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Top 6 plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers and suppliers in the US


Plastic cosmetic tubes serve as essential vessels for a diverse array of beauty and personal care products, offering both practical functionality and aesthetic appeal. These plastic squeeze tubes come in various diameters, ranging from 13mm to 60mm, catering to the diverse needs of different products and consumer preferences. Additionally, they are available in mono-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer configurations, ensuring optimal protection and preservation of the enclosed formulations.

These plastic squeeze tubes are offered in sizes ranging from 1oz to 6oz, providing flexibility in packaging options for manufacturers and convenience for consumers. Moreover, they are constructed from a variety of plastic types and pcr plastics, including PE (HDPE+LDPE), PP, PET, PC, and PVC, each offering unique properties suited to specific product requirements and environmental considerations. In the below, we will walk you through the top 6 plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers in the us, the biggest market share country.

Top 6 plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers in the US  

These six plastic squeeze tube manufacturers below represent some of the leading players in the plastic squeeze tube industry in the USA, each offering unique features and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of cosmetic brands and consumers.

Albea Inc.

Key Features:

●Offers a wide range of plastic cosmetic tubes in various diameters, including 13mm-60mm.

●Provides customization options with mono-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer configurations.

●Capabilities include printing techniques such as offset, silk screen, and digital printing, as well as hot stamping for branding and decoration.

●Offers a diverse selection of closure options, including pumps, and nozzles.

●Known for high-quality production standards and innovative cosmetic tube packaging solutions for American market.

CTL Packaging Inc.

Key Features:

●Specializes in manufacturing high-quality plastic cosmetic tubes with a focus on innovative designs and advanced technologies.

●Offers a wide range of sizes from 1oz to 6oz, providing flexibility for cosmetic product packaging.

●Provides customization options with multi-layer plastic collapsible tube constructions for enhanced product protection and preservation.

●Utilizes state-of-the-art printing techniques, including digital printing and hot stamping, to achieve precise and vibrant graphics.

●Offers a comprehensive range of closure options, including screw caps, flip tops, and specialized applicators.

VisiPak (a division of Sinclair & Rush, Inc.)

Key Features:

●Specializes in clear plastic cosmetic tube packaging solutions, including cosmetic tubes, offering visibility and aesthetics for beauty products.

●Provides a range of diameters and sizes, catering to various product formulations and volumes.

●Offers customization options with printing capabilities for branding and product information.

●Provides a selection of closure options, including screw caps and flip tops, ensuring functionality and ease of use.

●Known for its expertise in clear plastic squeeze tube packaging and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Berry Global, Inc.

Key Features:

●Offers a range of plastic packaging types, including PE (HDPE+LDPE), PP, and PET, ensuring compatibility with different formulations.

●Specializes in customizable cosmetic tube designs and printing capabilities, including offset and silk screen printing.

●Known for its sustainability initiatives, offering eco-friendly plastic packaging solutions and materials.

Tuboplast of America, Inc.

Key Features:

■Specializes in manufacturing plastic squeeze tubes for cosmetics and personal care products, providing custom packaging solutions.

■Offers a range of tube diameters and sizes, accommodating various product formulations and volumes.

■Provides customization options with multi-layer tube constructions for enhanced product protection and shelf life.

■Utilizes advanced printing technologies for high-quality graphics and branding on plastic squeeze tubes.

■Offers a variety of closure options, including screw caps, flip tops, and pumps, tailored to specific product requirements.

Essel Propack America, LLC

Key Features:

●Global leader in manufacturing plastic packaging solutions, including cosmetic tubes, with a strong presence in the USA.

●Offers a diverse range of cosmetic squeeze tube sizes and diameters, suitable for different beauty and personal care products.

●Provides customization options with multi-layer tube constructions and advanced printing techniques for branding and decoration.

●Known for its focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric approach to packaging solutions.

Best 15 plastic cosmetic tubes USA to level up user experience and brand image


Feature a vacuum pump mechanism that dispenses the product without allowing air to enter the tube


Rollerball applicator at the top, allowing for easy and mess-free application of the product


Ideal for the storage and dispensing of two different products or formulations; commonly used for products that need to be kept separate until they are dispensed, such as two-part skincare treatments or colour-correcting primers


For solid or semi-solid products, such as balms and sticks.


Combine the convenience of a squeeze tube with the precision of a dropper applicator. They are commonly used for liquid or serum formulations that require controlled dispensing.


Foam pump tubes dispense the product in a foamy lather, making them ideal for cleansers, facial washes, and shaving creams.


Brush tip squeeze tubes come with a built-in brush applicator for precise application of products such as eyelash serums, mascara, eyebrow gels, and nail treatments.


Transparent squeeze tubes allow consumers to see the product inside, providing a clear view of the colour, texture, and level of the remaining product. They are often used for products with visually appealing formulations, such as gel-based skincare treatments and colourful lip glosses.


Vibrating applicator head that helps to massage the product into the skin for better absorption and rejuvenate eye area. They are often used for eye creams, serums, or facial treatments.


Spray nozzle at the top of the tube, best for a fine mist of the product to be dispensed. They are commonly used for facial mists, body sprays, or setting sprays.


Offer a sustainable and responsible packaging solution for cosmetic and personal care products, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly options among consumers and brands alike.


These tubes feature a longer, slender nozzle at the end, which allows for more accurate application of the product. The extended length of the nozzle provides better reach and control, making it ideal for targeted application in specific areas, such as pharmacies.


The acrylic screw cap provides a secure seal, preventing leakage and ensuring the freshness of the shampoo. The screw cap design also allows for easy opening and closing, making it convenient for guests to access the product.


The tube is equipped with a slanted massage applicator made of high-quality zinc alloy. This unique design allows for gentle massaging of the delicate skin around the eyes, promoting circulation, reducing puffiness, and enhancing the absorption of the eye cream.


The unique feature of these tubes is the sponge flocked applicator. The applicator consists of a soft, absorbent sponge tip that is securely attached to the tube's opening or cap. The sponge allows for controlled dispensing and smooth application of the product onto the desired area.

Sourcing for wholesale eco-friendly cosmetic tubes that stand for your beauty brand? Discover the following 2024 trending cosmetic tubes in the US now:


    made from sugarcane, aluminium, pcr, kraft paper


    Metallic luxury look packaging


    High-tech applicators raise user experience and brand value at the same time


    Custom heads cover brush, rollers, nozzles...


    Different shapes deliver various hand care needs


    One-of-a-kind design helps makeup dispensing

    •  Sustainable cosmetic plastic squeeze tube manufacture materials enhance your brand value

    •  Professional caps and applicators can be customized in full accordance with your product to level up users' experience and your customers' confidence in your brand

    •  Awarded and recommended by Cosmoprof&Cosmopack North America 2023

    • Printing covers: hot stamping, silk screen, offset

      Filling Capacity range: 5ml-400ml, tube diameter: 1-6oz, chamber: single or dual based on your brand need

    • Various barriers at your selection...


      In conclusion, the cosmetic industry in the USA is thriving with innovation and ingenuity, and the packaging sector plays a crucial role in shaping the landscape. The top six plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers usa highlighted in this article, exemplify excellence in production, customization, and sustainability. These manufacturers offer a diverse array of plastic cosmetic tubes, catering to a wide range of product formulations, sizes, and branding needs. From customizable printing options to advanced closure mechanisms, these companies ensure that beauty and personal care products are not only packaged securely but also presented attractively to consumers.

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