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Tips for wholesale plastic cosmetic tubes from cosmetic tube manufacturer


As a long-term player in the packaging material industry, packaging cosmetic tube occupies an unshakable and not to be underestimated role. Therefore, despite the impact of other packaging, the packaging material has relatively high requirements for whether the contents and contents after high temperature and high pressure react. Therefore, the packaging cosmetic tube occupies most of the packaging material market due to its relatively stable nature. It is said that although the production of packaged cosmetic tubes has not increased under heavy shocks, no decrease has been found. The market is relatively stable. It is under this relatively stable situation that the manufacturers of packaged cosmetic tubes have been in a state of dignity. As a result, the packaging cosmetic tube has not made progress in product creativity and improvement, which will become a hidden danger in the future development of packaging cosmetic tube.

In the field of wholesale cosmetic packaging, the purpose of cosmetic tube packaging is mainly as follows:

1. The packaging material should be convenient for the user to open the bacteria-free operation when there is no bacteria bag, and should not contaminate the contents.

2. Items without bacteria need to be kept free of bacteria during use.

3. The cosmetic packaging material needs to allow the penetration of the selected cleaning agent and match other aspects of the selected cleaning method (such as drying).

4. The makeup packaging material needs to contain the non-bacterial properties of the items until there is no bacterial bag to be opened.

Only packaging materials with clean design and FDA approval can be used. In addition, for various specific cleaning methods, there are some basic requirements as follows:

1. Plasma cleaning packaging materials need to withstand extreme vacuum, do not absorb cleaning agents, do not affect the cleaning cycle, and do not damage the items to be cleaned;

2. The pressure steam cleaning packaging material needs to be able to withstand the high temperature of 121℃-135℃, the discharge of air, the penetration of water vapor and the drying of the packaging material and the contents;

3. Ethylene oxide clean packaging materials need to allow the penetration and discharge of ethylene oxide gas (ventilation process);

4. Dry heat clean packaging materials need to withstand a high temperature of 160°C-204°C within 2-3 hours without melting, burning or other reactions.

In addition to choosing the right packaging materials, the cosmetic tube manufacturer in the supply center should also understand how to use the above packaging materials appropriately to achieve the design goals of cleaning agent penetration, no bacteria barrier and no bacteria opening of the packaging materials.

The market in the development of Wholesale cosmetic tubes packaging industry is very, so in many aspects it needs to be improved, so that the development of the market can be improved. For the way forward, novel designs are needed, and they tend to be humanized, which are more helpful to human health. It can do the work of sticking labels better. At the height of the cosmetic tube manufacturing flame, the cosmetic tube factory can also be adjusted at will, which can better meet different temperature requirements.

With the continuous development of the plastic cosmetic tube industry, competition in the US plastic cosmetic tube market has become increasingly fierce. In order to make the American plastic cosmetic tube more widely used and marketed, it is necessary to strengthen biological research and increase investment in plastic products that are urgently needed in the market.

Plastic cosmetic tubes currently have various problems. Let's analyze it carefully. At first, plastic cosmetic tubes belonged to a labor-intensive industry, and the current labor costs are rising. For plastic cosmetic tube suppliers, labor costs have become a huge pressure. Secondly, the price of raw materials continues to rise. Due to the rise in various costs in the market, raw materials have risen significantly, which puts another layer of pressure on plastic cosmetic tube suppliers. Thirdly, with the European debt crisis and the weakening of the world economy, foreign trade orders for plastic cosmetic tubes have gradually declined, and many foreign trade companies have moved to the domestic market, which has put greater pressure on the already competitive domestic plastic cosmetic tube market. , The price war is getting more and more fierce, and the profits of enterprises are getting lower and lower. For plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers, under the current various pressures, they should take the road of industrial upgrading, take the road of innovation in the field of plastic packaging, and strive to increase the added value of plastic cosmetic tube. From the design, production and sales of plastic cosmetic tube to continuous improvement.

Wholesale plastic cosmetic tube specifications, colors and different shapes, so you should grasp the following main selection criteria:

1. Quality standards for plastic cosmetic tube products. Perform product quality analysis from the cosmetic tube manufacturer’s product quality standards to determine whether it is advisable. Plastic cosmetic tube companies should set corporate standards higher than the standards, and industry standards are more stringent.

2. Select the main raw material and auxiliary formula of plastic cosmetic tube: the product standard of solid plastic cosmetic tube is the applicable regulations for the main raw material, and it needs to be clean, no strange smell, etc., because there are many main raw materials, which need to be selected As the overall performance of the raw material, tablets generally use high-density polyethylene, polypropylene cosmetic tube, such as PET cosmetic tube can be used for transparency, better barrier properties of PEN cosmetic tube, generally used in liquid formulations of polypropylene or polyethylene Ester is the main raw material for cosmetic tube production.

3. Stability and compatibility of plastic cosmetic tube. The use of plastic cosmetic tube, especially the use of new plastic cosmetic tube (or new material, new process) should be cleaned up to check the stability and charge of the compatibility of the plastic cosmetic tube with the material. The mutual penetration, dissolution, adsorption, chemical reaction, and denaturation of plastic cosmetic tubes can be determined by testing.

4. System. Cosmetic tube supplier audit to purchase plastic cosmetic tube has become an indispensable part. After the audit is passed, the overall level of software and hardware facilities, technical equipment, and quality that the cosmetic tube factory can produce will be properly evaluated.

5. The sealing of the cosmetic tube cover and the water vapor permeability. Air tightness and moisture permeability play a vital role in the stability of charging.


The plastic cosmetic tube packaging industry has its own advantages, and the packaging market is still developing. This is the internal driving force for manufacturers in the entire cosmetic tube production field. For the cosmetic tube market, plastic cosmetic tube packaging will become the protagonist of packaging in the future. With the development and technology of the plastic industry, plastic packaging will also have great potential for development in the packaging industry.


Anti-penetration: Volatile effective ingredients or iconic ingredients can be dissolved on the inside of the packaging material, and move to the other side by the action of osmotic pressure. That is, the volatile components are dispersed from the molecules of the container wall. It can be smelled conspicuously from the outside of the package. In particular, packaging such as paper and polyethylene single-layer plastic film has obvious functions of air permeability, light transmission, and moisture permeability. Not only does the aromatic component escape from the wall, but the gas (such as O2, CO2) and water vapor It can directly enter the container through the cosmetic tube and affect the stability of health cosmetics. For example, Yun perfume has a strong corrosive effect on the cosmetic tube of ordinary cosmetics, and has a significant penetrability. It penetrates through the hard capsule shell made of gelatin in less than two weeks. In order to prevent the occurrence of penetrating scenes, when selecting packaging materials, a single package made of materials with low permeability should be selected. In this regard, various composite film containers, glass cosmetic containers, metal cosmetic containers, and ceramic cosmetic containers function well.


Three methods are often used for shading of health cosmetics packaging: ① traditional brown cosmetics are wrapped in paper in the cosmetic tube or cosmetic tube; ② the new material is aluminum-plastic composite film, aluminum, paper-plastic composite film; ③in the cosmetic cosmetic tube Add sunscreen, such as titanium dioxide.

Anti-leakage: The volatile or non-volatile components, solid or liquid substances of health cosmetics pass through non-connected or packaged materials, such as pinholes, cracks, or between the cover of the cosmetic tube and the cosmetic tube.

However, packaging cosmetic tube as a stable and stable packaging material, as people have more and more doubts about plastic cosmetic tube packaging, the return trend of packaging cosmetic tube packaging has become apparent every month. In fact, packaging cosmetic tube packaging itself is tenacious. The survivability, especially in the packaging fields of wine packaging and cosmetics, plastics and other packaging forms have hardly entered the packaging cosmetic tube packaging field. 

Many packaging cosmetic tube manufacturers just feel that they are unable to do what they want. The key is that they have not worked hard on the product innovation of packaging cosmetic tubes. We all know that the homogeneity of products in the packaging cosmetic tube market is very obvious. Many cosmetic tube manufacture manufacturers can only rely on mutual price reduction to obtain orders. This is obviously a vicious circle of competition.

Plastic cosmetic tube packaging material also has thin thickness, good performance and price ratio; transparent appearance, double-sided adhesive; clean, odorless, and good stability; easy to use, high speed; anti-buffering; good shrinkage; anti-puncture; Advantages such as good tearing performance.

In the competition between the plastic cosmetic tube and the packaging cosmetic tube, because the plastic cosmetic tube can rely on the process of labeling and decaling on the appearance of the cosmetic tube body, it has won the love of many consumers. Today's packaging cosmetic tube manufacturer has undergone continuous technological reforms, and can also print the patterns and trademarks required by customers on the packaging cosmetic tube through the skills of painting, frosting and baking. Because of the transparency of the packaged cosmetic tube and the smoothness of the surface, the labeling technology makes it easy to slip off the packaged cosmetic tube, and it does not have a good feel.


But it is not the same for baking flowers and spray paint. The logo will not only be stored in the cosmetic tube body for a long time, but also has a good aesthetics for the cosmetic tube body. It can be said that the packaging of glass cosmetic bottle is replaced by plastic cosmetic tube. However, in some product packaging, it is not possible to leave the packaging cosmetic bottle. At present, there are deficiencies in the innovation and existence of cosmetic tube companies. We hope that relevant departments will increase guidance and support to improve the market competitiveness of these cosmetic tube companies. Only in this way can the integrity of the wholesale cosmetic tube packaging market be protected.


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