Pingxiang processing plastic packaging

by:Lisson     2020-06-11
Pingxiang plastic bottle packaging how processing, mold fee: bottle blowing mould for 1500 yuan, 8000 yuan 4000 yuan, the injection mould for - 20000 yuan, the mold with stainless steel material more expensive than alloy material, but durable, die a few at a time, see the demand of production, such as production is bigger, can choose one out of four or six of the mold, the client may decide. 3, craft for the circular tube, oval tube, flat pipe, flat tube. Flat tube, flat pipe complicated than other pipe process, is also the new pipe in recent years, so the price is relatively expensive. 4, order quantity generally for more than 100 sets, if you want to open a new mold production of cost-sharing, mold fee is a fee, renew it according to the original quotation. Enterprises should study in overseas technology, on the basis of combining actual field pollution characteristics, the economic situation in our country, the scientific research level, such as comprehensive consideration, will advanced overseas technology 'localization'. System is yet to be clear in addition to technical problems, at present our country has not been a contaminated site remediation system, for the enterprise engaged in the field is also a difficulty. Yixing environmental protection science and technology industrial park, yixing environmental protection science and technology industrial park, Hereinafter referred to as the 'ring of yixing division garden') Is given priority to with environmental protection high-tech zone, relying on more than 40 years of industry accumulation, after more than 20 years development, yixing environmental protection sci-tech industrial park has obvious brand advantage, research and policy advantage. On the one hand, the chemical industry in the future is dependent on the membrane, the day in hope that the future combined with industry. , on the other hand, the development cannot leave the energy. Said how the energy consumption of the water industry, how to make effective energy, renewable energy together with sewage treatment plant, desalination plants, is the breakthrough direction of the future. The water industry in the next decade, on the one hand, need to cooperate with agriculture, on the other hand need to link the energy. On output of agricultural pollution levels, it is necessary to implement repair of agricultural land, the draft of the second review regulation, soil pollution case responsible persons shall be prepared, and reported to the local competent departments for the record and implementation. After the completion of the soil pollution repair activities, soil contamination responsible shall entrust the relevant units separately to evaluate repair effect, and report the results of evaluation to the competent departments for the record. 5, AS, ABS, AS in ABS, and toughness. D, PETG ( Environmental protection material) Flocking high frequency and the thickness of 0. 2mm— 0. 8 mm7, printing process and appearance effect can be done with surface grinding or too light rubber, dumb rubber, laser film, hot stamping silver and blow convex effect, beer, sticky box forming or gluing PVC film ( Also known as a window) And thermal, color green process, the effect of uv, etc. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Soil repair urgently demand, high technical content, cycle is long, investment scale, the future is expected to pull the 't' capital. Soil restoration, of course, want to realize the goal of 't' need policy blessing, also cannot leave the industry to upgrade itself, can the development of the inner and outer two-way power. For example, the repeal ( Pollution control facilities qualification permission regulations) Decision 'after carrying out, from the Angle of administrative examination and approval for pollution treatment professional enterprise to enter the threshold of the relevant business area. However, small and medium-sized technology and their proficiencies of English vary, some companies at the expense of the governance, artificially low service price to seize market, low-cost low-quality vicious competition phenomenon is more serious. Units main body responsibility, secondly is clear about the request according to the drainage, monitoring records on its own in accordance with law, perform on a regular basis, public information, take effective measures to prevent, water pollution, and assume responsibility according to law. At the same time, in Zheng Gongcheng point of view, the draft of the current law made a larger correction, stricter regulation, operability and execution are also enhanced. The relevant person in charge of the CSRC, stressed that the next step, the CSRC will more measures, further better support start-up, small and mid-sized enterprise development. And continue to support if it meets the requirements of industrial policy and offering energy conservation, environmental protection enterprises, encourage energy conservation and environmental protection enterprises to use capital markets to do bigger and stronger. Learned, land survey will build database, carry out field exploration and acceptance to work, the part of the new registration of the contents, to ensure the examination result is more real and effective. The personage inside course of study, according to the analysis of strengthening policy support, soil management demand is expected to accelerate the release, this is the opportunity to soil repair industry. Public data shows that only from the point of single industrial soil bioremediation, the size of the market could reach more than 300 billion. If the mould temperature control is not good or improper material temperature control, easy to produce white mist and not. Die temperature low and uniform, cooling speed, less crystal products. Guangzhou plastic bottle manufacturer decryption plastic production and processing for you! 2, usually used in cosmetics container wall thick cream bottle, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, gasket, pump head, dust cover for injection molding; PET bottle blowing for two-step forming, tube embryos for injection molding, finished product packaging for the bottle blowing. Other such as container wall thinner lotion bottle, washing bottle to bottle blowing.
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