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Latest View of Cosmetics Packaging


In combination with the above situation and the development trend of cosmetics and its wholesale cosmetics packaging from cosmetic packaging manufacturer and suppliers, the modern cosmetics packaging has the following characteristics in terms of the selection of packaging materials and containers, the structural design of packaging containers and the decoration design of packaging containers:

1. Plastic cosmetic packaging materials and composite cosmetic packaging materials are widely used in cosmetic tube and bottle packaging. Cosmetic packaging containers, especially plastic bottles and cosmetics tubes, tend to be diversified.

2. The use of glass bottles for cosmetic packaging is restricted. Due to the intrinsic defects of glass bottles (e.g., than the major, fragile, etc.) for general cosmetics, if use plastic material or composite material instead of glass containers for packaging, plastic containers or composite containers are often adopted to packaging, for high-end cosmetics or volatile and vulnerable cosmetics fragrance, such as perfume, general or using glass bottle to packing.

3. Cosmetics packaging container specifications of diversification to meet different levels of consumption. Due to the intensification of competition in the cosmetics market, the manufacturers are investing more and more in the cosmetics packaging. For middle and low grade cosmetics, in order to meet different needs, the capacity of cosmetics packaging container is diversified, so as to facilitate consumer choice; For high-end products, small volume cosmetics packaging, to meet the needs of low-income people, especially to meet the curiosity of young girls and the consumer psychology.

4. Serialization of cosmetic package design. The so-called serialized packaging design refers to the same category of commodity packaging design based on the premise of uniform trademark pattern and font, with different colors, water patterns or different shapes and structures as the key tone. The requirements of the same are different in the same, the same in the different, both diversified and integrated.


In the practical application of cosmetics packaging, there are generally two situations, one is: the same brand, different functions of cosmetics for a complete set of serial cosmetics packaging, in order to facilitate the purchase of consumers, but also make the overall price is lower than the total price of separate purchase. For example, a series of cosmetics of a brand, maintain the overall design style, and then use a larger cosmetics container, a variety of cosmetics for collection packaging, as a sales unit for overall sales; Two is: the same brand, the same main function, but different auxiliary functions of a series of cosmetics, or the same brand, the same function, but different formula of a series of cosmetics, in the design of cosmetics packaging series design. For example, a variety of moisturizing cream of a brand, its main function is to protect skin, but the auxiliary function is different, and then a variety of cleansing milk of a brand, its function is to clean the face, but the formulation of the manufacture is different. For this kind of series of cosmetics, in the cosmetics packaging design, should conform to the characteristics of series packaging design, not only to achieve the role of series of packaging, but also conducive to the choice of consumers.

5. The packaging of cosmetics should be more and more on the needs of personalized development. The packaging of cosmetics must correctly convey the characteristics of cosmetics required by the consumer needs of different personalities, and show the aesthetic taste of different groups of people, so as to successfully achieve the sales of cosmetics.

6. Some cosmetics such as mousse, perfume and other products are packaged in the form of spray packaging to facilitate the use of consumers. Cosmetics packaging more and more attention to the structure of the container and accessory design, so that consumers in a variety of environments easy to hold, easy to access, easy to quantify.


Cosmetic packaging goes more and more far away, cosmetics packaging manufacturer identification is also a key

In order to use up more convenient health, more and more cosmetics in the packaging to do homework, vacuum, compression pump, aseptic cabin in these very design sense of appearance, the sealing of the packaging to be investigated, they are really asepsis?

Cover the vent hole, will cause no extrusion. Most sealed packaging removes the remaining air after the cosmetic packaging manufacturer has produced it, rather than actually vacuuming it. And our common spray is to use nitrogen to pressurize the cosmetic bottle design, also is not vacuum.

Cosmetics tube packaging manufacturers do not make cosmetics in a vacuum, so the purchase of qualified cosmetics to ensure health and safety. Raw materials are initially added with preservatives to prevent bacterial growth during use, but they can go bad if stored improperly. The purpose of vacuuming is to delay product deterioration. After the finished cosmetics are filled into the bottle, the gas will be pumped out through the machine, making the bacteria lose the hotbed for survival. But whether there are bacteria into the process of cosmetics and use of the preservation of the state.

The compression pump used by the cosmetic packaging manufacturer is not the basis for judging whether there is a vacuum. It still depends on whether there are air holes in the bottom of the bottle. If there is no air hole is a general compression pump design, just by pressure to squeeze out the liquid. Another aseptic chamber design, which claims to be safer than a vacuum, features a hose with a special cap that allows you to see the tube flatten out after use. When it is used in extrusion, because it will not pump the air, so it will not let the emulsion backflow, can prevent pollution.

The reduced oxygen in the cosmetic bottle after vacuuming prevents the oxidation of the ingredients, stabilizes the activity of the ingredients and inhibits the survival of microorganisms, thus prolongs the storage time. But maintenance products are liquid, can not be as solid as the complete vacuum, so the extension of time is limited. In fact, most seemingly sealed packages are not vacuumed. To judge whether a vacuum bottle is a vacuum bottle, just look at the bottom of the air hole, yes, no is not.

The maintenance with high activity of general nutrition is recommended to be used up within 3 months after opening, and the active ingredients after putting into vacuum bags have reduced the contact of oxygen and sunshine, which can be extended to save for about 1 month.

Cosmetic packaging bottle itself is not a vacuum design can not be changed, so you can put the bottle together into a vacuum bag, and then pump out the air. The purpose of this preservation is to delay the deterioration of the skin care product if you do not use it for a long time, but it is not really effective in ensuring that the cosmetics are sterile. At Cosmoprof, a major annual trade show for the beauty industry in Hong Kong, the green trend was evident as exhibitors introduced all-natural creams, lotions and other products. However, when it comes to product packaging, the green cosmetic packaging trend is less clear. Although PET is easier to recycle from a packaging point of view, most consumers still opt for acrylic with a higher-end look and feel.

Everyone has the heart of beauty, and the packaging of cosmetics is paid more attention to by people who love beauty regarless of cosmetic tube, cosmetic bottle, cosmetic jar from cosmetic packaging manufactirers and suppliers.

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