as a soft emerald green, conveys a fresh elegant and friendly character.

Secondly, the sealing of cosmetic glass bottle cosmetic tube container is better. For some cosmetics with whitening and nutritional effects, they contain a lot of nutrients just like food, but they are easy to be oxidized, which requires that their cosmetic tube containers need to have excellent sealing, blocking the impact of oxygen on these cosmetics. In addition, volatile perfumes also have high requirements for high barrier resistance of cosmetic tube containers. Cosmetic glass bottles have a strong barrier, and are undoubtedly more competent than plastic tubes in protecting their contents. Therefore, some of the high-end line of cosmetics or cosmetics glass bottles cosmetic tube container as the first choice.

At present, plastic tube cosmetic tube container in cosmetic tube container accounts for a larger share, the application is also very wide, but the cosmetic glass bottle cosmetic tube container also has its irreplaceable advantages. Glassy cosmetic tube containers should remain high-end in the future, while also increasing their technological content, nuosun Cosmetic Processing said.

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