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Analysis of cosmetic packaging container products market


Since the three major markets of cosmetics sales entered the 21st century, the cosmetics market has become more active. In the city of the size of the market, a variety of cosmetics, domestic, imported, high and low grade have, at the discretion of customers to choose. According to Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer, the cosmetics market is $2 billion in annual sales and growing at a rate of 15 percent a year.

At present, cosmetics mainly enter into three major markets:

One is the wholesale Cosmetic Tube market. Due to the large volume of purchases from the wholesale market, many producers are happy to turn their products over to the wholesaler Cosmetic Tube. However, in recent years many producers have turned some of their products directly to the wholesaler and cut the intermediate link, which has weakened the wholesale market.

Second, retail malls. Retail shopping malls are one of the main channels of cosmetics sales. The good news is that today's department stores, retail stores and specialty stores pay great attention to the intrinsic quality of cosmetics. This is because consumers are more and more aware of the quality of cosmetics, and understand the effect of color. In the market, cosmetics with high quality and high price are selling well.

The third is the professional Cosmetic Tube market. One of the most active and growing specialty markets is skin care. In recent years, the beauty salon's skin-care business has grown by 200 percent. The amount consumers spend on these services ranges from 100 yuan to 800 yuan. Most consumers prefer to use imported products because they are considered to be more exotic, of better quality and contain the latest leather technology. In terms of raw materials of cosmetics, there is no gap between foreign countries, but the gap is not small in terms of cultural connotation and management concept. After joining the WTO, the competition with foreign enterprises mainly focuses on the high-end products, because the import tariff of cosmetics will be reduced from the current 28-35% to 15%, the lower price of imported cosmetics will attract consumers, and meanwhile, the "entry" restrictions of foreign brands will be relaxed. Another industry manufacturer, Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer, believes that due to previous regulations restricting the import of cosmetics and personal care products, foreign companies would not be allowed to open chain stores, and that there would be more foreign chain stores after China's accession to the WTO. After the phasing out of the geographical restrictions on foreign retailers and the lowering of the threshold for cosmetics registration, some foreign second and third class cosmetics will also flood into China, and private wholesale companies will spring up like bamboo sprouts after a spring rain. Therefore, the prospect of competition in the middle and low grade products and beauty care industry is not optimistic. The solution for the Cosmetic Tube business should also be to exploit its strengths and develop functional cosmetic tubes with its own characteristics. It is estimated that the international market for cosmetic tubes is close to $50 billion in sales per year, of which nearly a quarter are functional cosmetic tubes. Although Cosmetic Tube is a late start, it has a unique advantage in developing functional cosmetics. For example, herbal packaging has been used in functional cosmetics for a long time and has accumulated a lot of experience.


Personalization of cosmetic packaging

For novel products, if novel packaging is adopted, the influence on customers will be greatly enhanced. In addition, novel packaging can add luster and attraction to a very ordinary product. In the personal care and perfume markets, product packaging has become an important factor that can quickly lock the attention of consumers on retail shelves. As contemporary consumers become more aware of packaging design, from the mass market to the upscale department store, from glass cosmetic bottles to plastic cosmetic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketers are increasingly focusing on packaging innovation and novelty. With fierce competition for the attention of the end consumer, many packaging suppliers feel that product design is more important than ever. Personalized demand drives the continuous development of customized production (personalized production mode for different consumer needs), and patent mold is popular in the industry enterprises. The novelty of packaging and shock value to customers are particularly important. Innovative concepts are brought into full play in this kind of design. Innovation is undoubtedly welcome, but it loses its uniqueness over time. In the long run a natural choice is bound to be adopted in all product areas. This innovative concept will eventually be beneficial to customers, as well as to brands and retailers, but the impact of shock on customers will be diluted over time.

(1) Features: -- Logo and symbol are clear and distinct. On the inside and outside of the packaging are marked with a strong visual impact of the graphic information. Frosted glass, dull ground arenaceous face. Prevent the decomposition of active ingredients in the contents by sunlight stimulation. Decorative function, especially cosmetic bottle cap or bottle stopper. Simple packaging, elegant appearance (especially perfume bottle). The dreamy combination of classic showiness and whimsical.

(2) Market trend: curative products/aromatherapy. The unique design of the package can show the medicinal properties of the product. Amber-yellow glass cosmetic bottles block ultraviolet light, which breaks down many sensitive components. The package of popular perfume presented the feeling of department store, and promoted the quality standard of the package design of the mass market. -- The application of other industrial packaging has been expanded. With the improvement of the quality of packaging products, the increase of functionality and the continuous development of new varieties, the use of packaging has also been further expanded, especially some packaging materials from special food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging gradually expanded to the field of cosmetics. The rise of personal-branded products has led more dermatologists to launch their own branded products. In bath fluid and body products, innovative use of plastic packaging with new color effect, appearance design and novel label design are popular. Luxurious appearance, delicate and beautiful design, show the magnificent momentum, is the eternal theme of cosmetic packaging design. Environment-friendly green packaging has a promising future.


Cosmetics packaging should also pay more attention to environmental protection

With the development of packaging design, packaging design to the environment is also more and more pressure, as long as it is a product, will become a part of the industry, for the environmental pollution can not be ignored, their harm to the environment is not covered. With the increasing efforts to protect the environment, the cosmetics industry should pay more attention to the protection of the environment.

At present, we can find a large number of sustainable packaging applications in the major cosmetics brands. At present, more than 80% of the products of Herborist are recycled and degradable. Sugarcane Tube is made entirely from renewable resources. FANCL's cartons and instructions are made from environmentally friendly recycled paper, and its containers are natural resins that can be completely broken down. Shiseido, DHC, Estee Lauder and other brands are to take weight lightweight, preferential price replacement pack to support environmental protection, products and special box separate sales, consumers use directly change into new powder core can be used again. Eco-friendly Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer says sustainable packaging is mostly used for medical, food, appliance and other products and is rarely used on cosmetics. At present, most brands use biodegradable recycled paper, natural resin packaging, or component replacement packaging, mostly from the material and structure of the two aspects to consider. Sustainable packaging generally follows 4R1D principles: Reduce packaging, easy to Recycle, Recover energy, Refill and Degradable packaging waste. Such as biodegradable natural resin can meet the degradation of corruption, component replacement packaging can be recycling use, different contents of each are not identical to the requirement of the container, so want to need packaging products, choose a different way because cosmetics itself is chemical products, chemical stability and physical properties for container, such as the demand is higher, However, sustainable packaging mostly uses natural materials that can be completely decomposed, which is difficult to achieve the physical and chemical properties of traditional containers.

At present, the society pays more and more attention to environmental protection, and various environmental laws and regulations for packaging are introduced one after another. Sustainable cosmetic packaging is born in such a background. But the current environmental protection packaging design is more common in high-grade goods and disposable goods, cost is the key, Ke Xianwen said, the traditional plastic and glass material packaging mechanical properties are good and low price, plus after decades of development is very wide range of applications. Due to the high cost of materials, immature production technology and performance defects of sustainable packaging, the current utilization rate is not high. According to Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer, with the development of the economy, sustainable development is bound to become the mainstream of packaging design, which is not only the requirement of The Times, but also the social responsibility of every cosmetic company.

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