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Present situation and development strategy of cosmetic packaging design


With the improvement of people's consumption level and the enhancement of their consumption power, the competition in the cosmetics market is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, in order to better publicize products, it is more and more important to classify and package all kinds of cosmetics according to their own characteristics.

First, the current situation of wholesale cosmetics packaging

With the development of packaging materials and packaging technology, the packaging forms of modern cosmetics are more and more, and the decoration is exquisite. Generally speaking, the packaging form of cosmetics mainly includes: solid cosmetics packaging, solid granular (powder) cosmetics packaging, liquid, emulsion and paste cosmetics packaging and cosmetics spray packaging. Among them, a considerable part of the packaging form is usually combined with the paper box to form the sales packaging of cosmetics. As a kind of green packaging with high quality and low price, paper packaging is becoming a fast developing industry in the national economy. No matter from the quantity or quality of the packaging market for paper products packaging have a great space for development. Cosmetics, as an important commodity closely related to people's lives, paper packaging is also being used more and more. With the rapid growth of import and export trade after China's entry into WTO, the fierce competition of cosmetic brands at home and abroad has brought new opportunities for the further development of paper packaging. Cosmetic containers are sorted into cosmetic tube, cosmetic jar, cosmetic bottles eg. Driven by consumers' need,  there are more and more cosmetic tube and bottle manufacturers in the market.


Two, cosmetic paper packaging structure

The shape change of the carton needs to be combined with the decoration design to highlight the characteristics of the actual use, usually used to package the variety of cosmetics, such as: powder, eye shadow box, makeup box, etc.. The paper box structure, forming process and appearance after forming are shown in Figure 1.

● The characteristics of the rectangular folding carton is that it can be better suitable for surface decoration design, whether it is printing the product manual or printing fine pictures can better play the role of publicity of the contents. Can be used for packaging different kinds of cosmetics, such as: powder, perfume, cream, etc. The paper box structure, forming process and appearance after forming are shown in Figure 2.

● bird type folding paper box this is by some foreign books in the packaging information obtained inspiration from the change. It is mainly used for packing all kinds of cosmetics, paper box structure, forming process and appearance after forming.


(2) Cartons Collective Packaging Collective packaging can also be called combined packaging. The cosmetic of same brand, different function undertakes complete set namely series change package, in order to facilitate consumer to buy, make overall price is lower than the total price that buys alone again at the same time. Generally, larger containers are used to carry out collective packaging and sell as a whole as a sales unit.

All kinds of cosmetics are packaged in complete sets of gift boxes, which can improve the valuable quality and sales force of the goods. Combined with the successful decoration design, enhance its visual impact. The example shown is one of the more typical folding carton, the structure of the grid design can be flexibly adjusted according to the number and shape of the contents.

The structure of the paper box is mainly used for the collection packaging of cosmetics wholesale. It can also be used as a gift package after decoration or addition of auxiliary structure. Usually, the structure of the carton is a fixed paste mounted type. Many changes in form, according to the requirements of the different structure, can be the carton sealing structure of the change, as far as possible to the carton design into a plate forming structure, discussed above is only a limited number of examples in application in cosmetics packaging, in addition to the appearance of the rectangle, used in cosmetics gift packaging of various special cartons also gradually emerged, I won't go into them all here.

Cosmetic packaging trend, covering cosmetic tube, cosmetic bottle, cosmetic jar, etc., look at these situations, combined with the development trend of cosmetics and their packaging, The packaging of modern cosmetics mainly has the following characteristics in the selection of packaging materials and containers, the structural design of packaging containers and the decoration design of packaging containers.

(1) The application of cosmetic plastic materials and composite materials in cosmetic packaging is becoming wider and wider, and the modeling design of plastic cosmetic bottles tends to be diversified. A: Well, glass bottles are getting popular which means plastic cosmetic tube and bottles.

(2) diversification of cosmetic packaging container specifications (to meet different levels of consumption).

(3) the serialization of cosmetic packaging design, and more and more to meet the needs of personalized development.

(4) some cosmetics use spray packaging and other forms of packaging, in order to facilitate the use of consumers.

At present, most of the high-end cosmetics market is dominated by international brands, while local brands can only struggle in the middle and low market. There are many reasons for this, but the flaw in the Cosmetc Container Manufacturfers packaging design is also obvious. Most of the international brands have formed their own traditions in packaging design, no matter shape or color, they have formed a complete set of patterns, while the randomness of product design in China is great, and there is a lack of inertia between products. Appropriate packaging can not only enhance the visual impact of goods to attract consumers, but also can reflect the taste of the brand incisively and vividly. Therefore, packaging as a product "coat", not only to reflect, protect the function of the product, but also must have to attract the purchase, guide the use of consumption.

Love the heart of the United States, cosmetics packaging, but also by the attention of the United States, for this, plastic makeup packaging is more like to find a piece of spring.

Cosmetics market for plastic cosmetic packaging

The development of the plastics market has an unpredictable prospect. Although the current international situation is grim and the collapse of the euro exchange rate has a profound impact on the market, smart businessmen know how to create a new market with a unique vision.

Plastic cosmetic packaging, which is mainly used for women's cosmetics and personal care products such as bottles and cans, accounted for 61 percent of the market. Plastic will continue to play an important role in the future market, with the use of plastic in cosmetics and personal care products expected to grow by 12% by 2019.

As cosmetic bottle manufacturers all know, plastic cosmetic bottles are the most commonly used plastic cosmetic containers, which account for 30% of the market share and are expected to grow by 28% by 2022.

The public's requirements for this plastic cosmetic packaging are almost similar, so most plastic cosmetic packaging used for health and beauty protection have common characteristics: resistant to fall, durable and easy to carry.


The figures come from a recent data report by Plastic Cosmetic Tube and Bottle Supplier that assesses the personal care market, and the Packaging and Processing Technology Institute estimates that the global personal care market is growing by 5.5 percent a year.

Plasticizers age people

The first large study of a link between endocrine-disrupting chemicals and menopause, known as plasticizers, also known as phthalates.

In the past, people used cosmetics in porcelain bottles, relatively environmentally friendly. Some use plastic products now, bring certain hidden trouble really. Skin care products and other products are oil compounds, and there is a question mark about whether the phthalates in the packaging will dissolve in the products for a long time. It's possible that phthalates could be added directly to nail polish, because that's the chemical cost that's needed to make a nice nail polish film.

Cosmetics, whether they claim to be natural or non-toxic, need to be used with caution. Because cosmetic cannot leave chemical industry, although it is so-called plant pure natural extraction, still want to use a few emulsifier to wait, let water and plant extract be united in union together. Some inferior cosmetics, to achieve the effect of beautiful white, can have the circumstance that heavy metal exceeds standard. Human body use for a long time, will lead to abnormal skin pigment metabolism, premature appearance of color spots. Such things have happened. The use of cosmetics, the first is to choose regular manufacturers of regular products; Secondly, we should pay attention to the validity period, especially for some foreign products that do not contain preservatives, because these products have a shorter validity period. Imports from abroad also need a series of procedures, such as customs declaration, and so on. After the products reach the hands of consumers, the use period is virtually shortened. The third, use as far as possible do not contain pigments, spices and other low stimulation cosmetics, do not use cosmetics too frequently.

Cosmetics are overpackaged and overwhelmed

With the increase of brand products on the market, a lot of negative news has also come to light in 2006, a variety of products of SK-II contain banned substances chromium and neodymium; In 2007, more than 60 percent of the cosmetics sold in the United States were affected by lipstick containing lead. This kind of news makes consumers more concerned about the safety of cosmetics, so many customers now check the cosmetic formula list to make sure whether it contains harmful substances.

However, harmful substances do not only come from the makeup of cosmetics, a substandard packaging materials will also cause unavoidable harm to the safety of cosmetics.

Why does the safety of packaging materials have such a significant impact on the safety of cosmetics? Once the packaging material itself contains excessive toxic and harmful substances, it may be slowly released into the cosmetics that come into direct contact with it, which will change the quality of cosmetics to a bad direction and cause great harm to human body. This harm is similar to the impact of food on the human body will be absorbed by the human body, causing severe consequences. Therefore, the development of the detection of harmful substances in cosmetics packaging materials will be inevitable, and in the study of the migration of substances in packaging, national standards related to food packaging materials are a very good reference. There are more and more plastic cosmetic container manufacturers who have developed eco-friendly and sustainable  cosmetic plastic containers.

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