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Cosmetics packaging market review


Considerations on the development of anti-counterfeit packaging technology for daily cosmetics

Although there are many anti-counterfeiting techniques used in the packaging of daily cosmetics, the anti-counterfeiting effect is not ideal. Because some consumers are difficult to identify the anti-counterfeiting technology in these cosmetic packaging, such as the bar code anti-counterfeiting technology commonly used in daily cosmetics packaging, inkjet technology, only the technical supervision department can judge its authenticity. There are some simply do not play the role of anti-counterfeiting, some cosmetic tube manufacturers of anti-counterfeiting signs for personal interests to sell these signs to those counterfeiters, causing the anti-counterfeiting signs in vain, anti-counterfeiting signs can not be anti-counterfeiting. In some daily cosmetics tube packaging, the use of single anti-counterfeiting technology, such as the kunming seized a large number of fake guangzhou p&g rejoice, head & shoulders, pantene shampoo etc, is only the bottle bar code anti-counterfeit and production date code anti-counterfeiting bottle, these two kinds of anti-counterfeiting technology consumers are generally difficult to identify, Consumer cannot distinguish true or false when buying, make a lot of consumer is deceived.


For the anti-counterfeiting packaging of daily cosmetics, cosmetic tube manufacturers propose the following suggestions:

1) Deep research on the creativity and development of packaging structure makes the degree of imitation more and more difficult and the identification more and more simple. For example: plastic bottles or glass bottles of daily cosmetics should draw on the disposable packaging of broken bottles or beverage cans, the bottles of the products can not be restored after opening, so that the packaging can not be reused, put an end to the counterfeiters through recycling packaging for counterfeiting, cosmetic packaging such as cosmetic tube, cosmetic jar and bottles, they can also be based on unique and innovative packaging design, the product design into special packaging, generally the special-shaped packaging design do not conform to the requirements of the economic design, mold production is difficult, and high requirement of processing technology, packaging structure design is very complicated, so cost is greatly increased, also increased the difficulty of imitation, Make the counterfeiters in the case of great risk is not profitable, so as to stop the behavior of counterfeiting, although the cost of producers increased, but the final economic benefits compared with the prevalence of counterfeiting, or greatly increased.

2) pay attention to the identification of anti-counterfeiting cosmetic tube packaging, although some daily cosmetics packaging also use anti-counterfeiting packaging technology, but these technologies are difficult for ordinary consumers to identify, so not only can not really play the role of anti-counterfeiting, the manufacturer is also outweighed by the loss. In the development of new anti-counterfeiting technology, in addition to pay attention to the improvement of anti-counterfeiting technology in the difficulty of counterfeiting, but also pay attention to the effect of this new anti-counterfeiting technology in the promotion and use, if consumers can not identify, then this new anti-counterfeiting technology can be said to be ineffective.

3) In the process of packaging and printing, the printing house should strictly control the selection of original manuscripts, film production, plate making and the whole process of printing, and use advanced printing equipment to print high-quality packaging and printed matter, so that it is difficult to make fake products.

4) At present, the best application of anti-counterfeiting packaging technology is tobacco packaging, which is in the forefront of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting. Daily cosmetics packaging should learn from tobacco packaging and cross-use a variety of anti-counterfeiting packaging technology to increase the difficulty of counterfeiting and counterfeiting. The combination of the front-line anti-counterfeiting packaging technology which is easy to be recognized and accepted by consumers and the second-line anti-counterfeiting packaging technology which is complex and relatively slow in identification speed forms a combination of anti-counterfeiting.

5) at the same time, to continue to research and develop new materials, new technology and new process, the use of new equipment, manufacturers should make reasonable investment according to their own needs, the correct design and use of anti-counterfeiting packaging technology, so that the identification of goods anti-counterfeiting packaging is simple, the detection authority is accurate, but also has high security. In addition, the anti-counterfeiting packaging of goods to carry out full publicity and introduction, so that consumers can correctly grasp the method of identifying the true and false, so that the anti-counterfeiting technology is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

With the development of science and technology, any kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is likely to permanent anti-fake, we only have anti-counterfeiting technology constantly updated, to improve the safety and reliability of the product packaging anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting packaging technology to integrated, scientific, and packaging the beautification with more direction, in the heart of the anti-counterfeiting and false of the contradictory anti-counterfeiting.


The future development of cosmetic packaging industry should not ignore the link of packaging design

In the future, the development prospect of cosmetics packaging industry is good, especially the development of cosmetics processing and packaging industry, all over the world has maintained a good trend of continuous growth. But the future of the cosmetics packaging market is also competitive, with the growth of the new generation of young people, this part of the people will assume the main consumption power of the society, their needs, aesthetic, consumer behavior and so on determine the packaging market tomorrow.

Cosmetic packaging has achieved rapid development. According to incomplete statistics, the cosmetics packaging industry reached 860 billion in 2008. Take cosmetics packaging, for example. Sales of packaged cosmetics in Asia reached 132 million tons in 2009. With the rapid growth of domestic cosmetic processing and the expansion of a growing middle class, cosmetic consumer claims are on the rise and quality and hygiene requirements are improving.

Huge market opportunities are doomed to have too many competitors, cosmetics packaging enterprises to improve their profitability must implement brand strategy, take the route of differentiation. Cosmetics packaging industry is closely related to a with various sectors of industry, the cosmetics packaging industry is becoming more and more complete varieties, categories, at the same time also has a group of world class cosmetics packaging enterprises and manufacturers, so the cosmetics packaging enterprise in order to realize the development of the breakthrough, the key depends on the cosmetics packaging enterprise technical innovation strength and level of ascension, In addition to the research and development of cosmetic packaging materials, the development and manufacturing of large complete sets of equipment, and the extensive promotion of green cosmetic packaging, such as cosmetic aluminium tubes, sugarcane cosmetic tube, pcr cosmetic tube,  cosmetic packaging design has also become an important link that cannot be ignored.


At first glance, the cosmetics packaging material on the market can be described as a variety of products, and the design of a variety of goods can be described as uneven. With maintain taste for example, the cosmetic package of all sorts of exquisite beauty in eyes is all through elaborate design and become, this also is nothing more than the hope guides consumer to see its appearance easily, and care about to its immanent component not much however. Excessive gorgeous cosmetics tube packaging, in the final analysis are marketing techniques, and the future trend of cosmetics packaging design, will be to emphasize the stage of green cosmetics environmental protection.

So, how to grasp the future trend of cosmetic packaging design? When it comes to packaging design, there are too many concepts, such as cultural flavor, portability and so on. Here mainly talk about the following points: one is sustainable cosmetics packaging design; Two is the safety of cosmetics packaging design; The third is personalized cosmetics packaging design; Fourth, anti-counterfeiting cosmetics packaging design.

First, sustainability. The 21st century is the century of environmental protection, modern cosmetics packaging in a long period of time will continue to continue the concept of green design put forward in the 1980s and 1990s. The rapid development of economy has accelerated the destruction of the natural ecological environment. With the improvement of people's living standard, all kinds of packaged solid wastes increase with the increase of people's demand for commodities. Environmental problems are becoming more and more prominent, and people are devoting themselves to research on new cosmetic packaging materials and environmentally friendly design methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by solid packaging waste. The innovation in cosmetic packaging materials is like: for heat insulation, shock, shock and perishable pulp molded tube packaging materials; In the design to reduce the late not easy to decompose materials used in cosmetics packaging, as far as possible to use light weight, small volume, easy to crush or squash, easy to separate the material.

Second, security. According to the general understanding of cosmetics tube packaging, safety may be one of the most basic requirements of cosmetics tube packaging, the earliest origin of packaging is also for the purpose of protecting the inherent things and appear, such as simple buffer material leaves, straw and so on. Take drug packaging as an example, foreign drug packaging attaches great importance to the safety of children (BABY SSFE), so in the drug design, often will consider whether the design of cosmetics packaging will have an impact on the safety of children. Pieces in the name of the company recently developed a kind of drug packaging, the packaging on the box open mode tangent, open cartons need certain strength, so it is very easy to open the way for adults, but there is a great difficulty for children, thus effectively avoid the mistake by children, eating. Because this kind of packaging box once opened, it is difficult to restore, so it plays the role of anti-theft to a certain extent, really achieve the set of protection and anti-theft in one.

3. Personalization. Personalized cosmetic tube packaging design is a widely involved and influential design method, whether it is on the corporate image, product itself or social effects have a great relationship and influence. Cosmetics packaging image shaping and performance to the natural and lively human nature, organic modeling development, give the packaging personality quality, unique style to attract consumers. When designing, we must think systematically, analyze the actual situation from different angles and positions, so as to establish and understand the factors that should be considered. Such as the use of wine barrel modeling of wine barrel, the use of local folk opera mask door god modeling of peace wine, the use of smiling Maitreya Buddha open laughing wine and other bionic personalized modeling design, the idea of unconventional, distinctive personality, outstanding, visual effects are very strong! Such a product cosmetics packaging in a full range of beautiful things in eyes on the shelf is easy to arouse consumer interest, be accepted by consumers.

Four, anti-counterfeiting. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the general anti-counterfeiting technology of cosmetic packaging has no effect on counterfeiters. Strengthening the visual effect of cosmetic packaging design and strengthening the cosmetic packaging printing industry technology has become a powerful weapon in the action of anti-counterfeit rights protection. We can use special texture paper, specific pigments and packaging technology such as hologram, authentic inspection seal, bas-relief embossing in packaging design to achieve a specific effect, so that those fake and shoddy goods due to high reproduction cost or effect is not realistic, give up in face of difficulties. Therefore, the innovative method of packaging design and the combination of high-tech achievements of printing industry technology, the pursuit of ingenious originality and unique visual effect is another direction for the sustainable development of cosmetics packaging industry in the future.

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