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Common packaging types in cosmetics industry


Common packaging types in the cosmetics industry, when it comes to beauty and cosmetics packaging, are too rich, with too many packaging materials to choose from. When choosing cosmetic packaging, the first thing you need to consider is "what". What is the purpose of packaging? What kind of product are you creating? Obviously, product packaging suitable for lip gloss is not the right choice for body moisturizers, so you have to choose the most meaningful product packaging for each product.

Some popular packaging options in beauty and cosmetics include:

Airless bottle

Water pump







Obviously, the common packaging types in the cosmetics industry are now clear to everyone, and there are now certain packaging standards for different products. Most lipsticks will be in lipstick tubes. But this should not make you think outside the box! Take lip gloss as an example. In the past, putting them in a test tube with a magic wand was standard practice. Although that of course is still the most common packaging option, many brands have deviated from the "norm" and opted for other options, such as squeezed tubes, cans, and twisted tops. Therefore, you will not feel that you need to comply with the restrictions of "standard" packaging!

Once you know the type of packaging you want, you need to figure out how and where to get it. There are a large number of cosmetic packaging companies where you can buy packaging at wholesale prices. You can also design a custom bottle, box or bathtub to make your product stand out on the shelf, but it will definitely cost you a lot.

Each design hopes that the skin care packaging design will show different brand information, and the packaging design can well present this information on the packaging. With more combinations of structural design, surface treatment, color schemes, etc., packaging is a way to elevate your skin care products to a new level.

Here are our suggestions on how to use skin care product packaging design to find the perfect appearance of a product:

The basis of skin care packaging

Skin care products are a crowded market. If you are a novice, one of the only ways to attract new customers is to stand out on the shelf. As a new skin care brand, you need to arouse people's attention to your brand. Unique skin care product packaging design is your solution. Skin care product packaging is a perfect combination of structural design, color scheme and perfect appearance.

Structural design

When choosing a structural design, make sure to choose something that meets your company's mission. Do you need a unique design to be popular? Or can a simple cosmetic tube meet your skin care packaging design requirements? Almost any structural design is possible, so any design can be considered at will.

Cosmetic tube is the most commonly used skin care product packaging solution, but you can always be creative at any time. Just make sure that your packaging structure matches your brand and make your product pop off the shelf.

coloring scheme

The color scheme is very important in your skin care packaging design. Since skin care products are cosmetics, you want the color scheme of the product to depict the advantages of the product. Is your product a natural anti-aging cream? Green, a youthful color, will be a very good color, which can be incorporated into your skin care packaging design.

Are you selling moisturizers? Blue may be a good way to enhance the moisturizing ability of a product.

Want your product to be the first and only product that customers see? Bright colors are your answer.

Always thinking about how to further convey the advantages of the product through the color scheme.


Finishing is the last thing you should add to your skin care product packaging design. Matte, glossy, textured finishes, they can communicate something different with customers.

For example: if you are selling oil-resistant facial cleansers, then a good idea is to use a matte finish on the packaging. In this way, the customer associates the product with matte drying and further emphasizes the goal of the product.

Commonly used skin care product packaging manufacturing processes are:

UV gloss


Bronzing machine


Using these finishes can give your skin care product packaging an advantage unmatched in the industry.

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