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The Unique cosmetics tube packaging Supplier---LISSON PACKAGING


The Unique cosmetics tube packaging Supplier---LISSON PACKAGING

In recent years, the continuous expansion of the cosmetics market has made cosmetics packaging enterprises develop rapidly. The traditional ordinary tube packaging has not been able to meet the increasingly fresh market demand. In order to better meet the new demands of the cosmetics market, the developers of cosmetic packaging enterprises have been Attracted by the strange little objects circulating on the Internet, active in various platforms, the collection ideas continue to innovate, and developed a variety of new and unique cosmetic tube packaging materials. The continuous emergence of various innovative packaging materials has promoted the development trend of the cosmetic tube industry.


Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co., Ltd., which is known as China's innovative packaging R&D center, is one of the best. It has a variety of fashionable and unique cosmetic tubes, including the Promise Vibration Eye Cream Tube and Double Roller Massage. The tube and 360° T-type six-bead scraping tube are the most.


Most of the vibrating eye creams on the market remain in concept, but the skin vibrates without any cosmetic effects. The non-polar vibrating eye cream tube independently researched and developed by Lisson Tube is the company's patented product, which can realize “one-touch”, making the product more safe, convenient and full of science and technology. It subverts traditional eye cream products, micro-current intelligent sensing, activates cells, promotes muscle movement, accelerates blood circulation of micro-vessels, restores skin elasticity; high-frequency micro-vibration massage, promotes absorption of paste, without switch, human body conduction, new experience, unprecedented Once listed, it has been highly sought after and praised by everyone.


In the middle of 2019, the tube package used in the roller cream of the entire cosmetics market, which was suddenly ignited overnight, was the patented product developed by Lisson Packaging - double roller massage tube. The function of the double-roller massage tube is environmentally-friendly soft-bumped silicone massage beads. It is ergonomically designed with 3D floating-point massage granules for lifting and firming. It can be used for slimming and comfortable skin. Let customers own swan's neck.

Lisson - a new and unique cosmetic tube packaging material manufacturer of fashion trends, all from the perspective of consumers, focusing on simple and convenient use, focusing on humanity, won extensive business cooperation, established a good reputation, and many Well-known cosmetics companies, brand micro-businesses, and foreign customers have established long-term and stable cooperative relations. Over the years, Lisson Tube has developed in innovation, developed and expanded, and pursued excellence in its growth. Its research and development capabilities, production capacity, product quality, and economic benefits have been rapidly improved, and its influence and credibility in the industry and the year increased. In the future, Lisson Plastics sincerely hopes to cooperate with you to achieve a win-win situation and common development.


Packaging Solution Expert------LISSON Packaging

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