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Difference between the design of skincare tube and makeup tube


Cosmetic tube is a kind of cosmetic packaging, the main function is to protect cosmetics from light and heat. The cosmetic tube can be used for a long time, so it has become the most popular packaging for cosmetics products.

The design of the cosmetic tube is very simple and unique because it doesn't need high technology equipment to build it, which saves production costs and improves product quality.

Cosmetic tubes can be divided into two types: flat type and round type. Round type cosmetic tube generally has a flat bottom and a long neck, a flat type cosmetic tube has a flat bottom and a short neck.

The design of the tube should match that of the product. It is very important for you to know how to differentiate makeup tubes from skincare tubes. There are many different types of tubes. The design and size of the tube are usually dependent on what kind of product it contains.

So, if you are also confused between different types of cosmetic tubes, this article is for you!

Difference in their appearance:

The first difference between skincare and makeup tubes is their size. Skincare tubes are usually smaller than makeup tubes, so you can store more products in them.

Lipgloss and eyeliner tend to be the most common types of skincare products, so they will be the ones that fit into these smaller containers.

The design of the makeup tube is more delicate, it has a lot of different colours and shapes.

The makeup tube has a small opening, while the skincare tube has a big one. The skincare tube is small and hard to use, while the makeup tube is big and easy to use.

Skincare tube uses a white or clear plastic container with a small opening at the top for dispensing product. This type of container is designed to be used in hospitals, clinics, and beauty salons. Moreover, it has an airtight seal that prevents contamination from outside elements such as dirt and dust. The cap is usually made from plastic or metal to prevent leaks.

The material:

The design of cosmetic tubes is mainly divided into two types: plastic squeeze tubes, and aluminium cosmetic tube. The plastic tube is mainly made of polypropylene or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) materials, with high strength and lightweight. It can be compared with the makeup tube in terms of size, shape and colour; however, it can not be regarded as a good choice if you want to use it frequently because it easily breaks or cracks when you use it often. 

The metal tube has better resistance to high temperature environments than other materials, so its performance is also stable when exposed to high temperatures during storage or use. The aluminium alloy structure can effectively prevent corrosion due to corrosion resistance, its surface treatment can increase corrosion resistance significantly. Therefore, it has advantages in moisture resistance and anti-corrosion performance that are not available in other materials such as PET tubes or glass bottles.

Makeup tube is made of plastic, while skincare tube is made of aluminium. On the other hand, the makeup tube uses a black plastic container with a large opening at the top for dispensing products. These tubes are mainly used in pharmacies and grocery stores to store cosmetics products in bulk quantities. They also have airtight seals that prevent contamination from outside elements such as dirt and dust. The caps are usually made from plastic or metal because they provide protection against leaks during transportation and storage.

Difference in their use or application:

The tube is a cosmetic container that is used to hold and dispense the contents of cosmetics, making it easy to apply and take off. The packaging of skincare products is usually made from plastic. These tubes are usually transparent, allowing consumers to see what they are buying. However, there are also some types of packaging which are opaque so that the product does not circulate freely so as not to contaminate the container.

The last difference between the two types of packaging is related to their use or application. Cosmetic containers can be used for many different purposes such as storing makeup, hair products and even perfume bottles. Most skincare containers are used for storing skincare products that help protect your skin from harmful UV rays such as moisturisers, toners and cleansers. Makeup containers may be used for various purposes including applying foundation and eye shadow but they can also serve as storage containers for lipsticks or other beauty products that need protection from moisture or excessive heat exposure over time.

The design of the tube should match that of the product:

The design of the tube should match that of the product. If you see a tube with a screw cap, it means that the product comes in liquid form and needs to be stirred before application. If you have a squeezable tube, then it contains lotion or cream.

A makeup tube is usually made of aluminum, while skincare tubes are usually made up of metal. However, some makeup products are sold in glass jars.

The design of the tube should match that of the product that it's used for. For example, if you're using an eyeshadow palette, the tube should have a slightly larger diameter than your standard-sized shadow pans. If you're using an eyeliner pencil or black eye pencil, the tube should be shorter and narrower than other products in this category.

A skincare tube has been able to meet people's daily needs and can be used for a long time. It has been widely used in cosmetics, so it is better than the makeup tube. It is suitable for the use of cosmetics, lotions and other personal care products.The design of cosmetic tubes has not changed much over the years, it is easy to distinguish between cosmetic tubes and makeup tubes.

So, before you contact any cosmetic tube suppliers, you should understand completely what kind of cosmetic tube you are looking for! 

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