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Cosmetic glass bottle processing


The cosmetic bottle is silver-plated, and the vacuum part is filled with sugar water (sugar and water) and silver nitrate*acid solution. Then put it in a shaker and shake it, and pour the silver nitrate*acid+white sugar water into the interlayer of the cosmetic glass bottle blank through the small tail tube to carry out a chemical reaction. The silver ions are reduced and deposited on the surface of the cosmetic glass bottle to form a thin layer of mirror silver film. The remaining ammonia water flows out. The role of silver plating is to prevent radiation. The thickness of the silver sticking to the inner and outer walls of the cosmetic glass bottle is related to the shaking time and the silver nitrate formula. 7. Drying 8. Vacuuming. Connect the tail tube of the silver-plated double-layer cosmetic glass bottle blank with a vacuum system and heat it to 300-400°C to promote the glass to release various adsorbed gases and residual moisture. At the same time, use a vacuum pump to evacuate air, and when the vacuum degree of the interlayer space of the bottle bladder reaches 10-3~10-4mmHg, the tail pipe is melt-sealed.


The spraying production line generally consists of a spray booth, a hanging chain and an oven. There is also the front-end water treatment for cosmetic glass bottles. Special attention should be paid to the sewage discharge problem for cosmetic glass bottles. As for the spraying quality of cosmetic glass bottles and cans, it is related to water treatment, surface cleaning of workpieces, electrical conductivity of hooks, air volume, powder spraying, and the level of operators. It is recommended to choose the following methods for trial implementation:

1. Pre-treatment section. The pretreatment section of cosmetic glass bottle spraying includes pre-off, main off, surface adjustment, etc. If it is in the north, the temperature of the main off part should not be too low, and heat preservation is required. Otherwise, the treatment effect is not ideal;

2. Preheating section. After the pre-treatment, it will enter the preheating section, which usually takes 8-10 minutes. When the cosmetic glass bottle *** reaches the powder spraying room, the sprayed workpiece must have a certain amount of residual heat to increase the adhesion of the powder;

3. Soot blowing and purification section of cosmetic glass bottles. If the process requirements of the workpiece to be sprayed are relatively high, this section is indispensable, otherwise if there is a lot of dust on the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece after processing will have a lot of particles, which will reduce the quality;

4. Powder spraying section. The most important thing in this paragraph is the technical problem of the powder spraying master. If you want to create good quality, it is very worthwhile to spend money to hire a skilled master;

 5. Drying section. In this section, the temperature and baking time should be paid attention to. The powder is generally 180-200 degrees Celsius, depending on the material of the workpiece. Also, the drying furnace should not be too far away from the powder spraying room, generally 6 meters is better.

How to judge the quality of cosmetic glass bottles, the cosmetic glass bottle factory teaches you how to judge:

First, observe whether the cosmetic glass bottle body is deformed or skewed, whether the bottle mouth is regular, and whether the bottom of the bottle has defects such as protrusions or depressions;

In addition, observe whether the bottle body fits tightly, whether it is staggered or too thick. Cosmetic glass bottles are traditional beverage packaging containers in my country. With many packaging materials pouring into the market, glass containers still occupy an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot replace. .

When choosing cosmetic glass bottles, pay attention to the thickness of the bottle body. If the thickness of the bottle body is not enough and the weight is too light, the quality of the cosmetic glass bottle product will be slightly worse. When the bottle body is knocked, if the sound is crisp Pleasant, it means the quality of the raw materials produced, if the sound is crisp and dull, it proves that the quality of the cosmetic glass bottle is not good. Good quality cosmetic glass bottles have regular body, uniform thickness, clear texture, no cracks, bubbles, impurities and other defects on the body; and no damage or skew at the bottom and mouth of the bottle, ensuring good sealing performance and barrier performance. The cosmetic glass bottle has a complete appearance and exquisite pattern, which gives people a pleasing feeling. The quality of such a cosmetic glass bottle is considered to be a pass.

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