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Custom Twist off Plastic Squeeze Tubes 1ml 2ml 3ml 5ml small capacity

Custom Twist off Plastic Squeeze Tubes 1ml 2ml 3ml 5ml small capacity

Suitable for
cosmetic sample, pharmaceutical etc
Type of Formula
Cream, Lotion, Gel...
Filling Capacity
Tube Material
Tube Decoration
Offset, Silkscreen
Type of shipping
By Sea or By Air
Lead Time
20 Working Days
Minimum Order
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Custom 1ml 2ml 3ml 5ml small capacity Twist off Plastic Squeeze Tubes-Lisson Packaging

Twist-Off Cap: The twist-off cap provides a secure seal that helps prevent leakage and maintains the freshness and integrity of the product. It allows for easy opening and closing of the squeeze tube, ensuring convenient dispensing for users while keeping the contents protected.

Compact Size: The small capacities of 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, and 5ml make these squeeze tubes perfect for packaging travel-sized or sample-sized portions of products. Their compact size ensures convenient portability and easy storage, making them ideal for on-the-go use.

Innovative twist-off cap

This cap combines the convenience of a flip-top design with the security of a twist-off closure. Users can easily flip open the cap to access the product and then twist it closed for a secure seal, preventing leakage and maintaining product freshness.

3ml-14ml capacity

Flexible Capacity Options: Custom squeeze tubes are available in a range of capacities, allowing brands to select the size that best suits their product volume and application requirements. Capacities ranging from 3ml to 14ml provide flexibility for packaging different types of formulations, from travel-sized samples to regular-use products.

Tailor-made size service

Flexible Dimensions: In addition to capacity, brands can also customize other dimensions of the squeeze tubes, such as length and diameter. This flexibility allows brands to optimize the packaging size to fit their product formulation, branding requirements, and user experience preferences.

Bulk manufacture for the customized squeeze tube

Bulk manufacturing of customized squeeze tubes involves a collaborative process between the manufacturer and the client to create high-quality, bespoke packaging solutions that meet the client's needs and specifications. By leveraging advanced production techniques, quality control measures, and efficient logistics, manufacturers can deliver custom squeeze tubes in large quantities to clients worldwide.

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Twist-Off Cap: The twist-off cap provides a secure seal to prevent leakage and maintain the freshness of the product. It is easy to open and close, allowing for convenient access to the contents.


Plastic Laminated Construction: The tube is made of plastic laminated material, which combines the flexibility and durability of plastic with the barrier properties of laminate films. This construction helps protect the product from moisture, light, and air exposure, prolonging its shelf life and preserving its efficacy.


Ease of Dispensing: The twist-on/off-cap design allows for easy dispensing of the product. Users can twist the cap to open and squeeze the tube to release the desired amount of cream, lotion, or gel with precision and control.

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