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Application research of graphic language in plastic cosmetic tube engineering design


The graphic language in the design of plastic cosmetic tube often constitutes the main part of the overall image of plastic cosmetic tube, which makes the product image have individual beauty and aesthetic taste, and strengthens the promotion function of the product. The graphic language on plastic cosmetic tube can be divided into concrete graphic and abstract graphic according to the form of graphic expression. Each kind of graphics plays an important role in language communication in the design of plastic cosmetic tube.

Good plastic cosmetic tube products, plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers can in the absence of text, through the visual language of silent trench potential, the content and information of goods to convey to consumers, with graphics in the visual appeal of consumer psychological reaction, guide to buy. The graphic language in plastic cosmetic tube design is to accurately convey the content and information of goods to consumers by taking advantage of the intuitiveness, richness and vividness of graphic elements in visual communication, and arouse the psychological reaction of consumers by virtue of the visual attraction of graphics, so as to guide purchasing behavior. Plastic cosmetic tube design uses a variety of graphic elements, through these different forms of graphic language to convey a certain amount of information, and then strengthen the impression of consumers on the product.

1. Graphic language on plastic cosmetic tube can be divided into:

1.1 Figurative graphics (photographic pictures, realistic tracing)

The representation techniques of figurative graphics refer to the image of natural objects and man-made objects, which are presented by realistic and descriptive techniques, so that people can understand at a glance what it expresses. Its characteristics are easy to be recognized and associated directly by known experience. This expression is the most specific description of the product in the plastic cosmetic tube and can emphasize the reality of the product. The expression form of the specific image usually takes the photography picture, the painting graph as the main means, the pursuit is the vivid image. In the design of plastic cosmetic tube, photographic image can intuitively and accurately convey the information of goods, because it can truly reflect the shape, material and quality of goods, vivid image, rich color levels, so it is increasingly widely used in plastic cosmetic tube. Photographic graphics in addition to pictorial performance, and can use a variety of special processing, such as darkroom technology, computer graphics processing, to form a variety of graphics. But also through the use of goods in the process of consumption to make a true reproduction of the situation, in order to publicize the characteristics of goods, highlight the image of goods, promote the desire to buy consumers; Painting techniques are intuitive and interesting to appreciate. It is a good way to publicize, beautify and sell goods. There are mainly spray painting and watercolor communication, which can transcend regional restrictions, break through language barriers and integrate cultural differences, so as to achieve the artistic effect of silent infection.

Modern plastic cosmetic tube design and original plastic cosmetic tube, traditional plastic cosmetic tube the biggest difference lies in, it is not only to accommodate goods, beautify goods, convenient transportation, more emphasis on the market as the goal to people-oriented, the pursuit of difference of the new plastic cosmetic tube concept. Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers aim at the market, is to adapt to the growing environment and soil. The product and plastic cosmetic tube must be in demand in the market, otherwise, it will become unmarketable goods. People-oriented, is the product and plastic cosmetic tube design to meet the double needs of modern material and spiritual civilization.

No matter what kind of material, what kind of shape, what kind of style of plastic cosmetic tube design, must be through text, graphics, color, arrangement and other elements to express. Each element has rich expression content and form rules, and the coordination, integration, primary and secondary, strength and weakness between elements are particularly important to the design results in the design process. In information dissemination, the form of information is mainly divided into graphic information and text information. The amount of information of graphic information is 900 times that of text information. Graphic information has directness, intuitiveness, vividness and rich expressive force. Plastic cosmetics tube graphics, graphics in visual communication on the excellent painting, sketch, gouache, crayon painting, acrylic painting and other performance techniques, can be designed and created according to the characteristics of plastic cosmetics tube products. The painting technique is not the same as the pure painting on the plastic cosmetic tube. It can reflect the taste of commerce. Also different from photography, there is more freedom to choose, refine and summarize.

1.2 Abstract graphics (cartoon, decoration summary)

Abstract graphics are often developed and summarized from concrete graphics to pursue the artistic conception of imagination. Abstract graph refers to the indirect infectious graph composed of point, line and surface changes. In the picture of plastic cosmetic tube, although the abstract graphics have no direct meaning, the plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer can also convey a certain sense of information. Abstract changes of point, line and surface can become the means of associative expression and guide the audience's associative feelings. Abstract graphics are free, rich and diverse, from the technique of abstract graphics, accidental abstract graphics, abstract texture, computer aided design several categories. Alleged "factitious" show creator undertakes elaborate arrangement and design through modelling element such as dot, line, face namely, will create the order feeling that gives individual character to have on the vision. In accordance with the rules of the form of the style, the arrangement of rhythm, rhythm, contrast, gradual change, density and other forms of combination, to create different visual image characteristics. "Accidental" is relative to "artificial", in fact, accidental abstract figures are also created and designed by people. However, the image is more accidental, so it is free and very human. There are many creative techniques of accidental graphics, such as adsorption, splashing, blowing, oil and water repellent and other means to create by taking advantage of the characteristics of water, tearing and burning to produce natural forms; Another technique is to combine the corresponding texture characteristics with the characteristics of the commodity itself, which can reflect the character and attributes of the commodity. For example, rough and smooth, dry and wet, cold and warm, all give people different visual feelings and associations; Computer aided design has been widely used in plastic cosmetic tube design. Through some image design software, you can easily get the ever-changing graphics, which provides rich materials for the design of plastic cosmetic tube.

Graphic is an important part of visual communication of plastic cosmetic tube, which plays a strong role in the design of eye-catching. Therefore, in a design work, the success of graphic design is crucial.

2. The visual graphics on the plastic cosmetic tube have a wide range of contents, such as people, animals, landscapes, etc.

It can be divided into three categories:

(1) Trademark (brand name). Trademarks refer to the marks of enterprises, companies, manufacturers and products engaged in commercial activities to distinguish goods and services of different producers and operators. He is the embodiment of enterprise spirit and brand reputation, is the key element to convey commodity information, so in the design should pay attention to the location of its emissions. In general, let the trademark in the eye-catching position, play a prominent visual effect.

(2) Main figure. Generally, according to the characteristics of different products, the product's own image, characters, animals, plants, scenery, cartoon modeling and so on to reflect. Usually occupies the main position of the main view.

(3) Associated auxiliary decorative graphics. For the main image to play an auxiliary decorative role, the use of point, line, surface and other geometric graphics and texture effects to enrich the composition.

3.Some suggestions on graphic design in plastic cosmetic tube design:

(1) Graphic design should pay attention to accurate information.

As a design language, graphics must grasp the main features and pay attention to the details of key parts in processing. Otherwise, one false step will make a great difference.

(2) Graphic design should pay attention to bright and unique visual experience.

In modern sales, plastic cosmetic tube actually plays the role of advertising, so the design should not only pay attention to the specific information of the content, but also must have a distinct and unique visual image.

(3) Graphic design should pay attention to the limitations and adaptability.

Graphics convey certain ideas, the different customs and habits of different regions, countries, nations should be paid attention to. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the consumption object of different genders and ages.

(4) In the design of plastic cosmetic tube, attention should be paid to the relationship between graphics and text.

In a sense, graphics attract consumers in terms of visual effects, more attractive than text, more intuitive. Therefore, the application and processing of graphics should prevent the randomness of arrangement. To prevent the diagram, text between the lack of primary and secondary, to avoid the "equal" abuses.


Graphics language is one of the basic elements in the design of cosmetic plastic tube, plastic tube cosmetics manufacturers design graphics language efficiently, in order to design a complete, excellent plastic tube cosmetics products, and make it in the fierce product competition, further cause the attention of consumers, to guide their purchase behavior, so as to promote the sale of goods.

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