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How To Effectively Customize Airless Cosmetics Tubes


Like every other industry, the cosmetics industry is also rapidly innovating. And the latest and probably the most convenient invention of the industry are Airless cosmetic tubes. It has quickly grabbed a large chunk of the market and became a brands' first choice already.

Skincare Brands in the world are facing extensive competition. And the packaging suppliers are offering the brands ease of use, convenience, low price and compatibility. Cosmetics tube manufacturers have a lot of options for the packaging of their skincare products. 

The cosmetic packaging market comprises several global and regional players. Innovation and ease in deployment and usage are leading to end-to-end customer satisfaction through the product and product innovation strategies among the market players.

The cosmetic packaging market was valued at USD 26.29 billion in 2019, and by 2025 it is expected to reach USD 32.86 billion, registering a CAGR of 3.7%  from 2020-2025.

Technological encroachments such as Airless Cosmetic Tubes packaging are trending in the markets and driving skincare sales. The personal care product category is driving the most demand for airless cosmetic packaging.

  • According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the global airless packaging market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.5% and reach $6.34 billion by the end of 2024. Now the market is dominated and the global brands are launching more natural product formulations that require airless cosmetic packaging. Due to its ability to maintain a product’s integrity throughout its shelf life, its significance doesn’t seem to deviate in the industry. 

  • We have seen an increasing number of natural product launches that require the level of protection that airless packaging provides.

  • It seems that its popularity is still on the rise. In this article, we will discuss What are the Airless Cosmetic tubes and their mechanism, how they work and are user-friendly, and their customization in the global market.

 What are Airless Cosmetic Tubes?

Airless containers consist of a small plate, when the user presses the pump, it is drawn upward. This movement pushes the substance smoothly to the top. These are products that restrict access to oxygen to the cosmetic product present in the packaging. 

Because it does not let air reach the substance. At the base of the packaging, there is a little hole that allows air to fill the space beneath the plate when it moves upwards. 

It looks high-tech and stylish, with sleek user-friendly designed pumps, that are convenient for dispensing skincare and cosmetics.

  • Airless cosmetic tubes are ideal for oils such as CBD skincare. Its internal one-way valve system with flow control blocks air from returning into the tube. This prevents oxidation and allows a brand to reduce the level of preservatives in a formula.

  • They are an excellent option for a skincare product such as serums, lotions, eye creams, anti-aging creams, and products that contain Vitamin C by providing substance stability. 

Airless jars are also more hygienic than standard jars, and easy to clean after use. Airless tube packaging is mainly used for facial serums and lotions, and sometimes for cosmetics, such as foundations.

Why Is It Necessary To Do Airless Cosmetic Tube Packaging?

Airless tube packaging like any other form of packaging must meet the standard criteria of packaging. Airless cosmetic tube is to protect the product from the weather and external contamination. 

It should be kept in mind that cosmetics should be treated as “perishables” and cannot be marketed in the same manner as other consumer products which have an indefinite shelf-like. The factors are listed here to explain the possible circumstances that can negatively affect your products.

  • ●Air is the main cause of oxidation and rancidity in cosmetic products. It can be controlled by the addition of suitable anti-oxidants. But it should be kept in mind that antioxidants only slow down the oxidation process but do not eliminate it. Air is also responsible for making cosmetic dry and air-borne bacterial contamination.

  • ●Customers want cosmetic manufacturers to improve the method of product application and solve the problem of getting the last ounce out of the airless cosmetic tube.

  • ●The traditional method of using jars that expose the substance to light and result in discoloration of the cosmetic product.

  • ●Heat is another factor for the oxidation problem and also affects the stability of various emulsion-type cosmetics. A certain amount of insulation can be achieved by the use of double-walled jars, which provide an air gap between the outer and the inner but it is still not completely safe.

  • ●Extremes of cold can cause changes in the consistency of a cosmetic and can lead to an emulsion spilled. The effect of cold again can be mitigated by the use of suitable insulation as mentioned earlier but it is not full proof.

Benefits of Airless Cosmetic Tube Packaging

There is an increase in the use of airless pump dispensing systems as compared to typical dip tubes.

Airless dispensing systems proved to be essential to protect the product. They’re designed to keep active ingredients effective and their natural formulations safe. Clean beauty is moving from a trend to a widely adopted standard and simple formulas with fewer ingredients require airless tube packaging.

Apart from offering protection, an airless cosmetic packaging allows the end-user to fully dispense a product to the last drop. This functional feature is more appealing to many brands and is becoming a reason for choosing an airless tube packaging even when a product doesn’t doesn’t necessarily require it.

  • Brands are now deeming airless cosmetic packaging acceptable due to the functionality they provide and also product protection. It is for both of the above reasons that airless tube packaging is preferred. It also eliminates the sustainability concerns which are of top priority for beauty brands.

  • Therefore, there is a huge drive to be more eco-conscious among brands and  airless tube packaging offers a solution for it. We have witnessed a growing interest from brands to increase their sustainability efforts by using PCR and refillable airless tube packaging.

Customization of Airless Cosmetic Tubes

Customization is something that is crucial for brands and consumers alike. As the tailored market has reached a saturation level where topping the competition is next to impossible. So custom beauty has gone one step further, by converging technology, science, and beauty with e-commerce. These elements allow brands to engineer and sell the products efficiently while being entirely customized to an individual’s needs.


The trend of customization is rising due to changing consumer preferences and behavior. It presents a wide range of opportunities for new and existing brands. There is a need to diversify. Brands are now well aware of the need for inclusion and diversity in their products, marketing, and representation.

  • One way can’t fit all of the products. It has to be taken to the next level due to millennial consumer’s preferences and behaviour.

  • If you want your product to stand apart from competitors then your unique formula will not catch the eye of consumers alone. You need custom cosmetic tube packaging to attract the clients instantly.

  • Airless tube packaging has become the new future of the cosmetic industry. Today, airless cosmetic tubes and airless cosmetic containers are on the rise as cosmetic tube containers for those manufacturers who want their products to stand out from the competition.

  • Airless tube packaging is best suitable for fluids, liquids, creams, gels, and many other beauty applications. These airless cosmetic tubes are particularly best for products that have high viscosity. There is very little waste because of their ability to effectively pump formulas that resist flow.

High viscosity fluid needs an external push in order to pour out of the tube. Airless cosmetic packaging provides this extra force through the dispensation method. This is why Airless cosmetic tubes are best suited for such products. 

An airless cosmetic tube or container can also enhance product life due to its non-pressurized airless chamber. This is perfect for those products which have no preservatives and are natural or organic products. Airless cosmetic tubes offer a high-end packaging look and are customizable.

Airless cosmetic packaging is providing customization in major five main types of cosmetic products that include

●Skincare range.

●Haircare range.

●Face care range.

●Personal care range.

●Treatment range.

Steps To Consider While Going For Customization

●The airless cosmetic tubes customization approach is used when the brands demand differing packaging options to rise above the market competition. Therefore cosmetic tube packaging manufacturing should always be according to the customer demand.

●It should have a proper label that the customer provides, eye-catching colors that attract customers, and appropriate size and space.

●The attributes and benefits of the product should be advertised in different ways.

●Brand’s name, slogan and logo should be printed on all airless cosmetic tubes.

  • Conclusion

  • Whether you accept it or not, airless cosmetic tubes are necessary for your cosmetic brand. We don’t have any other practical cosmetic tube containers for viscous fluid like gel and lotions. With the convenience and ease they provide, they are perfect even for non-viscous liquids. If you are thinking of opting airless tube packaging, our above article contains all the necessary information for you.

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