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What are the characteristics of the cosmetic aluminum tube material


As the economy continues to rise, many small and medium-sized cosmetics companies have slowly developed. Many companies have relatively repositioned their products, especially product packaging. There are many cosmetic packaging methods on the market, such as cosmetic bags. Cosmetic packaging, cosmetic box packaging, cosmetic bottle packaging, cosmetic canning, etc. These cosmetic packaging methods have a variety of materials. Cosmetic aluminum tube is one of the more packaging methods we have seen, but this kind of cosmetics Aluminum tube is not suitable for every field, but has its specific application field. So what are the characteristics of the material of cosmetic aluminum tube? The following is from cosmetic tube manufacturer analyzes:

The cosmetic aluminum tube is mainly used in the cosmetics industry. As the metal material of aluminum is safe, it is often used in containers for cosmetics. In addition, the cosmetic aluminum tube has a more beautiful appearance and a more shiny material. Compared with the plastic cosmetic tube container, the appearance of the cosmetic aluminum tube looks taller. If we think its appearance is too monotonous, it can be colored or dyed with some texture. Some aluminum alloys are stronger in strength. It exceeds the plastic cosmetic tube, but the strength and hardness of pure aluminum and some aluminum alloys are very low, so now aluminum has been widely used in the cosmetics industry.

The main material used by Cosmetic tube supplier to make cosmetic aluminum tube is aluminum. Therefore, the machinability of this cosmetic aluminum tube is relatively excellent. Afterwards, in various states, the machining characteristics have changed considerably, which requires special machine tools or technology. The characteristics of this aluminum material determine the size of its application range. In many fields, cosmetic aluminum tube is an economical and practical product for them, and aluminum cosmetic tube also has a high Reflectivity and strong absorption, this makes the use of aluminum cosmetic tube more extensive.

The bronzing function and performance of cosmetic aluminum tube

As the pressure is removed, the adhesive cools and solidifies, and the aluminum layer is firmly attached to the substrate, completing a hot stamping process. There are two main functions of cosmetic aluminum tube bronzing: surface decoration, which can increase the added value of the product. The combination of hot stamping and other processing methods such as embossing and embossing processes can better show the strong decorative effect of the product: The Cosmetic tube manufacturer gives the product higher anti-counterfeiting performance, such as the use of holographic positioning and hot stamping of trademark logos. After bronzing, the pattern is clear and beautiful, the color is bright and eye-catching, and it is resistant to abrasion and weathering.

Hot stamping is also used as "cosmetic tube hot stamping" as cosmetic tube printing decoration process in wholesale cosmetic tube factory. The metal cosmetic aluminum tube printing plate is heated and gold foil is used to emboss golden characters or patterns on the printed matter. With the development of hot stamping gold foil and packaging industry, the application of anodized aluminum hot stamping has become more and more extensive. The principle and characteristics of the bronzing process: The bronzing process uses the principle of hot press transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in the electrochemical aluminum to the surface of the substrate to form a special metal effect. Because the main material used for bronzing is electrochemical aluminum foil, bronzing is also called Anodized aluminum hot stamping.

Electrochemical aluminum foil is usually composed of multiple layers of materials. The base material is usually PE, followed by separation coating, color coating, metal coating (aluminum plating) and glue coating. The basic process of bronzing is in the state of pressure, that is, when the anodized aluminum is pressed by the hot stamping plate and the substrate, the anodized aluminum is heated to melt the hot-melt silicone resin layer and the adhesive agent, and the silicone resin melted by the heat at this time.

The viscosity becomes smaller, and the viscosity of the special heat-sensitive adhesive increases after being heated and melted, so that the aluminum layer and the anodized aluminum base film are peeled off and transferred to the substrate at the same time.

There are four major trends in the development of cosmetic aluminum tubes at this stage, including enhancing recyclability, saving energy and reducing consumption, extending the preservation period of cosmetic ingredients, and broadening the scope of application. With the aid of new additives, the easily recyclable PET cosmetic aluminum tube can replace glass bottles and polyethylene PE cosmetic aluminum tubes in many fields.

The lightweight of wholesale cosmetic aluminum tubes is a very important development direction. Nowadays, many large users of cosmetic aluminum tubes, especially environmentally-friendly cosmetic tube manufacturers, have already made efforts in this field in the early stage. Strive to achieve compression of logistics costs and substantial savings in raw materials through lightening.

For cosmetic aluminum tubes, there are currently various problems. At first, wholesale cosmetic aluminum tube was a labor-intensive industry. The current labor cost is rising. For cosmetic aluminum tube companies, labor costs have become a huge pressure. Secondly, the price of raw materials continues to rise. Due to the rise of various costs in the market, raw materials have risen significantly, which has put another layer of pressure on wholesale cosmetic aluminum tube companies. Thirdly, with the European debt crisis and the weakening of the world economy, foreign trade orders for cosmetic aluminum tubes have gradually declined. Many foreign-trade cosmetic tube companies have moved to the domestic market, which has brought greater growth to the already fiercely competitive cosmetic aluminum tube market. Pressure, price wars are getting worse, and corporate profits are getting lower and lower.

Plastic is an indispensable material for cosmetic tube in today's social life and industry. It has many good properties, such as low manufacturing cost, light weight, and easy molding into different shapes. Plastic products can meet the needs of all aspects of daily life, so they are widely used in various fields such as cosmetic packaging, front-end industry and people's daily life. But, to protect the environment is the need and trend, cosmetic aluminum tube from cosmetic tube manufacturer should be used more in cosmetic tube wholesale industries.

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