Popular science figures on the plastic containers you must eat

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Plastic containers belong to recycled content that everybody should have 'qing'. So the figures in the triangle pattern at the bottom of the container, you 'eat'? 1 pet polyethylene terephthalate, water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles are made of this material. 2PE- HD high density polyethylene, general cleaning supplies, bath products of plastic containers, plastic bags are used in the supermarkets and shopping malls this kind of material. 3 PVC PVC, this kind of material of plastic products easy to produce toxic or harmful substances, so when using do not heat. 4PE- LD low density polyethylene, cling film, plastic film, etc. Is this kind of material. 5 pp polypropylene, microwave boxes commonly use this material, can be put into the microwave, plastic boxes, can be reused after cleaning. 6 ps polystyrene, used in the manufacture of bowl of noodles boxes, foamed snack box. 7 PCS is also a kind of widely used material, mostly used in the manufacture of bottles, space cup, etc. Waste plastic after artificial screening, crushing, granulation, modified, into all kinds of plastic particles, and then classified according to the appearance, finally become can once again use of recycled materials. When thrown don't need to separate the plastic of bottle, the bottle and the bottle throw, but suggested that the mineral water bottles, beverage bottles after flattening out, save space.
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