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What preparations should be made for cosmetic tube design


Cosmetic tube design is an indispensable part and external form of modern products. Creative cosmetic tube design is not just a beautiful coat for products to enter the market. At the same time, it is also an effective means to realize commodity value and use-value. A successful cosmetic tube design must contain certain creative elements. What is creativity? This is a simple and complex problem. Creativity is a good idea, a good idea, and showing its novelty and uniqueness. The "creation" in creativity has an explanation of "first creation -". "Intention" means "new and creative". The design creativity of cosmetic tubes is manifested in many aspects. Cosmetic tube manufacturers can choose from cosmetic tube materials, cosmetic tube shapes, and cosmetic tube structures. Cosmetic tube manufacturers can also choose from cosmetic tube brand fonts and cosmetics. Specific links such as tube graphics, cosmetic tube colors, and cosmetic tube arrangement reflect creativity. The design of the cosmetic tube is a visual communication art. It seeks visual originality and aesthetics, and at the same time, it must have clear information. Without the creative expression of a clear and informative visual form, its creativity cannot reflect the commercial value of the cosmetic tube. Creativity always revolves around the function of the cosmetic tube-spreading information.

Creative preparation of cosmetic tube design. Creativity embodies a kind of innovation. Innovation is the source of the development of human society and the inexhaustible driving force for artistic progress, innovation and change. The cosmetic tube design serves business, and it faces a fiercely competitive market and discerning consumers. Only creative cosmetic tubes can have sales force, appeal, and conquer the market to win the favor of consumers. Creativity is the soul of design and the prerequisite for successful design. Excellent creativity comes from the keen market insight and positive thinking of cosmetic tube suppliers, the accumulation of knowledge and rich experience. Creativity is the magic weapon for the successful design of cosmetic tubes. However, cosmetic tube design creativity is a restricted creative activity, (such as the basic size and shape of the cosmetic tube, the subjective opinion of the customer, the cost of the cosmetic tube, the limitation of the processing technology of the cosmetic tube, etc.) Creating freedom and doing unlimited thinking under limited conditions is a long-term work that every cosmetic tube designer must work hard to explore.

Before making specific ideas for cosmetic tubes, we must first fully understand the companies and products that produce the products. Generally, there are three aspects of manpower:

1. The basic situation of the market, such as the market characteristics and potential of the product, competitors, etc.;

2. The basic situation of the consumer group, such as; the age, economic income, cultural quality of the consumer group, etc.;

3. The basic situation of market-related products and its own products (such as new products or repackaging of old products), including brand image and popularity, favorability, trust, product price, quality, and sales methods.

The cosmetic tube manufacturer believes that after extensive understanding, designers can give full play to their imagination and creativity based on the information they have, and make preliminary creative ideas. After further deliberation, improvement and development, the designer can finally determine the originality. Cut to the point. In general, the creative goals of cosmetic tubes should firmly establish the "people-oriented" thinking, and the important factor is to attach importance to the human-oriented thinking of human beings. Cosmetic tube manufacturers are looking for accurate and reasonable positioning of cosmetic tube designs. Pay attention to people's material needs and spiritual feelings. The creative expression process of cosmetic tubes first began with the thinking of cosmetic tube manufacturers. The greater the reversal of this thinking, the more horizontal, logical and implementable, this is a valuable idea.

Brand logo and cosmetic tube design form a unified vision

It is necessary to study in depth the understanding of cosmetic tube design. The vision of cosmetic tube design must not only have distinctive brand characteristics, but also have unified visual norms in the image, here in the cosmetic tube design It is not only the unity of colors that forms the norms, but also the formation of a unique design style in terms of fonts. From the visual extension of the brand logo design to the brand name of the cosmetic tube design, the cosmetic tube manufacturer must be visually uniform. It is not impossible for the shape of the font to continue the originality of the brand logo. The unification of the visual brand is still very characteristic. As far as the cosmetic tube design is concerned, the distinctive visual design characteristics should be formed in the overall concept. Consistency, the extension of fonts and colors are matched according to the tonality of the entire brand. The cosmetic tube design has a certain degree of simplicity and must be endowed with brand culture. From the brand logo to the cosmetic tube design, a unified visual system should be formed.

Add visual recognition to show the highlights of cosmetic tube design

The cosmetic tube manufacturer presents the design highlights of the cosmetic tube from a visual perspective. The highlighting of individuality in the vision of the cosmetic tube design is also the highlight of increasing visual recognition. The general visual highlights are reflected in the graphics of the cosmetic tube design. , Cosmetic tube designs with distinctive characteristics often have individuality in graphics. When developing a graphic and performing fine art performance in details, the development of good cosmetic tube design graphics is extremely important. Cosmetic tube manufacturers are from a design perspective. Analyze the development of cosmetic tube design elements to meet the characteristics of the product. The distinctive feature is to meet the positioning of the cosmetic tube design. It is necessary to comprehensively visualize the screen of the cosmetic tube design. Cosmetic tube manufacturer In the design of a series of cosmetic tubes, the graphics should also be extensible, and the visual design highlights required by the cosmetic tube design should highlight the characteristics of individuality.

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