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The lifecycle of cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale


Custom cosmetic tubes by cosmetic tube suppliers not only impact the way your product feels but also what message you are delivering through it. Custom cosmetic tubes can be considered as a microcosm for the rest of your product. Cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale from cosmetic tube packaging suppliers hold the potential to make or break a cosmetic brand. 

When we talk about life cycles, whether it’s human beings, animals or even non-living objects, everything has one, and they're always different. Empty cosmetic tubes go through many stages throughout their existence, starting from cosmetic tube manufacturing. Every little detail that goes into this cycle matters and affects how people will interact with it. So if you want your cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale to be a success, you should understand the whole life cycle of a skincare tube.

There are five different stages that cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale goes through when it comes to collaboration with cosmetic tube suppliers, each with its own sets of challenges. Let's talk a little more about how your brand can ensure that its product is packaged correctly from start to finish. Taking time to understand what your end-user will encounter before, during, and after opening up one’s product can make all the difference in how they feel about you as a brand. Below, we have discussed all 5 stages that empty cosmetic tubes go through in their life cycles.


The manufacturing of skincare tubes is important processed by cosmetic tube suppliers. It needs to be attractive, durable and easy to use while also costing effectively in terms of time and material expenditure and minimizing environmental impact during production stages. In order to achieve these goals, careful consideration must be given to what will best suit your individual business needs.

As your empty cosmetic tubes design is important to get right, you should consider how it will be manufactured. The design of custom cosmetic tubes of any given product could be impacted by many factors, including its material or substrate, cost of these materials, time taken by the manufacturer and how it will be distributed and made available. Whether via hand assembly at the time of purchase versus automation after delivery on-site with minimal human intervention involved. When designing the packaging, all these factors impact what you're manufacturing. 

So it is important to get blunt with your cosmetic tube manufacturers upfront and get all of these queries answered. You should be involved in the complete manufacturing process if you want to get every small detail of your dream cosmetic packaging right.


Assembling and filing bulk empty cosmetic tubes is one of the most important steps in ensuring that both the customer and brand get what they want. After the manufacturing process is completed, a skincare tube can be filled and assembled. This takes many forms depending on its nature.

A few of the many questions that you need to ask your cosmetic tube manufacturers during filling and assembling are the following;

●Is it a flat package with no extra protection required? 

●Does additional packaging come in for shipping purposes, like bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard boards around products? 

●What kind of polystyrene do you use typically? 

●How much will this affect my costs per unit shipped, if anything at all?

●What type of automation/manual labour system has been designed into production processes. Is there any human involvement in these steps where operators manually handle items?

There is no one right answer to these questions. It all depends upon the time and the cosmetic product you are packaging. So if cosmetic tube manufacturers can give you a logical explanation of what they are doing and why they are doing it, you are good to go!

3. Transportation of cosmetic tube

When the custom cosmetic tubes have been filled, you will have to transport it to your warehouse, shop or customers. Cosmetic tube manufacturers will have to incorporate different methods to protect goods during transport because accidents happen, thus ensuring their safe arrival at their final destination by any means necessary. 

During this important step, your custom cosmetic tubes will whether be shipped by land or sea freight. Air shipping can also take place when appropriate, but it raises the price bar quite high. Steps need to be taken at every stage to protect your items from damage so you get exactly what was promised.

It is important to protect the product and make sure that the transportation of your goods is cost-effective. 

4.Shelf life

The shelf life of a skincare tube is another factor that cosmetic tube manufacturers and suppliers need to consider when designing custom cosmetic tubes. 

Packaging design with a longer shelf life not only protects products but also makes them more attractive. Since most people are familiar with the concept of perishable items, it's important to consider how well your package will survive on store shelves. There should never be any risk for breakage when displayed openly in warehouses and shops. Tampering and fragility are two concerns that must be considered well in advance. The key here isn't just making sure everything remains intact on the shelves, but also that it doesn’t lose its originality over time. 

5. User Experience in cosmetic tube

The last step in the skincare tube packaging process is what makes the most significant difference. Industry-leading brands know this and value it significantly. Successful brands know that cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale is much more than just a guardian of your product. It’s the vehicle for communicating with customers. 

Storytelling and an intriguing user experience are essential in building customer relationships, providing a solid return on investment. Industry-leading companies put effort into telling an engaging story through their innovative designs to make them stand out from competitors because of how different they look.


cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale is an important component of the success of any brand. Every step in this process should be considered carefully. Only trained professionals can help you achieve your desired results. With our extensive experience assisting countless brands to get where and what they need or want, we have a thing or two that we can offer. Let us guide you through each stage. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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